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  • BEN TILMAN sat down in the easiest of all easy chairs. He picked up a magazine, flipped pages; stood up, snapped fingers; walked to the view wall, walked back; sat down, picked up the magazine. He was waiting, near the end of the day, after hours, in the lush, plush waiting room—“The customer’s. This story was published in If: Worlds of Science Fiction, July 1961. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

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  • Maxwell put up his hand and waited for his teacher, Mrs. Gilbert, to notice him. "Do you have a question, Maxwell?" she asked. "It's more like a problem," Maxwell said. "I lost my tooth." Maxwell stood up and held out his hand to show his class his baby tooth. "Congratulations," Mrs. Gilbert said. Then she asked the class if anyone had any advice for Maxwell. Keiko put up her hand first. Keiko was from Japan. "Is it an upper or a lower tooth?" Keiko asked.

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  • Tom looked at his mother. She was smiling. Her voice was so calm and ordinary. 'Yes, that's the best thing,' she continued. 'I'll get my knife and kill her. She'll go to God. She'll be happy.' Tom stood up. His legs felt weak. He had to get away from there — and he had to take Vicky and the boys with him. Tom and his family have come to Kirren Island for their holiday. They come to the quiet, lonely island every year. 'It's a good place to think about the important things in life,' Tom's father says. But this year is different....

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  • signed, sealed and delivered - formally and officially signed The contract to buy the house was signed, sealed and delivered when I delivered it to the real estate agent. the silence is deafening - the silence is so great that one becomes uncomfortable, the silence is so great that it suggests the disapproval of something The silence was deafening at the meeting when nobody stood up to challenge the speaker for his extreme remarks.

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  • He was sitting on a bench then suddenly stood up. We sat down with Greg to discuss a new extended contract. lấy ra, đem ra, The thief who broke into the .mang ra museum last night took out a lot of precious paintings. Sorry, why do I have to write write /ra t da n/ down this registration form? thu, lượm, pick up /p k p/ nhặt make /me k up p/ lên sure she made it up.

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  • I At sunset hour the forest was still, lonely, sweet with tang of fir and spruce, blazing in gold and red and green; and the man who glided on under the great trees seemed to blend with the colors and, disappearing, to have become a part of the wild woodland. Old Baldy, highest of the White Mountains, stood up round and bare, rimmed bright gold in the last glow of the setting sun. Then, as the fire dropped behind the domed .peak, a change, a cold and darkening blight, passed down the black spear-pointed slopes over all that mountain world....

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  • I was sitting at my desk finishing a Sudoku puzzle when the body crashed through the window behind me. It slammed into my back, driving my stomach into the desk before falling down behind me. It took me a second to recover. The desk hit my sweet spot and knocked the wind out of me. I stood up and looked at the body that had just been delivered to me. It was Dr. Henry Greene,

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  • After a brutal town hall meeting about people stepping in horse feces, Sam was told he had to use the bike lane. “Hey, freak! If the NFL doesn’t work out, I know someone who could put you in the movies. Bestiality sells!” Kurt stood up and started humping the air, while singing porno music. “Knock it off, Kurt!” Sarah said. She couldn’t look Sam in the eyes.

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  • As it was, he couldn’t even walk on the sidewalk. After a brutal town hall meeting about people stepping in horse feces, Sam was told he had to use the bike lane. “Hey, freak! If the NFL doesn’t work out, I know someone who could put you in the movies. Bestiality sells!” Kurt stood up and started humping the air, while singing porno music. “Knock it off, Kurt!” Sarah said. She couldn’t look Sam in the eyes.

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  • THE villa stood on the top of a hill. From the terrace in front of it you had a magnificent view of Florence; behind was an old garden, with few flowers, but with fine trees. hedges of cut box, grass walks and an artificial grotto in which water cascaded with a cool, silvery sound from a cornucopia. The house had been built in the sixteenth century by a noble Florentine, whose impoverished descendants had sold it to some English people, and it was they who had lent it for a period to Mary Panton. Though the rooms were large and...

