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  • Tham khảo sách 'selective catalytic reduction technology for the control of nitrogen oxide', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, kĩ thuật viễn thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In this paper, we present a novel approach which incorporates the web-derived selectional preferences to improve statistical dependency parsing. Conventional selectional preference learning methods have usually focused on word-to-class relations, e.g., a verb selects as its subject a given nominal class.

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  • Ebook Selected topics on strength of materials has contents: Subject of the strength of materials, basic hypothesis, internal forces, stresses, three dimensional state of stress at a point, two dimensional state of stress at a point, strains, deflection of beams, moments of inertia, torsion.

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  • This paper explores methods for generating subjectivity analysis resources in a new language by leveraging on the tools and resources available in English. Given a bridge between English and the selected target language (e.g., a bilingual dictionary or a parallel corpus), the methods can be used to rapidly create tools for subjectivity analysis in the new language.

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  • This paper presents an unsupervised word sense learning algorithm, which induces senses of target word by grouping its occurrences into a “natural” number of clusters based on the similarity of their contexts. For removing noisy words in feature set, feature selection is conducted by optimizing a cluster validation criterion subject to some constraint in an unsupervised manner. Gaussian mixture model and Minimum Description Length criterion are used to estimate cluster structure and cluster number. ...

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  • Previous work on the induction of selectional preferences has been mainly carried out for English and has concentrated almost exclusively on verbs and their direct objects. In this paper, we focus on class-based models of selectional preferences for German verbs and take into account not only direct objects, but also subjects and prepositional complements. We evaluate model performance against human judgments and show that there is no single method that overall performs best.

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  • Chapter 6 - Selection of research participants: Sampling procedures. This chapter includes contents: Subject selection and sampling, technical sampling terms, random processes in research, simple random sampling, systematic sampling,...

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  • This is the first dictionary entirely devoted to new words and meanings to have been published by the Oxford niversity Press. It follows in the tradition of the Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary in attempting to record the history of some recent additions to the language, but,unlike the Supplement, it is necessarily very selective in the words,phrases, and meanings whose stories it sets out to tell and it stands as an independent ork, unrelated (except in the resources it draws upon)to the Oxford English Dictionary...

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  • A Barron's bestseller for years, this book is better than ever in a brand new fourth edition. In addition to its standard vocabulary lists, this edition includes a new section called Panorama of Words. In this feature, each of the 1100 words appears in a sentence selected from among well known novels, plays, poems, and even newspaper editorials and TV broadcasts. The book is a vocabulary builder aimed directly at college-bound high school students, as well as college students who need extra vocabulary help.

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  • The theoretical manner in which periodontal disease progresses has long been a subject of debate. It is currently agreed that destructive periodontal disease progresses by means of asynchronous bursts of activity (Haffajee and Socransky 1986). According to this theory, periodontal tissue support is lost during short, acute episodes followed by prolonged periods of quiescence (Reddy, Palcanis, and Geurs 1997).

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  • No university essay is like that. Even in universiry examinations, where you may have to write about two pages in half an hour, you are expected to have studied the subject in advance. The topics are of general interest and it makes no difference what subjects candidates study. The issues raised are interesting, suitable for and easily understood by candidates entering postgraduate or undergraduate studies.

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  • To conduct the complete top-down and competitive analyses, develop alternative strategies and select a prioritized set of strategies that will ensure a competitive advantage for Viettel mobile in the period of 2011-2015. Subject & Scope of the study - Subject: Viettel group & other competitive companies in the mobile telecommunication industry. - Scope: Basing on specific statistics on the macro environment, industry and organizational environment of the Viettel from 2005 to 2010 and orientation until 2015....

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  • Instructional designers generate plans for creating effective, effi cient, and appealing instruction, and technical experts, like Adobe ® Flash ™ programmers, implement those plans. Sometimes, instructional designers and technical experts work with an entire team, with a variety of skills, to implement an instructional project. Teams can consist of not only Flash programmers and instructional designers, but also subject - matter experts, graphic designers, writers, audio experts, and video experts.

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  • Possibly the most important task in woodworking is joinery - attaching one board to another. It can also be a thoroughly confusing task. There are countless woodworking joints - rabbets, dadoes, dovetails, mortises and tenons - which do you choose? How do you make it? In Joining Wood, author/craftsman Nick Engler simplifies this complex subject, showing how master woodworkers use good sense and a few elementary rules of thumb to produce strong, durable designs.

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  • Designed mainly for class room use in connection with one of the introductory manuals on the subject of Money and Banking or of Money and Currency, this volume, in itself, lays no claim to completeness. Where its use is contemplated the problems of emphasis and proportion are, accordingly, to be solved by the selection of one or another of the available texts, or by the choice of supplementary lecture topics and materials.

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  • As aindirectly infer the details of the physiological makeup or a subject's genetic biomass, another form of remote sensing as well? Questions like this and expect to better reflect the scope and coverage of the chapter has led us a new title, Biomass - The discovery, production and use. It reflects a balance between the three areas of science and practice of biomass.

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  • • This chapter aims to provide additional information on several techniques of metal forming processes other than those conventional process already mentioned in previous chapters. • The requirements for the process selection will be added, which are based on advantages and disadvantages of each type of non-conventional metal forming processes.

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  • Sewage sludge has been used in agriculture over a long time. Since 1986 the utilization of sewage sludge has been subject to provisions stipulated in the EU Directive (86/278/EEC). The Directive sets out requirements with respect to the quality of sludge, the soil on which it is to be used, the loading rate, and the crops that may be grown on treated land. The European Commission considers that 86/278/EEC has been a success because there have been no reports of adverse effects wherever it has been applied.

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  • In the modified gambling task, subjects selected cards from one of two decks to earn cash. The cards were pre-organized so that one deck (A) had an overall loss of $2.50 every ten cards and the other deck (B) had an overall gain of $2.50 every ten cards. All the cards in deck A gave a $1.00 on every turn but were occasionally accompanied with losses, $7.50 for example (for a net loss of $6.50). The other deck B gave a smaller gain for each card, +$0.50 but had smaller occasional losses. Subjects did not know the composition...

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  • In our second gambling experiment subjects were asked to make six choices. For each choice subjects had to select one of two decks of 10 cards. Unlike Bechara et al. experiment, subjects saw the payoffs from each of the ten cards in the pair of decks before making their selection. Once they decided which deck they wanted, the ten cards were shuffled and the subjects selected one card. In all six choices one of the two decks had a positive mean payoff, and the other deck had a nonpositive payoff. The deck with the positive average payoff had a...

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