Substance misuse

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học General Psychiatry cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Well-being of medical students and their awareness on substance misuse: a cross-sectional survey in Pakistan...

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  • General Practitioners are usually the first medical point of contact for elderly people, but some doctors may fail to diagnose alcohol misuse in a population where there are other urgent medical matters and some believe that it may be better for the individual to continue in their established pattern of drinking as altering it could be harmful. Elderly patients may show reluctance at disclosing their alcohol intake and relatives may wish to hide the evidence of the misuse of alcohol and deny the existence of the problem.

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  • Public health is emerging as one of the most important drivers in midwifery, and yet there are few textbooks that address the midwife’s role in public health. This book summarises the important developments in public health over recent years and will relate the recommendations to midwifery practice in a clear and easily understood manner. It highlights issues around health inequalities pertinent to maternity services and promotes individualised, non-judgmental approaches to care.

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  • The absorption of midwifery into medical practice is a recent process, a development linked in many western countries with the diminishing role of midwives, the increased involvement of the man-midwife, the general practitioner and the obstetrician in the birthing process and, in the twentieth century, the increased hospitalization of childbirth.

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  • The care of a woman and her baby in the immediate hours, days and weeks following birth can make an enormous difference to their longterm health and well-being. The content and timing of postnatal care led by midwives was formalised in the United Kingdom following a statutory legislation that was first introduced in England in 1902. Then there were concerns that too many women were dying following birth.

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  • This is an exciting and timely book. It describes how nurses are pioneering complementary therapies within the medical system to give comfort and healing to their patients. It is 40 years since I graduated from general nursing training at Prince Henry’s Hospital Melbourne with deep disappointment about the medical model of 1960. Perhaps my greatest concern was that nurses had insufficient opportunity and resources to give true caring to their patients.

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  • Even after I got through tampering with it, it was still a tiny thing, a barely tarnished gem. Seven rules of usage, eleven principles of composition, a few matters of form, and a list of words and expressions commonly misused — that was the sum and substance of Professor Strunk's work.

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  • This stability provided reassurance that we could calculate an average rate for each age cohort from across the five AHS periods (i.e., 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, and 2003). We then applied these calculated rates to the Census population projections. The result is a reasonable set of projections for the number of householders, within each age group, through 2030. One of our research goals was to extend this to projections of tenure status (i.e., owning vs. renting) for each age group. In order to do this, we used a method similar to that used to calculate the...

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  • Rarely does education seek to measure its health initiatives by assessing health outcomes such as biometrics related to obesity, levels of disease transmission or the prevalence of substance use/misuse. Meanwhile the health sector, not surprisingly sees its role to reduce levels of morbidity and mortality in the community and to access the 5 to 17 year old population group with interventions (a term alien to the education system). These interventions would often be based on information transfer to achieve these goals.

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