Structuring a research report

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  • This book is not a traditional style manual that prescribes mechanical details such as the forms for levels of headings, typing requirements, and so on. A number of excellent style manuals, including the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, already cover these matters . Neither will you find here a discussion of the mechanics of standard English usage; it is assumed that you have already mastered these. Finally, it is also assumed that you have already selected an important research topic, applied sound research methods, and analyzed the data.

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  • efficiency and quality. NGOs should be involved as management partners of the government for the shrimp cultivating areas. This will help reduce social tensions among various groups in the cultivating areas and ensure participation of the poor communities in all activities including decision making process. 9. Financial Support: Farmers, depot owners, small boat owners and transporters suffer from lack of capital to perform fishing activities. They have to rely on informal sources such as middlemen and traders for credit at a very high cost.

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  • Growth factors are a group of proteins that regulate a wide variety of cel-lular processes, including proliferation, differentiation, motility, adhesion, and apoptosis of target cells. They play crucial roles in the formation and maintenance of tissue architecture in embryonic development and adult tissue homeostasis.

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  • Onconase (ONC) is an amphibian member of the pancreatic ribonuclease superfamily that is selectively toxic to tumor cells. It is a much less efficient enzyme than the archetypal ribonuclease A and, in an attempt to gain fur-ther insight, we report the first atomic resolution crystal structure of ONC, determined in complex with sulfate ions at 100 K.

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  • Human disc-large homolog (hDlg), also known as synapse-associated protein 97, is a scaffold protein, a member of the membrane-associated guanylate kinase family, implicated in neuronal synapses and epithelial– epithelial cell junctions whose expression and function remains poorly char-acterized in most tissues, particularly in the vasculature.

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  • Our laboratory is interested in the biochemical and biophysical basis of cell structure. The structure of a cell is determined primarily by its cytoskeleton, which serves as a scaffold to sup-port the plasma membrane, and as a network of tracks along which motor proteins transport sub cellular structures. Our research is therefore focused on the mechanics of the cytoskele-ton, with a particular emphasis on microtubules and microtu-bule-based motors.

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  • We previously purified and characterized a peptide toxin, birtoxin, from the South African scorpion Parabuthus transvaalicus. Birtoxin is a 58-residue, long chain neurotoxin that has a unique three disulfide-bridged structure. Here we report the isolation and characterization of ikitoxin, a pep-tide toxin with a single residue difference, and a markedly reducedbiological activity, frombirtoxin. Bioassays onmice showed that high doses of ikitoxin induce unprovoked jumps, whereas birtoxin induces jumps at a 1000-fold lower concentration. ...

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  • This paper describes a natural language processing system implemented at Hewlett-Packard's Computer Research Center. The system's main components are: a Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar (GPSG); a top-down parser; a logic transducer that outputs a first-order logical representation; and a "disambiguator" that uses sortal information to convert "normal-form" f i r s t - o r d e r logical expressions into the q u e r y language for HIRE, a relational database hosted in the SPHERE system.

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  • AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) SYSTEMS, AS ASSESSED BY MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANTS This tendency is at the core of my empirical strategy. To clarify it, I present next to a simulation exercise that demonstrates the impact of market structure (J) on effectiveness sorting under different assumptions about the importance of peer group to parental preferences (δ), and thus about the “stickiness” of residential assignments.

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  • EXTERNAL AUDITOR'S EVALUTIONS OF INTERNAL : AUDIT WORK - A CASCADED INFERENCE APPROACH The trends identified in Figures 1.1 and 1.2 are again clear. First, θ is well above zero when δ is small, indicating that the residential housing market mechanism rewards administrators of effective schools with the wealthiest students when parents primarily assess schools by their effectiveness. When δ is large, θ is close to zero for all J, as no district structure creates the desired rewards when parents are largely unconcerned with school effectiveness....

