Strategic water levels

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  • The objectives of this study were to analyse deficit irrigation with the mathematical optimisation method using the wateryield relationship and cost functions of red pepper, and to determine alternative deficit irrigation water levels.

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  • Nitrate, the most common form of nitrogen in surface and groundwater, is directly toxic to human health. In- fants who drink water with high nitrate levels can develop an acute, life-threatening blood disorder called blue baby syndrome. high nitrate levels in water can also affect thyroid function in adults and increase the risk of thyroid cancer. Phosphorus stimulates explosive blooms of aquatic algae, including the especially dangerous cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) that produce toxins that can be deadly to pets, livestock, wildlife – and people.

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  • This is a comprehensive, problem-solving engineering guide on the strategic planning, development, and maintenance of public and private transportation systems. Covering all modes of transportation on land, air, and water, the Handbook shows how to solve specific problems, such as facility improvement, cost reduction, or operations optimization at local, regional, national, and international levels.

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  • The Government has published high level Public Service Agreements (PSAs). These are its priorities and strategic objectives with measurable targets – the vast majority of these measure outcomes. The Government has also published Service Delivery Agreements (SDAs) for every government department. SDAs explain how the Government aims to deliver the high level targets in the PSAs, and how it will modernise and reform to get better value for money. The SDAs include measures of outputs, processes and inputs which deliver the outcomes which the Government is aiming for.

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  • The Government of Indonesia also formulated several regulations for sector specific PPPs, such as in the energy and water sectors, to provide information for private business entities, refer to the annex section for the list of PPP regulations. Deregulation and debottlenecking are therefore seen as a vital precursor for PPP projects to be implemented in Indonesia. Despite the improvement in regulatory reform, however the state budget is considered insufficient to fund the required levels of investment.

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  • Guidelines set out by the Department of Health (2011) call for interventions to increase children’s physical activity levels, starting from birth. Early years children should be given ample opportunities for unrestricted movement (such as crawling and water-based play) to increase their physiological development and encourage bonding with others. Drawing on robust research, the report argued that levels of physical activity required in childhood to help achieve healthy weight, bone and cardiometabolic health and psychological well-being are higher than previously estimated.

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  • On the ground, this might mean the chance to share the benefits and profits from a communal district heating system. At the strategic level, every decision must aim to improve quality of life while also reducing the levels of pollution, water and energy use, and waste. Local authorities already have legislative powers to promote the well-being of their citizens, and yet these remain overwhelmingly under-used. Given the nature and timescales of climate change, there is no alternative to making hard decisions.

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  • Key governance challenges include institutional and territorial fragmentation and poorly managed multi‑level governance. Limited capacity at the local level, unclear allocation of roles and responsibilities and questionable resource allocation are also problematic. This is often reflected in patchy financial management and the lack of long‑term strategic planning, together with weak economic regulation and poorly drafted legislation. Insufficient means for measuring performance have contributed to low accountability and transparency.

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  • To improve mother and child health, the WHO support will focus on developing and implementing the Adolescent Health Plan, implementing the Integrated Mother, Newborn and Child Health Strategic Plan, increasing and improving the provision of quality services at the health facility level, ensuring availability of adequate resources, achieving and sustaining high-level routine immunization coverage and all services integrated under the RED (Reach Every District) approach, and introducing Pentavalent and other new vaccines countrywide.

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