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  • The objective of this study is to explore students’ attitude toward learning English. Data were collected through a questionnaire from a sample of 694 students at Nong Lam University. The results of the study showed that the students have positive attitude toward learning English as a foreign language.

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  • Effective learning a second language is influenced by many factors. Among of those, attitude has been identified as an important one. Better understanding of students' attitude will help language teaching programmers, school managers and educators to develop strategies to improved student’s learning outcomes.

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  • This study aimed to investigate EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students' attitudes towards written error, error correction, teacher correction, peer correction and self correction with teachers’ help, find out what type of correction students perceived as the most favorable and effective type to improve their writing accuracy and writing performance.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Wertheim cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: The Iranian female high school students' attitude towards people with HIV/AIDS: a cross-sectional study...

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  • Of those who were satisfied with the quality of discussions, most indicated they enjoyed having access to others’ experiences and views, and that other students’ posts helped them learn and complete their assignments. Several commented that e-Communities was a positive and safe environment in which all contributions were welcome. Of those respondents who were either dissatisfied with or indifferent about the quality of discussions, most commented either that few postings mean few quality discussions or that the discussions that do...

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  • The early identification and treatment of toxic stress, including child maltreatment, can lessen the associated long-term negative health and behavioral outcomes. Daycare providers, teachers, and other adults who interact frequently with children should have sufficient knowledge and skills to identify and care for children who have been exposed to traumatic childhood experiences. They should be familiar with support services to meet the needs of children whose problems cannot be adequately addressed by front-line staff.

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  • This book is designed to provide the essential elements of French grammar, for students in the final year of school and in the first and later years of higher education. Advanced learners will find much that is useful for extending their knowledge of French, and for revision. The book is organized in two major sections: a reference section containing the structures of grammar and a section containing functional grammar. Each section includes cross-references to the other.

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  • Remember what you’ve learned so far. Look at structure. Look for the main idea of the passage. Consider the purpose for which the passage was written. What clues can you deduce from the writing style about the author’s attitude toward the subject? Is the attitude positive? Negative? Objective? Try to pick out individual words that further each writer’s intent and support each writer’s opinion. If it helps, underline or make notes on important points. Active reading techniques like these will keep you focused on some very detailed reading comprehension passages....

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  • This three-book listening series helps make every minute of the classroom experience as rich as the real world. The topics, the activities, the personalities, the beliefs, and the accents reflect the variety in the world around us. In the series, students meet different people, discuss different things, have different attitudes, and have different reactions.

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  • English is the key learning area where students develop knowledge, skills and understandings about English language and literature. K–6 syllabuses in New South Wales are organised in broad stages that describe the sequence of learning experiences through which students will progress. The outcomes and content in this English K–6 Syllabus are organised in three strands.

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  • Students wish to react and express in real-life situations. For that reason, all three books show how people react and cope in everyday situations — and they do so in a way that shows their personality, character, and attitude.

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  • under the multiemployer insurance program, PBgC generally provides financial assistance to an insolvent plan in the form of a loan or loans, although it occasionally provides lump-sum settlements in lieu of future financial assistance. loans are usually made quarterly but sometimes monthly in an amount which, when combined with the plan’s other income, covers both the plan’s reasonable administrative expenses and its statutorily guaranteed benefits payments.

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  • What are conditions like in primary schools? How many hours, if any, of English language learning do students receive before they enter secondary school? Is primary education free? What's the student-teacher ratio? Are schools in rural areas different from schools in towns? Are there textbooks? Who wrote them? When? Do parents pay for them? Or are they issued free of charge by the government? What percentage of the population completes primary school? What's the ratio of girls to boys? Is there a national primary leaving examination? What happens to those who don't get into s...

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  • This study investigated young female consumers' beauty product shopping behavioural patterns, their perceived importance of product attributes, and their attitude towards and purchase of natural beauty products. This study also examines whether consumers' product attitudes and shopping behaviours are influenced by their health and environmental consciousness. Data were collected from a convenience sample of 210 female college students enrolled at a south-eastern university in the US.

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  • For the HR context there is a supplementary and vital research question: ‘How should an HR manager respond to the competing pressures of recruiting and retaining attractive employees while at the same time keeping legislative and professional competence intact?’ What stance, either personal or organisational, gives rise to potential ethical anxieties? Unanswered here but noted are gender differences for aesthetic labour and also for sprezzatura, treated historically as the male mind at work.

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  • These estimates were obtained by asking respondents several questions about their current health insurance coverage. Separate questions were asked about Medicare, Wisconsin Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus, private health insurance, employer-sponsored health insurance and other kinds of health care coverage for each household member. Those without any current health care coverage were considered uninsured at the time of the interview. (See Table 5, page 18, for specific types of health insurance coverage.

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  • The essays collected in this volume represent work carried out over a period of more than ten years on a variety of problems in artificial intelligence, the philosophy of mind and language, and natural-language semantics, addressed from a perspective that takes as central the use of formal logic and the explicit representation of knowledge.

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  • The presence of substances in groundwater may be affected by naturally occurring processes as well as by actions directly associated with human activities. Naturally occurring processes such as decomposition of organic material in soils or leaching of mineral deposits can result in increased concentrations of several substances. Those of health concern include arsenic, fluoride, selenium, uranium, nitrate, metals, and radionuclides such as radon. Problems of aesthetic quality and acceptance may be caused by iron, manganese, sulphate, chloride and organic matter. ...

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  • The North Carolina Solar Center at NC State University, in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, examined 10 state financial-incentive programs in six states using a case-study approach in order to clarify the key factors—both internal and external to the program—that influence their effectiveness at stimulating deployment of renewable energy technologies. While existing information resources such as the National Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE, www.dsireusa.

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  • Further development of banding techniques and study of prometaphase chromosomes facilitated better identification of these variations with high resolution. Culturing of free amniocytes was another breakthrough that allowed the identification of chromosomal abnormalities associated with birth defects. These classical cytogenetic techniques became mandatory for several clinical conditions and were adopted by many laboratories as a routine.

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