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  • Since biomarkers of safety and efficacy are becoming tools in drug development, it is necessary to determine whether these biomarkers can qualify for applications in clinical trials. Qualification is defined as “a conclusion that the biomarker data submitted support use of the biomarker in drug discovery, drug development or post approval studies and where appropriate, in regulatory decision making” (ICH E-16). A definition of validation was proposed during the workshop.

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  • Those students who are admitted to the CSU and have not demonstrated proficiency in English or math in their senior year of high school take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Math Test (ELM) as a way of ensuring they are placed in the appropriate classes upon enrollment in the university. All campuses are committed to implementing effective practices to guide and support first time freshman in attaining college level proficiency.

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  • This conversation is an opportunity to rethink how commitments on gender equality can be anchored in development partnerships with different actors in the context of post-Rio and post-2015. Participants are expected to discuss innovative thinking on how MA must advance conceptually and how gender equality can be anchored at the heart of this discussion.

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  • This publication deals with agents and services in a telecommunications environment and the contributions included are based on those which were submitted to the Networking 2000 conference and especially to the IATE (Intelligent Agents in Telecommunication Environments) mini-conference.

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  • These qualifications are designed for learners who are employed in senior administrative positions. They would probably be responsible for supervising staff, and for implementing and monitoring systems and services. Learners are required to take mandatory units which cover working in a business environment managing own performance as well as areas such as communicating, supporting sustainability and managing risk.

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  • To support its operations, DOD performs an assortment of interrelated and interdependent business functions, such as logistics, procurement, health care, and financial management. As we have previously reported, the DOD systems environment that supports these business functions has been overly complex, decentralized, and error prone, characterized by (1) little standardization across the department, (2) multiple systems performing the same tasks and storing the same data, and (3) the need for data to be entered manually into multiple systems.

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  • Reviewers provide their comments in writing on Form RCSR or equivalent document. Comments are submitted to the DM electronically via Document Control by the date and time indicated on the review package transmittal letter. If a reviewer has no comments, he/she indicates “No Comments” on the Form RCSR and returns it to Document Control and the DM. The DM conducts a Comment Resolution meeting to document and resolve responses to review comments.

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  • Greenplum’s SG Streaming™ technology ensures parallelism by “scattering” data from all source systems across hundreds or thousands of parallel streams that simultaneously flow to all Greenplum Database nodes (Figure 11). Performance scales with the number of Greenplum Database nodes, and the technology supports both large batch and continuous near-real-time loading patterns with negligible impact on concurrent database operations.

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  • Hidden malicious circuits provide an attacker with a stealthy attack vector. As they occupy a layer below the entire software stack, malicious circuits can bypass tra- ditional defensive techniques. Yet current work on trojan circuits considers only simple attacks against the hard- ware itself, and straightforward defenses. More complex designs that attack the software are unexplored, as are the countermeasures an attacker may take to bypass pro- posed defenses. We present the design and implementation of Illinois Malicious Processors (IMPs).

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  • In many ways, this publication provides an initial assessment of the financial architecture required for developing a post 2012 regime and presents an overview of what level of resources and measures would be needed for successfully financing the international response to climate change, for making future climate change policies a success and ultimately, for crafting a climate-secure world for all.

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  • All advertising and special event materials for advertising agencies, advertising suppliers and advertising clubs must be entered in these categories. Entries submitted in advertising industry self-promotion are not eligible in other categories. However, individual components are eligible for entry in the visual and audio elements of advertising categories. Please note: The NAC recommends that Advertising Industry Self-Promotion work NOT be eligible for Best of Show consideration.

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  • The HEI must supply the basic material and self-evaluation report to FINHEEC in paper format (ten copies) and as electronic documents at the latest twelve weeks prior to the audit visit. The self-evaluation report drawn up on the third sample of degree education, which is selected by the audit team, must be submitted to FINHEEC at the latest one week prior to the audit visit. In addition to the materials mentioned above, the audit team is allowed to request the HEI to provide other materials deemed necessary prior to or during the audit visit.

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  • The  capital  constraints  of  the  organization  may  necessitate  a  top‐down  budgeting  process.   However, a comprehensive analysis of need with a standardized method of prioritizing capital  spend  is  equally  required.

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  • Social Impact Bonds are the newest idea to catch the eye of governments attempting to “reform” the public service to save money. In the 2012 federal budget, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced that Social Impact Bonds held “promise” and the federal government was looking at adopting them. As part of his report for the Ontario government recommending major cuts to public services, Don Drummond called for pilot projects using Social Impact Bonds in several different areas. In Alberta, the Progressive Conservatives support them.

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  • One way to get a credit reporting agency to quickly block identity theft- related information from appearing on your credit report is to submit a detailed law enforcement report (“Identity Theft Report”). You can obtain an Identity Theft Report by taking this form to your local law enforcement office, along with your supporting documentation. Ask an officer to witness your signature and complete the rest of the information in this section.

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  • Using a holistic perspective, we spoke to young women about practical needs for food, shelter, childcare, transportation; and their strategic needs for education, equitable wages, equal gender division of labour, and reproductive choice. If systemic barriers to economic and social equality between men and women are going to be overcome, both practical and strategic need to be included in programs with young women. Moreover, a strong safety net and supports such as adequate housing and childcare are required for young women to participate in CED. ...

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  • Đoạn code trên sẽ tạo 1 form với 1 nút Browse... để ban chọn file cần upload, và 1 nút Upload để bạn submit form. Form sẽ được submit tới file process_upload.php nằm cùng thư mục với file chứa form. Một số browser support MAX_FILE_SIZE sẽ kiểm tra dung lượng file trước khi form được submit, tuy nhiên không phải browser nào cũng vậy.

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  • The Editors-in-Chief would like to thank all their contributors for their excellent, timely work. Special thanks are due to our Associate Editors, Teresa Piliouras and James Anderson. Without their help, we would not have been able to submit this manuscript on time. We thank Mihaela Bucut, our Ph.D. student at Stevens Institute of Technology for her valuable help with voice and data communications. We are particularly grateful to Dawn Mesa, who has supported our editorial work by providing significant administrative help from CRC Press.

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  • A about that adj 1. in support of. Also about it. Note: often pronounced "bout that" or "bout it". ("I'm so not about that." "You want to leave now? I'm about it." "Whatever you want to do, I'm about it.") Submitted by Nikkii, Jackson, TN, USA,

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  • Many thanks to Simon, Matt, Priya, and all of the wonderful and cheery SitePoint team for giving me the chance to write this book and for the time and encouragement that they invested in the process. Thanks also to Jason, Greg, and Eric, first, for believing in the potential of a young mathematics major with a flimsy resume; second, for suggesting that I submit an article to SitePoint (which started all of this); and finally, for their unbelievably flexible and supportive working relationship.

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