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  • Nếu đã quá nhàm chán với mái tóc dài điệu đà sao bạn không thử thay đổi phong cách với hình ảnh cô nàng tomboy cá tính và năng động. Ngoài việc make up ấn tượng cộng với nhũng kiểu trang phục đậm chất tomboy sao bạn không thử thay đổi với những style tóc ngắn đậm chất tomboy mà Congso giới thiệu dưới đây nhỉ:

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  • Mùa thu này, xu hướng trang điểm nào đang được "lên ngôi", kiểu make up Hàn Quốc có còn thời thượng? Mùa thu, mùa của những sắc màu tươi sáng và vì thế phong cách makeup cũng trở nên sáng và nhẹ nhàng hơn. Xứ thời trang Hàn Quốc với những ý tưởng thời trang và làm đẹp rất tinh tế, nhẹ nhàng và nữ tính luôn có những sáng tạo mới lạ nhưng lại rất gần gũi và dễ áp dụng.

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  • SketchUp có khả năng xuất phim hoạt cảnh (animation) rất tiện lợi cho việc biểu diễn 1 công trình kiến trúc Sau khi mở file, chọn bảng treo (docking-window) SCENES bằng cách vào menu Windows/Scenes. Chọn camera, style ,… tùy ý rồi bấm phải chuột chọn UPDATE. Có thể bấm nút update trên thanh tab scenes hoặc trong bảng treo. Chọn vị trí của camera Di chuyển theo tốc độ người Mặt cắt Ẩn/Hiện mặt cắt Thực thi mặt cắt ...

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  • Remember what you’ve learned so far. Look at structure. Look for the main idea of the passage. Consider the purpose for which the passage was written. What clues can you deduce from the writing style about the author’s attitude toward the subject? Is the attitude positive? Negative? Objective? Try to pick out individual words that further each writer’s intent and support each writer’s opinion. If it helps, underline or make notes on important points. Active reading techniques like these will keep you focused on some very detailed reading comprehension passages....

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  • This book packages W3Schools content in an attractive two-color design that gets beginning Web developers and designers up and running with the core Web development technologies. To-the-point tutorials with clear examples and simple explanations give novices the knowledge they need to get going with confidence.

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  • Makeup artist taylor babaian made up our model with simple yet. chic makeup, and hairstylist Will Carrillo gave a modern twist to a geisha-style ...

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  • This book is written in cookbook style and it offers learning through recipes with examples and illustrations. Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions about everything necessary to execute a particular task. The book is designed so that you can read it from start to end for beginner's or just open up any chapter and start following the recipes as a reference for advanced users. If you are a beginner or an intermediate user who wants to master the skill of quickly writing scripts to perform various tasks without reading the entire man pages, this book is for you. You can start...

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  • Book "Milk Production - An Up-to-Date Overview of Animal Nutrition, Management and Health" is organized into three main sections, and is concerned with the animal nutrition, animal management and, breeding and animal health. This book permits the reader's exposure to the expert's experience and scientific style of interpreting and integrating available data into his own views.

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  • The need for Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and data analysis has always existed, and so have different approaches to fulfill this need. Traditional BI software has heavily relied on techniques that have been around and persisted through the decades, but newer technologies have emerged in recent times that have proven to be more flexible and, therefore, more adequate for the evolving environment in which they are used. QlikView is an example of this kind of disruptive technology, a kind of software that changes the rules of the game. QlikView is different; that's a fact.

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  • Selling is not as fun as it used to be. That unarguable fact takes its toll on sales professionals and the organizations they represent. If you’re reading this, a good chance exists that you’re a sales pro who once loved his job. How are you feeling about it today, and more importantly, have you taken a hit on your ability to deliver results? Maybe it’s the way you wake up every day wondering where that great get-up-and-go feeling got up and went.

