Structural diversity

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  • Tham khảo sách 'viral genomes – molecular structure, diversity, gene expression mechanisms and host-virus interactions edited by maria laura garcia and víctor romanowski', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Organic chemistry is a subdiscipline within chemistry involving the scientific study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation (by synthesis or by other means) of carbon-based compounds, hydrocarbons, and their derivatives. Organic compounds are structurally diverse. The range of application of organic compounds is enormous. They either form the basis of, or are important constituents of, many products including plastics, drugs, petrochemicals, food, explosives, and paints....

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về lâm nghiệp được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp Original article đề tài: Extended length rotation to integrate timber and pine nut production with the conservation of structural diversity in a Pinus pinea (L.) forest...

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  • Tham khảo luận văn - đề án 'báo cáo lâm nghiệp: "a change in structural diversity and regeneration processes of the spruce virgin forest in nefcerka nnr (tanap) in relation to altitude"', luận văn - báo cáo phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp đề tài: The effects of thinning on the structural diversity of coppice forests...

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  • The crystal structure of a Drosophila angiotensin-converting enzyme (ANCE) has recently been solved, revealing features important for the binding of ACE inhibitors and allowing molecular comparisons with the structure of human testicular angiotensin-converting enzyme (tACE). ACER is a secondDrosophilaACE that displays both common and dis-tinctive properties.

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  • Understanding peroxidase function in plants is complicated by the lackof substrate specificity, the highnumber of genes, their diversity in structure and our limited knowledge of peroxidase gene transcription and translation. In the present study we sequenced expressed sequence tags (ESTs) enco-ding novel heme-containing class III peroxidases from Arabidopsis thalianaand annotated 73 full-length genes identified in the genome.

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  • In this very heavily illustrated project, you focus on capturing Spot’s striped pattern and the textures of her eyes, nose, ears, mane, and fur while rendering the basic exterior forms and shapes which characterize simple bone and muscular structures. Suggested drawing supplies include good quality white drawing paper, graphite pencils, kneaded and vinyl erasers, and a pencil sharpener.

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  • In this lesson, you first choose one of three compositional options, then outline the proportions and shapes, and finally use graduated hatching to define the three dimensional forms, textures, and patterns of an adorable young giraffe named Dandy. While the understructures of the anatomy of a giraffe are very complex, this project focuses on only the exterior forms and shapes which characterize the primary bone and muscular structures.

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  • Single crystal X-ray crystallography is the most common and easily accessible way to determine the molecular structure of any crystalline material. This method provides two kinds of information which are needed for understanding both single molecule properties and bulk material properties: 1. Molecular Structure - Single Molecules: Unambiguous and three-dimensional information about the structure of the molecular entities.

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  • Triterpenes exhibit a wide range of structural diversity produced by a sequence of biosynthetic reactions. Cyclization of oxidosqualene is the ini-tial origin of structural diversity of skeletons in their biosynthesis, and sub-sequent regio- and stereospecific hydroxylation of the triterpene skeleton produces further structural diversity.

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  • Author Mara Einstein blends her industry experience and academic expertise to examine diversity as a media policy, suggesting that it has been ineffective and is potentially outdated, as study after study has found diversity regulations to be wanting.

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  • In modern engineering, as a basis of construction, arches have a diverse range of applications. Today the theory of arches has reached a level that is suitable for most engineering applications. Many methods pertaining to arch analysis can be found in scientific literature. However, most of this material is published in highly specialized journals, obscure manuals, and inaccessible books. This is not surprising, as the intensive development of arch theory, particularly stability and vibration have mostly occurred in the 1940s to the 1960s.

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  • Metallothioneins are typically low relative molecular mass (6000–7000), sulfhydryl-rich metal-binding proteins with characteristic repeating cysteine motifs (Cys-X-Cys or Cys-Xn-Cys) and a prolate ellipsoid shape containing single a-andb-domains. While functionally diverse, they play important roles in the homeostasis, detoxification and stress response of metals. The originally reported metallothionein of the American oyster,Crassostrea virginicashowed the canonical molluscanab-domain structure. ...

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  • We have used the circular dichroismand infrared spectra of a specially designed 50 protein database [Oberg, K.A., Ruysschaert, J.M. & Goormaghtigh, E. (2003)Protein Sci. 12, 2015–2031] in order to optimize the accuracy of spectroscopic protein secondary structure determination using multivariate statisticalanalysis methods. The results demonstrate that when the proteins are carefully selected for the diversity in their structure, no smaller subset of the database contains the necessary information to describe the entire set....

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  • Acomprehensive, structural and functional, insilicoanalysis of the medium-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (MDR) superfamily, including 583 proteins, was carried out by use of extensive database mining and theBLASTPprogram in an iterative manner to identify all known members of the superfamily. Based on phylogenetic, sequence, and func-tional similarities, the protein members of the MDR super-family were classified into three different taxonomic categories: (a) subfamilies, consisting of a closed group containing a set of ideally orthologous proteins that perform the same function;...

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  • This paper discusses two problems that arise in the Generation of Referring Expressions: (a) numeric-valued attributes, such as size or location; (b) perspective-taking in reference. Both problems, it is argued, can be resolved if some structure is imposed on the available knowledge prior to content determination. We describe a clustering algorithm which is sufficiently general to be applied to these diverse problems, discuss its application, and evaluate its performance. close’ on the given dimension, and ‘sufficiently distant’ from those of their distractors. ...

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  • Chapter 11 - Managing the diverse workforce. Describe how changes in the U.S. workforce make diversity a critical organizational and managerial issue, distinguish between affirmative action and managing diversity, explain how diversity, if well managed, can give organizations a competitive edge,...

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Macromolecules are polymers, built from monomers; Carbohydrates serve as fuel and building material; Lipids are a diverse group of hydrophobic molecules.

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  • Wetlands are the ecotonal or transitional zones between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems where the water table is usually at or near the surface of the land, which is covered by the shallow water (Mitsch & Gosselink, 1986). Due to these characteristics, wetlands provide opportunities for adaptations to different plant and animal species with high diversity of life-forms. Thus wetlands are among the most biologically diverse and productive ecosystems on earth.

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