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  • This is the emergency room in a large hospital .A paramedic is wheeling a patient on a stretcher into the emergency room where a doctor is waiting to treat the patient .The patient doesn’t look well. His head is bandaged and his eyes are closed. A nurse is pushing an empty wheelchair towards the exit. She is probably taking it to a patient in the ambulance. The eye chart on the wall is used to check people’s eyesight. The chart consists of about 28 letters ranging in size from about 5 centimeters in height at the top of the chart to about 1 centimeter at the bottom....

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  • The information given in this manual is based on our long experience and know - how in the building of totally enclosed lifeboats. In case of an emergency it is very important that the occupants know how tho handle the lifeboat and it's equipment.

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  • Dust lay on the half-used tubes of paint on the table; paletteknives and brushes of every size rested in jars. Rolled canvas andwood for stretchers leaned against a wall. Past the table stood a sec-ond door, which opened to a smaller room with another easel and anold blue-velvet-upholstered armchair. He lowered himself onto thechair, hands on his knees, and looked about him

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