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  • In recent years the subject of computer programming has been recognized as a discipline whose mastery is fundamental and crucial to the success of many engineering projects and which is amenable to scientific treatement and presentation. It has advanced from a craft to an academic discipline. The initial outstanding contributions toward this development were made by E.W. Dijkstra and C.A.R. Hoare.

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  • METHODS There are two methods of amortization, the straight-line and effective interest methods. Straight line is simpler and is much more common in practice, but the effective interest method is preferable because it provides a constant yield on the recorded value of the investment. Both methods will be illustrated in this chapter. The effective interest method must be used whenever the premium or discount is material.However, straight line may be used when the results are not materially different than the effective interest method.

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  • Needless to say, this does not mean that it is easy to judge how well he is performing his task. But at least the criterion of performance is straight-forward, and the persons among whom a voluntary contractual arrangement exists are clearly defined. Of course, the corporate executive is also a person in his own right. As a person, he may have many other responsibilities that he recognizes or assumes voluntarily--to his family, his conscience, his feelings of charity, his church, his clubs, his city, his country.

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  • Directions: Solve each of the following problems, select the correct answer, and then fill in the corresponding space on your answer sheet. Don’t linger over problems that are too time-consuming. Do as many as you can, then come back to the others in the time you have remaining. Note: Unless otherwise noted, all of the following should be assumed. 1. Illustrative figures are not necessarily drawn to scale. 2. All geometric figures lie in a plane. 3. The term line indicates a straight line. 4. The term average indicates arithmetic mean....

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  • The research recommends that marketers think about dollars instead of percentages. If restaurants hold onto their mark- ups, but experience a 50% drop in volume, they are worse off than if they were to drop prices and keep a strong volume. The vast majority of restaurants have gotten away from a straight three-time markup across an entire list. Additionally, restaurants need to recognize the fact that certain staples, such as Opus One or Dom Perignon, act as barometers diners generally know how much the wine costs, and look to these selections as benchmarks on list pricing.

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  • STEP 21: Make sure you still have the Move tool, then press-and-hold the Command (PC: Ctrl) key, go to the Layers panel, and click on the second and fourth layer groups from the top (as shown here). Press the Down Arrow key on your keyboard 10 times to move those two selected groups down a little from the rest (as seen here). STEP 22: Now select all five groups in the Layers panel, then press-and-hold Option-Shift (PC: Alt-Shift), click on any one of the five groups in the image area, and drag straight downward to duplicate all five groups, creating a...

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  • After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Understand the importance of depreciation, impairment, and disposition from a business perspective; explain the concept of depreciation and identify the factors to consider when determining depreciation charges; identify how depreciation methods are selected; calculate and recognize depreciation using the straight-line, decreasing charge and activity methods;...

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