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  • (bq) part 1 book "strategic management" has contents: strategic management, a review of theory and practice, analysing the strategic environment, analysing resources and capabilities, strategy dynamics, prescriptive purpose delivered through mission, objectives and ethics, purpose emerging from knowledge, technology and innovation,...and other contents.

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  • Use PESTEL to identify the macro characteristics of the external context. Identify the major features of an industry and the forces that affect industry profitability. Understand the dynamic characteristics of the external context. Show how industry dynamics may redefine industrie5 s Use scenario planning to predict the future structure of the external context

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  • Distinguish the ways in which firms’ strategies are related to dynamic contexts. Identify, compare, and contrast the various routes to revolutionary strategies. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a first-mover strategy. Recognize when an incumbent is caught off guard by revolutionary strategy and identify defensive tactics to reduce the effects of this competition

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  • In this book chapter a comparative assessment of modelling and control of mechanical manipulator is considered. First, kinematic and dynamic modelling of wide range mechanical manipulators comprising flexible link, flexible joint and mobile manipulators considered. Then, open-loop optimal control problem is formulated to control of obtained system. Finally, some applications of method including motion planning maximum payload determination are illustrated through the computer simulations.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "strategic management and organisational dynamics" has contents: the origins of systems thinking in the age of reason, thinking in terms of organisational psychodynamics - open systems and psychoanalytic perspectives; thinking about strategy process from a systemic perspective - using a process to control a process; a review of systemic ways of thinking about strategy and organisational dynamics - key challenges for alternative ways of thinking,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "strategic management and organisational dynamics" has contents: the challenge of complexity to ways of thinking; complex responsive processes as a way of thinking about strategy and organisational dynamics.

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  • TheMIT Press series on Economic Learning and Social Evolution reflects the continuing interest in the dynamics of human interaction. This issue has provided a broad community of economists, psychologists, biolo- gists, anthropologists, mathematicians, philosophers, and others, with a sense of common purpose so strong that traditional interdisciplinary boundaries havemelted away.We reject the outmoded notion thatwhat happens away from equilibrium can safelly be ignored, but think it no longer adequate to speak in vague terms of bounded rationality and spontaneous order.

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  • The RoboCup Soccer Simulation is considered as a good application of the Multi-Agent Systems. By using the multi-agent approach, each team in this simulation is considered as a multiagent system, which is coordinated each other and by a coach agent. Different strategies have been proposed in order to improve the efficiency of this agent. In this paper, we investigate firstly the coordination in several modern teams by identifying all of their disadvantages.

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  • Strategies are proposed for combining different kinds of constraints in declarative grammars with a detachable layer of control information. The added control information is the basis for parametrized dynamically controlled linguistic deduction, a form of linguistic processing that permits the implementation of plausible linguistic performance models without giving up the declarative formulation of linguistic competence.

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  • Robust natural language interpretation requires strong semantic domain models, "fall-soff" recovery heuristics, and very flexible control structures. Although single-strategy parsers have met with a measure of success, a multi.strategy approach is shown to provide a much higher degree of flexibility, redundancy, and ability to bring task-specific domain knowledge (in addition to general linguistic knowledge) to bear on both grammatical and ungrammatical input. A parsing algorithm is presented that integrates several different parsing strategies, with case-frame instantiation dominating. ...

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  • It includses a n u m b e r of specialized tools t h a t consent an easy, graphics-based interaction with the parser. It is shown in particular how a combination of the characteristics of the parser (based on the lexicon a n d on dynamic unification) and of the e n v i r o n m e n t allow a nonspecialized user to explore heuristics t h a t m a y alter the basica control of the system. In this way, for instance, a p s y c h o l i n g...

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  • Propose an approach to identification of work program for road network using HDM-4 strategy analysis with dynamic sectioning.

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  • Bài giảng "Dynamic modeling: 4 – Column dynamics" cung cấp cho các bạn các kiến thức về cách chuyển sang SSMod, Add DePropanizer Column, Dynamic Simulation Analyses, Develop a Control Strategy,... Với các bạn chuyên ngành Hóa dầu thì đây là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích cho các bạn.

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  • Unit 4 "Basis control theory" of lectures Dynamic modeling using unisim design presented on the basics of process control theory, explore the development of control strategies, examine general guidelines for implementing appropriate control strategies,...

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  • Add unit operations and controllers in dynmode, make necessary P-V specifications, implement appropriate control strategies, install a relief valve, install an air cooler,... As the main contents of the lectures unit 6 "Expanding the model" of Unit 6 - Expanding the model Dynamic modeling using unisim design. Invite you to consult for additional learning materials and research.

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  • Chapter 8 continues its focus on the basics of formulating and implementing strategy. It includes a new section on diversifi cation strategy, looking at how managers use unrelated diversifi cation, related diversifi cation, or vertical integration as strategic approaches in shifting environments. This chapter also looks at new trends in strategy, including the dynamic capabilities approach and partnership strategies.

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  • The strategy for natural language interpretation presented in this paper implements the dynamics of context change by translating natural language texts into a meaning representation language consisting of (descriptions of) programs, in the spirit of dynamic predicate logic (DPL) [5]. The difference with DPL is that the usual DPL semantics is replaced by an error state semantics [2]. This allows for the treatment of unbound anaphors, as in DPL, but also of presuppositions and presupposition projection. ...

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  • Lecture 23 - Strategy for agricultural and rural development. Most of the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America are passing through stage I to stage II. They have to face a lot of problems in their agri. sector whereby agri. sector fails to contribute to their development. The economists present a lot of proposals whereby the agri. sector would be able to play its dynamic role in the development of poor countries.

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  • This paper describes a novel reactive obstacle avoidance approach for mobile robot navigation in unknown and dynamic environment. This approach is developed based on the “situated-activity paradigm” and a “divide and conquer” strategy which steers the robot to move among unknown obstacles and towards a target without collision.

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  • In this study, our purpose is to distribute interfaces in cloud computing environment in a way that they are useful to optimize resource allocation and to reach the main purpose of this research; that is, to reduce energy consumption. By creating an abstract layer on all physical resources, resources can be managed dynamically by the help of virtualization. Selecting an appropriate and efficient algorithm is required for resource allocation due to dynamic resources and various user requests in cloud technology to increase efficiency.

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