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  • Module 6 guide students work with files and directories. After studying this chapter you should be able to: Understanding files and directories including those that are hidden, home directory, properly utilizing absolute and relative paths.

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  • Whether you’re cramming for the test at the last minute, looking for extra review, or want to study on your own in preparation for the exam – this is one study guide every AP English Literature student must have! When it’s crucial crunch time and your Advanced Placement exam is just around the corner, you need REA’s AP English Literature & Composition Crash Course!

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  • Elements of Pronunciation provides intensive and enjoyable practice in features of English pronunciation that intermediate and more advanced students usually find difficult. The clever and convincing dialogues concentrate on stress timing, weak forms, contractions, linking and consonant clusters, as well as providing valuable intonation practice. The dialogues are recorded in the following form: a ‘listen-and-repeat’ section, then a recording of the dialogue at natural speed, and then a version with pauses to allow intensive practice.

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  • As industries turn increasingly hostile, it is clear that strong brand-building skills are needed to survive and prosper. In David Aaker's pathbreaking book, Managing Brand Equity, managers discovered the value of a brand as a strategic asset and a company's primary source of competitive advantage. Now, in this compelling new work, Aaker uses real brand-building cases from Saturn, General Electric, Kodak, Healthy Choice, McDonald's, and others to demonstrate how strong brands have been created and managed....

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  • Bigger, brighter and better than ever, Let's Go, 3rd Edition, is a series for children who are just beginning their study of English. It combines a carefully controlled, grammar-based syllabus with practical language. Functional dialogues, interactive games, and pair work activities foster a lively and motivating classroom environment.

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  • Be My Guest is for hotel employees at elementary and lower-intermediate levels who need English for their work. The course focuses on everyday communicative situations so that hotel employees can understand and respond to the needs and requests of hotel guests during their stay.

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  • Tuyển lựa một số bài giảng được trình bày chi tiết, rõ ràng môn Tiếng Anh 7 giúp bạn củng cố thêm một số kiến thức cho học sinh thông qua unit 5 Work and play. Bài giảng cũng giúp học sinh biết thực hành nói về công việc cũng như một số hoạt động diễn ra thường ngày, học thêm một số từ vựng mới liên quan đến chủ đề học, sử dụng Tiếng Anh ngày càng thành thạo hơn.

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  • whether it is similar to another English word you know, or whether it is similar to a word in your language. If you still can't work out what the word or phrase means, either ignore it and carry on reading or use a good dictionary (or glossary if there is one) to help you.

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  • English for Work: Everyday Business English is for students at intermediate level and can be used for self study or in class. The book developed spoken language skills by presenting and practising vocabulary and expressions that are useful in everyday working life.

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  • New headway Elementary Student's Book: Phần 1 gồm nội dung 12 bài học của cuốn sách. Các chủ đề có trong phần này như: Hello everybody, Meeting people, The world of work, Take it easy, Where do you live, Can you speak English... Cùng học tiếng Anh giao tiếp với phần 1 của cuốn sách.

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  • Bao gồm những bài giảng hay nhất, đặc sắc nhất về unit 7 The world of work môn Tiếng Anh lớp 7 giúp bạn có thêm nhiều tư liệu tham khảo cho tiết học. Thông qua bài học này học sinh có thể nói về công việc của một học sinh, thông qua một số cuộc đàm thoại học sinh sẽ hiểu hơn về chủ đề này và có thể thảo luận với nhau.

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  • Ready to Order is for students training to become or working as chefs, bartenders or waiting staff. It provides the language training they need to be operational in the fast-moving food and beverage industry.

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  • Ebook Lets Go 1 Third Edition - Student Book is a series for children who are just beginning their study of English. It combines a carefully controlled, grammar-based syllabus with practical language. Functional dialogues, interactive games, and pair work activities foster a lively and motivating classroom environment.

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  • Các bạn đừng bỏ lỡ những giáo án unit 5 Work and play - Tiếng Anh lớp 7 để có thêm những tư liệu hay hướng dẫn học sinh sử dụng Tiếng Anh về việc hỏi giá cả. Dựa vào nội dung bài học, giáo viên còn giúp học biết tác dụng của câu hỏi học sinh “how much does it cost?”, sử dụng thì hiện tại để nói về các môn.

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  • where single people have exactly three minutes to decide if the person they are talking to could be Mr or Ms Right. The idea, which started in the USA, involves bringing together people for an evening of frenzied, 'quick-fire' dating * This is how it works.

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  • English365 is a three-level course in Business and general English. English365 is for and about professionals in a wide range of working environments, from traditional business contexts to the public and voluntary sectors. The Student's Book includes specially-commissioned interviews with real working people from a variety of different backgrounds, including the Executive Director of the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

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  • Toss your keys along the floor, they’ll skitter along for a bit as friction does negative work on them, reducing their kinetic. Quickly, the keys come to rest, and the kinetic energy you gave them is gone. But in this case they can’t turn around (as they did when you picked them up), gather speed from the same frictional force that acted to slow them, and jump back into your hand with the same kinetic energy. Once the motion stops, the friction stops, and it can not restore the kinetic energy of the keys as gravity is able to...

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  • Electric charge and a measure for the quantity of charge Any household electrical appliance – be it a light bulb, a motor, or a television set – has two contacts which have to be plugged in to get the device to operate. This common characteristic, that an electrical apparatus must have two wires connecting it to a source of electricity, gave the rise in the eighteenth century to the idea that when an electrical device is working, something is moving through it. That something is called electric charge. When you pull out a plug, turn off a switch, or disconnect...

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  • help for using digital recording devices. A full model student essay in Chapter 3, entitled “Out Patients,” demonstrates effective research and documentation of an online community. More writing coverage throughout the book includes expanded fi eld-writing sections in each chapter, focusing on important topics such as using language effectively, considering an audience, and working with rhetoric. New objectives at the start of each chapter indicate the writing skills covered in the chapter, guiding students to develop essential critical-thinking and rhetorical skills....

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  • SERVICE PROCESS KAIZEN: ADOPTING PROCESS STABILIZATION METHODS TO CONTROL SERVICE WORK FLOW AND TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE I drop MSAs that are not in SAT states or where available completion rate data cover less than two thirds of public enrollment. This leaves a sample of 931 districts from 50 MSAs. In spite of the serious limitations in the CCD data, the pattern of results in Panel D is quite similar to that in Panel C. Again, the student quality index is a strong predictor of completion rates, but its coefficient is (insignificantly) smaller in high-choice than in low-choice MSAs....

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