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Structural basis of light energy

Xem 1-2 trên 2 kết quả Structural basis of light energy
  • Aspects of intramolecular light energy and electron transfer will be discussed for three protein-cofactor complexes, whose three-dimensional structures have been elucidated by X-ray crystallography: components of lightharvesting cyanobacterial phycobilisomes; the purple bacterial reaction centre; and the blue multi-copper oxidases. A wealth of functional data is available for these systems which allows specific correlations between structure and function and general conclusions about light energy and electron transfer in biological materials to be made.

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  • The objectives of the thesis: Study on materials fabrication technology; structural - photocatalytic properties of TiO2 material, and TiO2 as the nanostructured variant. On the basis of such material system, the systematic and quantitative study on hydrophilicity or, in other words, the study of surface energy of material systems under Exciation of UV light radiation. Further clarification of the correlation between photocatalytic activity, self-cleaning and hydrophobicity of TiO2 nanostructured materials.

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