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  • The last two decades have witnessed an extensive growth in foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to developing countries. This has been accompanied by an increase in competition amongst the developing countries to attract FDI, resulting in a rise in investment incentives offered by the host governments and removal of restrictions on operations of foreign firms in their countries. This has also led to an ever-increasing number of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and regional agreements on...

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  • The most important rule when making any business agreement is: Get it in writing. In some situations—such as a contract to buy or sell real estate—only a written agreement is legally enforceable. Similarly, a contract that can’t be carried out in one year, or a contract to sell goods exceeding a certain value set by state law (typically, $500), must be written.

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  • This ebook contains a room rental agreement specific to a homeowner renting out a room in his or her house. This situation is different from a more typical landlord-tenant agreement because the homeowner and renter are sharing the same living space. So it includes house rules and additional protections. It is also commonly known as a lodger agreement in some countries. To download these forms in Microsoft Word formats which you can edit and save, go to: http://www.paperwell.

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  • Over the past 15 years, the exchange industry has been in a state of continued flux. Exchanges have demutualised and in most cases become listed, they have consolidated through mergers and acquisitions, and they have become subject to stiff competition from a host of new alternative trading venues. In other words, stock exchanges have become engaged in an intensified competition and are refashioning themselves to meet the challenge.

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  • The results point out that for the period under consideration, the distribution of returns tends to be Student distribution. There exists an analogy between nonequilibrium phase transitions and financial market movement. Thus it is hypothesized that financial markets undergo self-organizing when the external volatility perception rises above some critical value, the distribution of signs of returns is to be similar to a second order phase transition. The results obtained by econophysics method have quite good agreement with the ones obtained by other economy analyzation methods.

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  • The term "person" means an individual, a corporation, a partnership, an association, a joint- stock company, a trust, any unincorporated organization, or a government or political subdivision thereof. As used in this paragraph the term "trust" shall include only a trust where the interest or interests of the beneficiary or beneficiaries are evidenced by a security.

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  • Particularly for rented apartments, key control by apartment management is an important issue. Large jury awards have been made to victims of crimes in apartments because of negligent key control and use of a master key. A resident gives up some rights when they move into a multi-residential property. In most cases, the resident, per written agreement, cannot add or replace the lock on their door unless management is given an extra key. By doing this, the management assumes the responsibility of and legal liability for key control.

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  • The National Telecommunications & Information Administration (2002, n.p.) has reported that Americans 65 and older rarely perform the following Internet-based activities: visiting chat rooms, playing games, visiting job sites, listening to music, trading stocks, or participating in listservs. Wicks (2004) found that reading was one of the most popular past-times of the elderly interviewed in his study. The majority of them used the library to rent books, audio, videos and participate in library programs.

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  • This book examines the international law of high seas ®sheries in the light of the negotiations of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea, the state and international practice that followed, and its in¯uence on the 1995 Straddling Stocks Agreement.

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  • Listing standards may or may not address governance issues directly and/or compliance with an applicable governance code may well be part of individual listing agreements. In some instances, as mentioned above, listing standards incorporate elements of the governance code (cf. the Australian example). In other jurisdictions, additional governance standards - over and above the governance code - have been introduced as part of the listing requirements. For instance, the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the TSX both impose such standards (e.g.

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  • In Austria, particulate matter is measured in agreement with national legislation as Total Suspended Particulate (TSP) at more than 110 sites, whereas PM10 measurements are not yet available. It was assumed that ambient air TSP levels can be attributed to the contribution of local sources and regional background concentrations. Both of them were modelled separately. The starting point for the modelling of local contributions was the availability of a spatially disaggregated emission inventory for nitrogen oxides (NOx).

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  • In order to increase competitiveness of the company in this economic situation, the production volumes are being increased by more rational use of company resources, by organization of long-term cooperation with providers of resources and by searching for new markets and analyzing client’s solvency. The increase of production volumes is being based on the existing, already concluded realization agreements and already signed letters of intent.

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  • Brian's Book Barn will concentrate its efforts on the buyers of "Pleasure" category books as discussed earlier. The educational category is not a target market as area schools order their textbooks and reading material through the Ministry of Education in Victoria. Other educational books are also available through satellite campuses of Northern Lights College and the University of Northern British Columbia. In the professional category, there is simply not enough demand in the area to stock these kinds of titles.

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  • Case studies of projects in 7 countries suggest that widespread concern about large-scale farming being associated with potentially large risks is justified.

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  • Disaster Deal No. 2 Throughout 1994, Quaker Oats Co. was rumored to be a takeover target. It was relatively small ($6 billion in revenue) and its diverse product lines could be easily broken up and sold piecemeal. In November, Quaker announced an agreement to buy iced-tea and fruit-drink maker Snapple Beverage Corp. for $1.7 billion, or $14 per share. CEO William Smithburg dismissed the 10% drop in Quaker ’s stock price, arguing “ We think the healthy, good-for-you beverage categories are going to continue to grow.

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  • 448 Planning and Forecasting size and direction of the cash f lows are determined by an agreed upon formula spelled out in the swap agreement—a formula that is contingent on the performance of other underlying instruments. Due to this contingency on other underlying assets, swaps are considered derivatives. One easy type of swap to understand is the equity swap. Suppose Back Bay Investment Management owns a large block of Standard & Poor’s 500 stocks. Suppose another firm, Capital Bank owns a large block of NASDAQ stocks.

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  • CHAPTER 5 The Stock Market On May 17, 1792, a group of commodity brokers met and signed the now famous Buttonwood Tree Agreement, thereby establishing the forerunner of what soon became the New York Stock Exchange. Today, the NYSE is the world’s largest and best known stock exchange.

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  • Committed to ensuring the long-term conservation and sustainable use of fishery resources in the South Pacific Ocean and in so doing safeguarding the marine ecosystems in which the resources occur; Recalling relevant international law as reflected in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982, the Agreement for the Implementation of the Provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982 relating to the Conservation and Management of Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks of 4 December 1995 and the Agreement to...

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  • Standardization usually starts within a company as a way to reduce costs associated with parts stocking, design drawings, training, and retraining of personnel. The next level might be a cooperative agreement between firms making similar equipment to use standardized dimensions, parts, and components.

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  • This ebook is a compilation of legal documents from the Start-Up Forms Library provided by Orrick's Emerging Companies Group. Orrick is an international law firm with headquarters in San Francisco and over 1,100 lawyers worldwide in 21 offices. This collection of documents is meant to benefit US-based entrepreneurs who are looking for: Corporation Formation Documents Founders’ Stock Purchase Agreements Director and Officer Related Documents Employment and Consultant Documents Technology Related Documents Equity Compensation Documents...

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