Structure of the English language

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  • It was my intention to encourage the participants to expose their views because the purpose of this phase was to uncover and describe teachers’ perspectives on this issue, and these interviews were the sole means of gathering data in this case. This was a valuable method in that they provided useful and appropriate features in relation to understanding people’s view.

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  • Ebook "TOEIC oriented curriculum guidelines for English training in Tourism vocational training in Vietnam: Vietnam human resources development in Tourism project" to create further conditions for training institutions within the sector, the project has also decided to have a TOEIC oriented English language training curriculum designed toward the set benchmark. Please refer to the content of part 2 of ebook.

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  • This book "Database System Concepts (Sixth edition)" present the fundamental concepts of database management. These concepts include aspects of database design, database languages, and database-system implementation. Part 1 of book provide students with knowledge about: database-system applications; relational databases; structure of relational databases; introduction to SQL; intermediate SQL; advanced SQL; formal relational query languages; database design; database design and the E-R model; relational database design; data storage and querying;...

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  • The study "A genre analysis of abstracts of MA theses in English Linguistics" explores to what extent the Vietnamese learners of English as a foreign language (EFL) apply the knowledge that they have formally learned in the Writing and the Doing scientific research courses to writing their MA graduation theses; the focus is on the abstract. From the perspective of genre analysis, this study aims to describe the structural features of this genre. Data for the investigation is 30 abstracts bounded in the master theses written in English by Vietnamese learners.

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  • The research of “Difficulties and mistakes in writing English of grade 10th students at The Asian International School, Cao Thang campus” is write to find out difficulties when students write English. This study will point out fields that students mostly have such as grammar, vocabulary, coherence, logic or structure of an essay. Therefore, this research can provide us with solutions to answer this problem.

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  • Part 1 of the document "C: How to program (Seventh edition)" has present the contents: introduction to computers, the internet and the web; introduction to C Programming; structured program development in C; C program control; C functions; C arrays; C pointers; C characters and strings; C formatted input/output;...

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  • Part 2 of the document "C: How to program (Seventh edition)" has present the contents: C structures, unions, bit manipulation and enumerations; C file processing; C data structures; C preprocessor; other C topics; C++ as a better C; introducing object technology; tntroduction to classes, objects and strings; operator overloading; class string;...

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  • Lecture Database Systems - Chapter 6: Structured query language has present the content: introduction of structured query language; DDL: create, drop, alter; DML: select, insert, update, delete; DCL: commit, rollback, grant, revoke;...

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  • Lecture Database Systems - Chapter 0: Welcome has present the contents of the 14-week program of Database System; accompanied by reference materials for the course and the form of the final exam;...

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  • The article will use non-fiction structure to approach informational text, analyzes the requirements to read this genre in The 2018 Language Arts and Literature Program (high school curriculum).

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  • Lecture Database management systems: Lesson 24. The main topics covered in this chapter include: vertical partitioning, data duplicated, clustering files, other related issues, summary of physical DB design, reduced training cost, application portability,...

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  • This study aimed to gain an understanding of negative L1 transfer on the use of English prepositions from a CL perspective. Since there is a vast difference between English and Vietnamese prepositions both in their cognition and the structure of the two languages, Vietnamese learners might transfer some of their cognition from their language, culture, and lived experience to their English usage.

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  • Lecture Introduction to computing - Lesson 19: Programming languages. After studying this lesson, you will discuss the tool that is used to implement SW; to understand the role of programming languages in computing; to understand the differences among low- & high-level, interpreted & compiled, and structured & object-oriented programming languages;...

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  • This paper derives from my own library-based research about task-based language teaching and my experience in teaching English using task-based language teaching. This paper begins by presenting a specific context of teaching speaking at Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), and continues with a literature review about task-based language teaching and teaching speaking skills. In the last section, the relevance of using task-based language teaching to teach speaking and some practical issues emerging in the classroom will be discussed.

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  • Teaching and learning ESP at universities in Vietnam has been facing many difficulties and challenges related to different issues. The concept of direct ESP instructor is still controversy with different opinions. The question is whether English teachers or specialized ones do it better? To answer this question, it is necessary to have a thorough analysis of the goals and characteristics as well as the necessary requirements for teaching ESP.

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  • This paper introduces and analyses some syntactic features of rejection in English and Vietnamese as well as "nds out the similarities and differences of rejection between the two languages.

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  • Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. Understanding how grammar works is fundamental for all writers. It can be argued that good grammar knowledge will not necessarily make us a better writer, but it will help make us a more effective writer. This article aims to discuss roles of grammar in academic writing.

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  • Lecture Digital Design with the Verilog HDL - Chapter 0: Introduction provide students with knowledge about the digital system course, hardware description language used to describe hardware components, describe structure and operation of a digital circuit,...

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  • The results of this study are aimed at analyzing the outcomes of using problembased learning in managing teaching and learning for university students who registered to study for Term 1/2561, Subject 896-439 “Words and Meanings” 3(3-0- 6), Faculty of Liberal Arts, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus, including 51 students altogether.

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  • Literature is the art of writing, it requires the creative readers with effective strategies for reading and interpreting and analyzing. Students leaning literature are expected to express their comprehension though literary analysis and interpretation. This material aims to second- year students with a general knowledge about basic techniques for literary comprehension related to four skill interactions.

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