Subordinate constitutions

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  • The United Kingdom’s constitution, while of ancient origins, remains both dynamic and vibrant. As every public lawyer is only too aware, nowadays, the proper boundaries of constitutional and administrative law are both increasingly wide and subject to debate. In compiling any textbook on this subject, one of the principal preliminary tasks lies in defining the scope of material to be included and the approach to be adopted in relation to that material.

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  • Th is book is a collection of essays with four main themes. Th e fi rst is criticism of the theory known as ‘common law constitutionalism’, which holds either that Parliament is not sovereign because its authority is subordinate to fundamental common law principles such as ‘the Rule of Law’, or that its sovereignty is a creature of judge-made common law, which the judges have authority to modify or repudiate ( Chapters 2 , 3 , 4 and 10 ).

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  • This book is part of the Cavendish Essential Series. The books in the series constitute a unique publishing venture for Australia in that they are intended as a helpful revision aid for the hard-pressed student. They are not intended to be a substitute for the more detailed textbooks which are already listed in the current Cavendish catalogue. Each book follows a prescribed format consisting of a checklist covering each of the areas in the chapter, and an expanded treatment of ‘Essential’ issues looking at examination topics in depth....

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  • This book examines the relationship between imperialism and international law. It argues that colonial confrontation was central to theformation of international law and, in particular, its founding concept, sovereignty. Traditional histories of the discipline present colonialism and non-European peoples as peripheral concerns. By contrast, Anghie argues that international law has always been animated by the ‘civilizing mission’ -- the project of governing non-European peoples.

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