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  • HTML is changing so fast it's almost impossible to keep up with developments. XHTML is HTML 4.0 rewritten in XML; it provides the precision of XML while retaining the flexibility of HTML. HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition, brings it all together. It's the most comprehensive book available on HTML and XHTML today. It covers Netscape Navigator 6.0, Internet Explorer 5.0, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, JavaScript, Style sheets, Layers, and all of the features supported by the popular web browsers....

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  • Everything you need to know to create professional web sites is right here. Learning Web Design starts from the beginning - defining how the Web and web pages work - and builds from there. By the end of the book, you'll have the skills to create multi-column CSS layouts with optimized graphic files, and you'll know how to get your pages up on the Web. This thoroughly revised edition teaches you how to build web sites according to modern design practices and professional standards.

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  • Quyến rũ cùng 3 style make up cực "hot" TopShop, The Boby Shop và Burberry đồng loạt tung ra những bộ mỹ phẩm cực đẹp, cực hấp dẫn mùa xuân hè 2011. Cùng "update" ngay bạn nhé. Son môi màu hồng, cam nhạt thật ăn ý với đôi mắt được tô điểm bằng những gam màu

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  • Biometric recognition is one of the most widely studied problems in computer science. The use of biometrics techniques, such as face, fingerprints, iris and ears is a solution for obtaining a secure personal identification. However, the “old” biometrics identification techniques are out of date. This goal of this book is to provide the reader with the most up to date research performed in biometric recognition and descript some novel methods of biometrics, emphasis on the state of the art skills....

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  • Cartoon stars are easy to draw. It seems that everyone and their mother can draw a star, but this particular star is a bit different. He's got style, and he's got moxie. This pretty little star is extremely easy to make and you can learn how to draw it with just a few lines. Step 1 Make a C shape. It should be a slightly tilted C so that it seems as though it's lying down face up!! .Step 2 Now make another C joining the earlier one. What you should have now should look like a slightly tilted crescent moon. ...

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  • Cascading Style Sheets sound intimidating. The name alone conjures up images of cryptic code and syntax too difficult for the layperson to grasp. In reality, however, CSS is one of the simplest and most convenient tools available to web developers. In this first chapter, which takes a different format than the rest of the book, I’ll guide you through the basics of CSS and show you how it can be used to simplify the task of managing a consistently formatted web site. If you’ve already used CSS to format text on your sites, you may want to skip this chapter...

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  • Chi Pu sẽ mang tới cho chúng ta một gợi ý make up nữa cho ngày Giáng sinh đấy các bạn ạ! Nếu như ở bài make up lần trước, chúng tớ đã giới thiệu đến teen girl cách với màu son đỏ cam và mắt màu đồng tự nhiên, mang đến cho bạn vẻ ngoài thật hiện đại và nổi bật, thì ở số này, chúng tớ sẽ lại tiếp tục với một cách make up "cực" hợp lí dành cho những cô bạn yêu thích style nhẹ nhàng và đáng yêu....

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  • To borrow a leaf from the Malawi Centre for Distance and Continuing Education, here are some areas they identified as having potential for both macro and micro projects in a DE set up. At their planning meeting (June 2006), they classified these areas into three categories, namely, projects to do with DE management and administration, programmes development, and learner support. Space has been left for you to add any areas you think forms part of each category, but has not been mentioned. ...

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  • Putting some real numbers around this provides more color. A fund with $200 million in AUM and zero or negative performance would generate revenue of $3 million. A return of 5% bumps the total revenue up to $5 million. With a 7.5% return, the fund’s revenues are $6 million: $3 million from the management fee and $3 million from the performance fee. Beyond the 7.5% performance mark, the incentive fee becomes the primary revenue contributor. The performance fee effect is what makes the hedge fund model so appealing and unique.

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  • Đơn giản nhưng lại giúp tôn lên tất cả mọi đường nét thanh tú của gương mặt, style tóc up đang khiến các mỹ nhân Hàn chết mê chết mệt. Yoona (SNSD). Sandara (2NE1). Goo Hara (Kara).

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