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  • A national infrastructure council should also be tasked with collecting and dis- seminating best practices pertaining to project selection, preventative mainte- nance, and construction cost reduction. It would also promote the use of common objective measures to evaluate the progress of ongoing and completed infrastruc- ture projects. The council would work to identify opportunities for innovation and help develop new mechanisms for leveraging private investment.

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  • Urinary incontinence is a condition that affects a significant proportion of the population. The prevalence increases with age and there is a female preponderance. With the advent of more aggressive management strategies for prostate cancer, there is an increase in the proportion of men struggling with incontinence as well. Incontinence has social, physical, psychological and economic implications for the individual as well as society as a whole.

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  • Essence (Jing) is a fundamental material of the human body and the material basis for various physiological functions of the human body. The congenital essence is received from one's parents, and is stored in the kidney; it is also known as "the prenatal essence", serving to promote the growth, development maturity, and reproduction of the body, thus the congenital essence is also called the "reproductive essence. The acquired essence is derived through the functions of the Zang-Fu organs from the nutritive substance of food and drink to nourish the body.

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  • Characterization of animal genetic resources for food and agriculture (AnGR) involves three types of information: phenotypic, genetic and historical. The weight given to each depends on the country (e.g. whether it is developed or developing) and the objective (e.g. improve- ment, conservation or breed differentiation). These guidelines focus on the collection and use of phenotypic information.

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  • In this paper, we consider the extent to which these quality of life issues are supported by governmental action in Canada and four comparison nations. The information relevant to these issues comes primarily from two types of data sources: indicator analyses from international reports and intensive and detailed policy analyses of two policy issues of particular importance to women: childcare provision and gov- ernmental support for community-based long-term care. Canadian data are contrasted with those from Den- mark, Sweden, the UK, and the US.

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  • The analysis is primary based on the national American Housing Survey (AHS) data for the period 1995 through 2003. In some cases, the research was extended to include the national level AHS data for 1985 onwards. One of the challenges to this effort is how to define elderly housing consumption. As will be discussed in the literature summary below, there are a number of standard assumptions but several of these will merit a brief discussion prior to our highlighting the different research.

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  • Bioaccessible unabsorbed polyphenols may play a role in the protection of the GI tract against RONS prior to their fecal excretion. In contrast to native polyphenols, less data exists on the antioxidant activity of bioavailable polyphenol phase II metabolites (conjugated derivatives).

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  • Government incentives and guarantees can then also be used – from support for research and development (R&D) - which affects operational efficiency- to investment incentives (capital grants, loan guarantees and low-interest rate loans), taxes (accelerated depreciation, tax credits, tax exemptions and rebates), and price-based policies at the output stage (which affect revenue streams - e.g. feed-in tariffs), or policies which target the cost of investment in capital by hedging or mitigating risk.

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  • During the twelve month period that ended June 30, 2010, the most frequent types of inquiries received on the Regulatory Helpline remained the same as those highlighted in the October 2009 SAR Activity Review. 24 During this period, inquiries related to “assistance with SAR form” accounted for 33 percent of all SAR inquiries, compared with 38 percent of all SAR inquiries during the previous 12 month period.

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  • However, even prior to the current nancial crisis, the identication of the probability and impact of shocks to the nancial system was assuming centre-stage in policy debate. Some policy institutions, for example, attempted to articulate the probability and impact of key risks to the nancial system in their Financial Stability Reports. 4 Moreover, the complexity of nancial systems means that policymakers have only partial information about the true linkages between nancial intermediaries.

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  • No one of the mechanical processes carried on by the use of a given outfit of appliances is independent of other processes going on elsewhere. Each draws upon and presupposes the proper working of many other processes of a similarly mechanical character. None of the processes in the mechanical industries is self−sufficing. Each follows some and precedes other processes in an endless sequence, into which each fits and to the requirements of which each must adapt its own working. The whole concert of industrial operations is to be taken as a machine process, made up...

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  • There is, for instance, his Untitled of 1964 that also has the colloquial title of ‘Swimming Pool’. This sculpture is of a square configuration resting on the floor. Consistent with its square configuration it has straight sides, but the corners do not intersect at right angles, instead they are round. Inevitably this gives rise to the contrast between straight and round, as in the sides and corners respectively.

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  • Work with the hand in Auto IK mode and by directly rotating it until it looks something like the earlier illustration. Now, take a look at the Action Editor. It has several rows, or channels, and each has a name that corresponds to a bone in the active armature. When you select a bone in the 3D view, the corresponding channel in the Action Editor is selected. Just the same, RMB clicking a channel name in the Action Editor selects that bone in the 3D view. In the illustration, the lower_arm.l channel is selected.

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  • In the present analysis the main outcome measure was the incremental cost-utility ratio of using the detection of CPCs as opposed to serum PSA and/or abnormal digital rectal examination to indicate the need for a prostate biopsy, which calculated the saving or additional cost of implementing a screening program based on CPC.

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  • The specification of the credit demand equation is based on a generally defined money demand function extended with in accordance with the conceptual approach outlined above. The demand for credit in general, as a form of money demand, can be assumed to depend on two main variables: the income or activity level and the cost of credit. In accordance with the discussion in section 2.1, we augment this basic specification with variables mirroring the adjustments in the firms’ balance sheets as well as such related to the specifics of this type of financial flows. ...

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  • The common points existing in significant domains, above all as regards the tripartite structure of the organization, the obligation to observe the regional principle12 and to promote public affairs are briefly contrasted in the table below.Despite all existing dif- ferences of scale, it would therefore also be conceiv- able to take the current structure of the French sav- ings banks in many respects as a model for a future reform of the German savings bank system.

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  • You still may be thinking, “But this isn’t about me. I don’t have heart disease.” But you may have conditions or habits that can lead to heart disease, such as being overweight, smoking cigarettes, or not engaging in enough physical activity. You may already know about these and other “risk factors” for heart disease. You may know which ones you personally have. What you may not know, though, is that if you have even one risk factor, you are much more likely to develop heart disease, with its many serious consequences.

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  • The behaviour, values and beliefs of parents, families/whānau and other members of their community have a powerful influence on young people’s developing attitudes to drugs. Young people are also influenced by the messages they receive from the media and marketing campaigns. Pop culture, music and music videos, online media and electronic messaging services, television and advertisements can all portray powerful, positive, glamorous images of drug use.

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  • The Code of Ethics provides a framework of shared values within the professions in which Health Education is practiced. The Code of Ethics is grounded in fundamental ethical principles including: promoting justice, doing good, and avoidance of harm. The responsibility of each health educator is to aspire to the highest possible standards of conduct and to encourage the ethical behavior of all those with whom they work.

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  • Advocacy is far from an afterthought in this guide. The field would not be where it is today without years of effective advocacy from every level of the field that resulted in parity and reform. Healthcare reform and parity are a direct result of years of legislative work by thousands of dedicated individuals and organizations. While the field can celebrate the results and achievements recently attained, we must not forget to plan for the future; the future must include ongoing advocacy efforts.

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