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  • Applied statistics for civil and environmental engineers has many contents: Preliminary Data Analysis, Basic Probability Concepts, Random Variables and Their Properties, Model Estimation and Testing, Methods of Regression and Multivariate Analysis, Frequency Analysis of Extreme Events, Simulation Techniques for Design, Risk and Reliability Analysis, Bayesian Decision Methods and Parameter Uncertainty.

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  • The chapters in this volume are the invited papers presented at the fifth S´eminaire Europ´een de Statistique (SemStat) on extreme value theory and applications, held under the auspices of Chalmers and Gothenburg University at the Nordic Folk Academy in Gothenburg, 10–16 December, 2001. The volume is thus the most recent in a sequence of conference volumes that have appeared as a result of each S´eminaire Europ´een de Statistique. The first of these workshops took place in 1992 at Sandbjerg Manor in the southern part of Denmark....

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  • Using the panel-data approach of Kónya (2006), which is based on SUR systems and Wald tests with country-specific bootstrap critical values, and two different (weekly and monthly) datasets covering respectively the periods from 7 June 2005 to 21October 2008, and from January 1996 to December 2007, we show strong statistical evidence that the causal relationship is consistently bi-directional for Saudi Arabia. In the other GCC countries, stock market price changes do not Granger cause oil price changes, whereas oil price shocks Granger cause stock price changes.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "design of experiments in chemical engineering" has contents: defining research problem, selection of the responses, screening experiments, youdens squares, statistical analysis, gradient optimization methods, simplex lattice design, extreme vertices designs,...and other contents.

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  • Lexieal disambiguation can be achieved using different sources of information. Aiming at high performance of automatic disambiguation it is important to know the relative importance and applicability of the various sources. In this paper we classify several sources of information and show how some of them can be achieved using statistical data. First evaluations indicate the extreme importance of local information, which mainly represents lexical associations and seleetional restrictions for syntactically related words. ...

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  • We compare the CCG parser of Clark and Curran (2007) with a state-of-the-art Penn Treebank (PTB) parser. An accuracy comparison is performed by converting the CCG derivations into PTB trees. We show that the conversion is extremely difficult to perform, but are able to fairly compare the parsers on a representative subset of the PTB test section, obtaining results for the CCG parser that are statistically no different to those for the Berkeley parser.

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  • This paper discusses predicting attendance at Major League Soccer events using data from the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Panel data is obtained for each team, season, and weather category. A traditional least squared dummy variable linear regression technique is used along with three machine learning algorithms – random forest, M5 prime, and extreme gradient boosting. Extreme gradient boosting provides superior results with respect to out-of-sample root mean square error statistics.

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  • I would like to thank my wonderful wife, Holly, and the greatest group of children any father could be blessed with: Jonathan, Amy, and Lauren. They were extremely understanding during the process of writing this book. I would also like to thank the team at AMACOM, especially Ray O’Connell and Jim Bessent, who made the development of this book painless. Finally, I would like to thank you, the reader, for your interest in financial accounting, without which this book would not be necessary.

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  • The #1 selling medical review book in the world. This book manages to fit two years worth of medical school content into one review book....This book is extremely helpful in preparing for the USMLE Step 1 exam. It is concise enough to use to prepare for the exam in a reasonable amount of time without omitting important information. It covers the material covered in the first two years of medical school very well. Service First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 is the undisputed "bible" of USMLE Step 1 preparation. It provides a complete framework to help you prepare for...

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  • The systematic review search process identified 162 relevant articles published, with an English abstract, in peer-reviewed journals since 1st January 1958 until 29th February 2008. A total of 3558 comparisons of content of nutrients and other substances in organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs were extracted for analysis.

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  • Any study forecasting conditions four decades hence will be faced with large uncertainties and these need to be borne in mind in interpreting the results of this study. One uncertainty concerns the pathway of GHG emissions. To address that issue, the city case studies examined both a high and a low GHG emissions scenario to bracket the likely future conditions. In the climate change downscaling methodologies, there are uncertain- ties in forecasting the increase in extreme and seasonal precipitation under the different sce- narios.

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  • This paper describes an unsupervised, language-independent model for finding rhyme schemes in poetry, using no prior knowledge about rhyme or pronunciation. Rhyming corpora could be extremely useful for large-scale statistical analyses of poetic texts.

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  • At some point, one in five children and adolescents in the UK will suffer distress or disorganisation of their behaviour sufficient to be considered ‘disordered’ (Office for National Statistics, 2005). Much of this ‘disorder’ will be dealt with informally and resolve or persist at a low level, accumulating over time to present at a later stage. Some children and adolescents will be dealt with by various professionals in various capacities – teachers, school nurses, general practitioners (GPs), social workers – and never come to the attention of ‘specialists’.

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  • This gave us the percentage of the nutrients and other substances found in the organically produced foodstuff above or below that found in the conventionally produced foodstuff, and enabled us to combine results from different studies for statistical analysis. Positive differences suggested that there might be more of particular nutrients and other substances in organically produced foodstuffs, negative differences suggested that there might be more of particular nutrients and other substances in conventionally produced foodstuffs.

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  • A good decoding algorithm is critical to the success of any statistical machine translation system. The decoder’s job is to find the translation that is most likely according to set of previously learned parameters (and a formula for combining them). Since the space of possible translations is extremely large, typical decoding algorithms are only able to examine a portion of it, thus risking to miss good solutions.

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