Stringent design

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  • Today’s stringent design requirements and difficult-to-machine materials such as tough super alloys, ceramics, and composites, have made traditional machining processes costly and obsolete. As a result, manufacturers and machine design engineers are turning to advance machining processes. These machining processes utilizes electrical, chemical, and optimal sources of energy to bind, form and cut materials.

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  • Cancers of the endometrium, ovary and cervix share certain characteristics. However, etio-pathogenesis of all the gynecological malignancies is yet to be explored. Even though the etiologic factors are generally environmental, the exact cause of each gynecological cancer is not known (Senate Community Affairs References Committee, Commonwealth of Australia, 2006). Worldwide, cancer incidence rates vary widely between different geographic regions and ethnic groups.

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  • Digital signal processing (DSP) covers a wide range of applications in which the implementation of high-performance systems to meet stringent requirements and performance constraints is receiving increasing attention both in the industrial and academic contexts. Conceived to be available to a wide audience, the aim of this book is to provide students, researchers, engineers and the industrial community with a guide to the latest advances in emerging issues in the design and implementation of DSP systems for application-specific circuits and programmable devices....

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  • Water quality based standards are derived by calculating how much of a given substance can be released while still meeting instream surface water quality objectives (3) . For details please consult the Water Quality Based Effluents Limits Procedures Manual (4) . As an example, Alberta Environment is evaluating the need to set more stringent release limits on BOD for mills releasing to the Athabasca River based on water quality assessments on in-stream dissolved oxygen.

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  • PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) has become one of the most popular bus standards, not only for personal computers, but also for industrial computers, communication switches, routers, and instrumentation. PCI is also a significant design challenge; the stringent electrical, functional.

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  • Introduction Dimensional tolerances are selected by the designer or purchaser to make sure that the part can perform its function reliably and fit into its designed location. Assigning dimensions to a part requires identifying the desired feature size. Tolerances communicate how much variation from the desired size can be tolerated. Overly stringent tolerances are costly and do not add value. They require added work to meet tolerances that may be beyond the process capability.

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  • Advanced RF/Microwave Filters There have been increasing demands for advanced RF/microwave filters other than conventional Chebyshev filters in order to meet stringent requirements from RF/microwave systems, particularly from wireless communications systems. In this chapter, we will discuss the designs of some advanced filters.

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  • In recent years, legislative and market requirements have driven the need to reduce fuel consumption while meeting increasingly stringent exhaust emissions. This trend has dictated increasing complexity in automotive engines and new approaches to engine design. A key research objective for the automotive engineering community has been the potential combination of gasoline-engine specific power with diesel-like engine efficiency in a cost-competitive, production-feasible power train.

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  • The new patented Pro Patch™ Programmable modular system offers unprecedented reliability and flexibility in a convenient, space-saving size and lightweight package. Specifically engineered for every day use in demanding mobile trucks, the Pro Patch Programmable system is the only product in its class that passes stringent MIL-STD-202F standards for vibration and environmental requirements. The Pro Patch Programmable bantam system is a WECO-standard module in a high-density (2x48) one- rack space panel.

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  • The successful accomplishment of a space mission is dependent on proper and reliable functioning of the power system of the spacecraft in orbit. The stringent demands on performance including weight, volume, reliability, durability, and cost make the design of the spacecraft power system a challenging exercise. Further, since a space mission is inherently expensive, the necessity of optimization and built-in reliability becomes a rule rather than an exception for all the onboard systems.

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  • After years of using spacer GIFs, layers of nested tables, and other improvised solutions for building your web sites, getting used to the more stringent standards-compliant design can be intimidating. HTML and XHTML Pocket Reference is the perfect little book when you need answers immediately.

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  • In 1969 President Nixon introduced an NIT called the Family Assis- tance Plan (FAP) that would have replaced the AFDC program. Although it enjoyed widespread initial support, the FAP was subsequently attacked by liberals as being insufficiently generous and by conservatives as being overly expensive and having insufficiently stringent work requirements. Russell Long, then chair of the Senate Finance Committee, opposed the FAP and, as an alternative, designed a proposal targeted at those willing to work.

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