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  • CHIlD LABOR IN VIETNAM: THE RELATIVE IMPORTANCE OF POVERTY. RETURNS TO EDUCATION. LABOR MOB ILTTY. AND CREDIT CONSTRAINTS A Model of Tiebout Sorting on Exogenous Community Attributes In this section, I build a formal model of the Tiebout sorting process described above. As my interest is in the demand side of the market under full information, I treat the distribution of school effectiveness as exogenous and known to all market participants.

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  • THE EFFECTS OF MACROECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY ON IRREVERSIBLE INVESTMENT Peer group and, by extension, average student performance are endogenous to unobserved determinants of housing prices. One estimation strategy that accommodates this endogeneity is that taken by Bayer, McMillan, and Reuben (2002), who estimate a structural model for housing prices and community composition in San Francisco.

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  • Two centuries ago, in his celebrated work Disquisitiones Arithmeticae of 1801, Gauss laid down the beautiful law of composition of integral binary quadratic forms which would play such a critical role in number theory in the decades to follow. Even today, two centuries later, this law of composition still remains one of the primary tools for understanding and computing with the class groups of quadratic orders. It is hence only natural to ask whether higher analogues of this composition law exist that could shed light on the structure of other algebraic number rings and fields. ...

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  • This paper is the first in a series where we describe the space of all embedded minimal surfaces of fixed genus in a fixed (but arbitrary) closed Riemannian 3-manifold. The key for understanding such surfaces is to understand the local structure in a ball and in particular the structure of an embedded minimal disk in a ball in R3 (with the flat metric). This study is undertaken here and completed in [CM6]. These local results are then applied in [CM7] where we describe the general structure of fixed genus surfaces in 3-manifolds. There are two local models for...

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  • This paper is the fourth in a series where we describe the space of all embedded minimal surfaces of fixed genus in a fixed (but arbitrary) closed 3manifold. The key is to understand the structure of an embedded minimal disk in a ball in R3 . This was undertaken in [CM3], [CM4] and the global version of it will be completed here; see the discussion around Figure 12 for the local case and [CM15] for some more details. Our main results are Theorem 0.1 (the lamination theorem) and Theorem 0.2 (the one-sided curvature estimate). ...

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  • The product of theARO10gene from Saccharomyces cerevisiaewas ini-tially identified as a thiamine diphosphate-dependent phenylpyruvate decar-boxylase with a broad substrate specificity. It was suggested that the enzyme could be responsible for the catabolism of aromatic and branched-chain amino acids, as well as methionine.

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  • Ownership Structure and Business Model of Electronic Business-to-Business Marketplaces As in other multicommunity models, equilibrium in my model exhibits complete stratification: High-income families live in districts that are preferred to (and have higher housing prices than) those where low-income families live. That this must hold regardless of what parents value points to a fundamental identification problem in housing price-based estimates of parental valuations: 8

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  • The article concludes that increase in service quality of the banks can develop customer satisfaction which ultimately retains valued customers...Keywords: Perceived Service Quality, SERVQUAL, customer satisfaction, BSR, Structural Regression.

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  • In this paper we prove C k structural stability conjecture for unimodal maps. In other words, we shall prove that Axiom A maps are dense in the space of C k unimodal maps in the C k topology. Here k can be 1, 2, . . . , ∞, ω. 1. Introduction 1.1. The structural stability conjecture. The structural stability conjecture was and remains one of the most interesting and important open problems in the theory of dynamical systems. This conjecture states that a dynamical system is structurally stable if and only if it satisfies Axiom A and the...

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  • We give a new construction of the moonshine module vertex operator algebra V , which was originally constructed in [FLM2]. We construct it as a framed VOA over the real number field R. We also offer ways to transform a structure of framed VOA into another framed VOA. As applications, we study the five framed VOA structures on VE8 and construct many framed VOAs including V from a small VOA. One of the advantages of our construction is that we are able to construct V as a framed VOA with a positive definite invariant bilinear form and we...

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