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  • For all those times you stood by me For all the truth that you made me see For all the joy you brought to my life For all the wrong that you made right For every dream you made come true For all the love I found in you I'll be forever thankful baby You're the one who help me up, never let me fall You're the one who saw me through through it all. You were my strength when I was weak You were my voice when I couldn't speak You were my eyes when I couldn't see You saw the best there was in me Lifted me up when I couldn't...

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  • FIFTH EDITION Pantone: CMYK: Back in 2001, when I wrote the first edition of this book (it was called Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site with PHP & MySQL back then), readers were astonished to discover that you could create a site full of web pages without having to write a separate HTML file for each page. PHP stood out from the crowd of programming languages, mainly because it was easy enough for almost anyone to learn and free to download and install.

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  • stand up - to be strong enough to use for a long time The new carpet should stand up for a long time. stand up (someone) - to fail to keep an appointment or date with someone (usually used for a date with a boyfriend or girlfriend) The boy stood the girl up on a date last Saturday and now she will not talk to him. stand up and be counted - to be willing to say what one thinks in public The union members thought that they should stand up and be counted before management took away their benefits. stand up for (someone or something) -...

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  • In 1204 some of the finest churches in Christendom were ransacked and the precious icons and relics were divided up among the plunderers. They snatched reliquaries from altars, forced open chests filled with holy treasures, stripped gold and silver metalwork from church fixtures. In their haste they spilled the sacramental wine over the marble floor, where it might mingle with the blood of any priest who stood in their way.

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  • This research effort is dedicated to my family, in particular to my mother, LI Yun who has always stood by my side, encouraging and supporting me through the entire process. She talked to me when I faced some difficulties and almost gave up. She taught me hard work disciplines and made me continue my research and this also served me well in all aspect in my life. Additionally, I would like to dedicate this to my best friends, Ziming Zhao, Marianela Rivera, Yuan Cai. Thanks for being there whenever I need you. You are more than friends. You are my...

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  • Arthur sat in the library of the theological seminary at Pisa, looking through a pile of manuscript sermons. It was a hot evening in June, and the windows stood wide open, with the shutters half closed for coolness. The Father Director, Canon Montanelli, paused a moment in his writing to glance lovingly at the black head bent over the papers. "Can't you find it, carino? Never mind; I must rewrite the passage. Possibly it has got torn up, and I have kept you all this time for nothing." Montanelli's voice was rather low, but full and resonant, with a silvery purity of tone that gave to...

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  • Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who was usually very late in the mornings, save upon those not infrequent occasions when he was up all night, was seated at the breakfast table. I stood upon the hearth-rug and picked up the stick which our visitor had left behind him the night before. It was a fine, thick piece of wood, bulbous-headed, of the sort which is known as a ‘Penang lawyer.’ Just under the head was a broad silver band nearly an inch across. ‘To James Mortimer, M.R.C.S., from his friends of the C.C.H.,’ was engraved upon it, with the date ‘1884.’...

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  • Growth in MCFC shipments is expected for 2012; FCE can currently manufacture up to 90 MW per year at its plant in Connecticut and as of 30 April 2012 its backlog stood at 52.4 MW. In Korea in particular, where there have been a number of megawatt-class installations already, demand for fuel cell baseload power is growing rapidly and delivery of stacks to POSCO Energy under a 70 MW order has been accelerated. The Seoul Metropolitan Government intends to install 50 MW of distributed fuel cell power in 2012, mainly to support the subway system, towards a target total for...

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  • The Southwest became prominent before the nation early in the war from the doubt existing as to the position of Missouri, which was saved by the energy and determination of Frank P. Blair and Colonel Nathaniel Lyon; the latter first capturing Camp Jackson, on May 10th, 1861.

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  • Chapter 1 Dr. Fiona Cameron stood on the very lip of Stanage Edge and leaned forward into the wind. The only kind of sudden death she might have to contemplate here would be her own, and then only if she was more careless than she thought she could manage. But just supposing for a moment she lost concentration on the wet millstone grit, she'd plunge down thirty or forty helterskelter feet, her body bouncing like a plastic doll on the jutting blocks of rock, bones and skin broken and violated. She'd end up looking like a victim. No way, Fiona thought,...

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