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  • Raul’s investment in his son’s musical training went much further, though. Villa-Lobos recounted that his father adapted a small cello for him, placing a support on a viola, and obliged him to “discern the genre, style, nature and origin of the musical works to which he made [him] listen.” Since he had neither built up a wide circle of relations, nor invested in a career yielding higher financial returns, this precocious initiation in classical music was practically the only legacy that Raul left to Heitor; in 1899, when he was 37 years old, he died after contracting smallpox.

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  • The Communist superhero — Chinese Propaganda Posters Movies of the 70s — The birth of the blockbuster Arabian Nights in contemporary Morocco — Living in Morocco From Togas to Tailcoats — The Complete Costume History Rock Dreams — A storybook of rock music Büttner — Strokes of wittiness TASCHEN’s Cologne offices — Where it all happens The Tadao touch — Tadao Ando: The Complete Works Style surfing — TASCHEN’s 1000 Favorite Websites Living in the Countryside — Rustic living at its finest Encore, encore! New midi-size editions Huge pictorial punch in tiny packages — I...

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  • Lecture Jazz (Tenth edition) - Chapter 1: Listening to Jazz. In this chapter you will able to understand the historical context of this art form as well as the identifying characteristics that distinguish it from other styles of music will help listeners enjoy and appreciate jazz.

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  • After the lunch, the artists became engrossed in a lively conversation which drifted into a discussion on the art of musical improvisation. Villa-Lobos, who had already composed an extensive repertoire of piano solos, then sat down to Tarsila’s Erard concerto to improvise. Immediately, Jean Cocteau, known for his boutades and his playful behaviour, sat underneath the piano on the ground, “so he could hear better.

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  • Bop jazz was sometimes called “bebop” or “rebop” because players sang the words to an early bop musical phrase. Bop became the first style of jazz that was not used for dancing. Bop took on a complexity that required players to extend their former playing knowledge and technique. Chapter 8 will provide knowledge of bop.

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