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  • The purpose of this volume is to encourage and inspire the continual invention of robot manipulators for science and the good of humanity. The concepts of artificial intelligence combined with the engineering and technology of feedback control, have great potential for new, useful and exciting machines. The concept of eclecticism for the design, development, simulation and implementation of a real time controller for an intelligent, vision guided robots is now being explored.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'robot mechanisms and mechanical devices illustrated', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, tự động hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Abstract. We present a hybrid systems solution to the problem of trajectory tracking for a four-wheel steered four-wheel driven mobile robot. The robot is modelled as a non-holonomic dynamic system subject to pure rolling, no-slip constraints. Under normal driving conditions, a nonlinear trajectory tracking feedback control law based on dynamic feedback linearization is sucient to stabilize the system and ensure asymptotically stable tracking.

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  • This book is meant to be interesting, helpful, and educational to hobbyists, students, educators, and midlevel engineers studying or designing mobile robots that do real work. It is primarily focused on mechanisms and devices that relate to vehicles that move around by themselves and actually do things autonomously, i.e. a robot. Making a vehicle that can autonomously drive around, both indoors and out, seems, at first, like a simple thing.

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  • The speci c robotic system considered is a vehicle whose kinematic model approximates the mobility of a car. The con guration of this robot is repre- sented by the position and orientation of its main body in the plane, and by the angle of the steering wheels. Two velocity inputs are available for motion control. This situation covers in a realistic way many of the existing robotic vehicles. Moreover, the car-like robot is the simplest nonholonomic vehicle that displays the general characteristics and the dicult maneuverability of higher- dimensional systems, e.g.

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  • Using a more control-oriented terminology, the point-to-point motion task is a stabilization problem for an (equilibrium) point in the robot state space. For a car-like robot, two control inputs are available for adjusting four con guration variables, namely the two cartesian coordinates characterizing the position of a reference point on the vehicle, its orientation, and the steering wheels angle. More in general, for a car-like robot towing N trailers, we have two inputs for recon guring n = 4+N states.

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  • In contrast, a human driver has very acute sensors: eyes for seeing things and ranging distances, force sensors to sense acceleration, and balance to sense levelness. A human expects certain things of an auto- mobile’s (car, truck, jeep, HumVee, etc.) mobility system (wheels, sus- pension, and steering) and uses those many and powerful sensors to guide that mobility system’s efforts to traverse difficult terrain. The robot’s mobility system must be passively very capable, the car’s mobil- ity system must feel right to a human....

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  • For these reasons, mobility systems on mobile robots can be both sim- pler and more complex than those found in automobiles. For example, the Ackerman steering system in automobiles is not actually suited for high mobility. It feels right to a human, and it is well suited to higher speed travel, but a robot doesn’t care about feeling right, not yet, at least! The best mobility system for a robot to have is one that effectively accomplishes the required task, without regard to how well a human could use it....

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