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  • The question we have addressed here is to define the size and composition of the corpus we would need in order to get necessary and sufficient information for Machine Learning techniques to induce that type of information. Representativeness of a corpus is a topic largely dealt with, especially in corpus linguistics. One of the standard references is Biber (1993) where the author offers guidelines for corpus design to characterize a language.

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  • The welfare of the donor, and the potential for harm and exploitation within donation practices, should be a key determining factor when considering the ethical acceptability of any system for encouraging people to come forward as donors. While proper consent procedures, underpinned by sufficient information, are clearly essential in order to protect those coming forward as living donors, consent alone may not be sufficient to justify particular donation practices if such practices might put other potential donors, or wider communal values, at risk.

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  • In these questions ,you are to classify each problem according to the five fixed answer choices, rather than find s solution to the problem. Each problem consists of a question and two statement. You are to decide whether the information in each statement slone is sufficient to answer the question or if neither is, whether the information in the two statements together is sufficent

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  • In general, libraries play an important role in how the elderly seek information. Information literacy efforts on the part of public libraries may help the elderly to learn to become more comfortable with the Internet. If they come to view the Internet as an information-seeking tool, they may become more proactive in their medical decision-making. It remains to be seen how libraries will play a future role in teaching information literacy to the elderly so they can make the most of Internet health resources.

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  • Identifying an agile and adaptable acquisition process that can field new information technology capabilities and services in relatively short and responsive time frames is a pressing issue for the U.S. Navy. Damaging malware can mutate within hours or days, requiring a defense that is sufficiently

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  • Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in the quality and accessibility of information for patients and the general public. Since the launch of the Physician Profiles project in 1996, tens of thousands of Massachusetts residents have found the information they needed to make informed health care decisions for their families using this innovative program. In addition to online access to the Physician Profiles, the Board of Registration in Medicine assists consumers who do not have Internet access through a fully staffed Call Center.

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  • The results from the library database searches (13 158 hits), the Internet search and key informant surveys were reduced to a review of 982 reports of which 500 were selected for critical appraisal. In total 158 articles, representing 147 pro- grammes, were included for further analysis. The majority of reports were included based on high appraisal scores in programme development and evalua- tion with limited numbers eligible based on scores in other categories of appraisal.

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  • Over the decades, educating people about health has been an important strategy for preventing illness and injury. This approach has drawn heavily from the fields of public health, social science, communications, and education. Early experiments with education relied heavily on the delivery of information and facts. Gradually, educational approaches have turned more to skill development and to addressing all aspects of health, including physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.

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  • Bản tiên lượngLà tài liệu đính kèm HSMT nhằm cung cấp đầy đủ các thông tin về khối lượng của công trình cần được thực hiện để nhà thầu chuẩn bị HSDT đầy đủ và chính xác: Bill of quantities (BOQ)An attachment to the bidding documents intended to provide sufficient information on the quantities of works to be performed to enable bids to be prepared efficiently and accurately

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  • I was delighted when Butterworth-Heinemann asked me to edit a new edition of Mechanical Engineer’s Reference Book. Upon looking at its predecessor, it was clear that it had served the community well, but a major update was required. The book clearly needed to take account of modern methods and systems. The philosophy behind the book is that it will provide a qualified engineer with sufficient information so that he or she can identify the basic principles of a subject and be directed to further reading if required.

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  • The second phase of the MSF Design Process is logical design. Logical design begins after conceptual design has started, when the project team agrees that there is sufficient information to begin the logical design. A good logical design depends greatly on a good conceptual design. Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC), available to IT Academies at a discounted price, is professional courseware intended for IT professionals and developers who build, support, and implement solutions by using Microsoft products and technologies.

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  • In order to formulate a transport Master Plan, a short-term action plan, and feasibility studies in Ho Chi Minh metropolitan area, it is needed to acquire fundamental, comprehensive and sufficient information on traffic and transport situation as well as present problems in the study area. Fourteen traffic and transport surveys were conducted and explained in this technical report, except the Household Interview Survey, which is described specially in Technical Report No.02. 


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  • The correct answer is (D). The two statements provide essentially the same information: the rate at which a typist types. Since this rate would be sufficient information to answer the question, the correct answer must be choice (D). If you don’t recognize this shortcut, you can determine the speed (or rate) at which a typist types, in terms of pages per unit of time, by setting up a general equation to express the time required by a typist to type one page: ~# of typists!~time! # of pages 5 time per page ...

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  • trade secrets Chicago mercantile exchange Provides a wealth of information including price data, contract specifications, a news center, and background on the Merc. new york mercantile exchange Provides information on energy seminars and conferences, quotes, contract specifications. new york stock exchange Provides market quotes, a personal stock tracker and information on listed companies, IPOs, and equities trading.

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  • For the philosopher of history, G.W.F. Hegel, the fundamental challenge for any student of societal evolution is to apprehend in thought the spirit of the age (or the zeitgeist)—i.e., to understand the motive force of change while it is still at work (Lauer, 1974). Catching the zeitgeist ‘in the act,’ so to speak, is a matter of practical importance; for gaining such an understanding would seem to be a necessary, if not sufficient, condition for successfully shaping ‘for the better’ any future state of affairs. Hegel does not give us much cause for optimism here.

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  • This is the full version of NICE clinical guideline 117. It contains details of the methods and evidence used to develop the guideline. It updates and replaces the full version of ‘Tuberculosis: clinical diagnosis and management of tuberculosis, and measures for its prevention and control’ that was developed by the National Collaborating Centre for Chronic Conditions and published by the Royal College of Physicians in March 2006. The updated recommendations have been developed by the Centre for Clinical Practice at NICE following the NICE short clinical guideline process....

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  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Active Directory™ directory service contains information about all objects in an organization’s network. The goal is to provide clients access to this information. This module provides students with the ability to successfully plan and implement Microsoft Windows NT® version 5.0 Active Directory naming. It starts by looking at how Domain Name System (DNS) naming is done. This sets the foundation for Active Directory naming. It is important to note that DNS as a topic may be new to many students.

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  • A third criterion for effective research on skills transfer is study over time. To be certain that students are transferring skills from their first language rather than using skills learned in their second language, researchers must study subjects who have received reading instruction in their first language prior to receiving it in their second language, and who have received sufficient first-language instruction to have developed a base of first-language skills that can be transferred.

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  • This optimistic view of Fries was replacing a pessimistic view, termed the failure of success, expressed earlier by Gruenberg (38). This view, also based on limited evidence, felt that the extension of life for persons with chronic conditions, without a reduction in the incidence of these conditions,would lead to deterioration in population health. Manton (48) proposed a position somewhere between the two outlined above.

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  • To effectively perform their respective functions, all stakeholders, in particu- lar, governments, need access to accurate and up-to-date information on opportunities, actual transfers, and the technical and economic impact of large investments. In many cases, lack of such information makes it difficult to identify and utilize opportunities, ensure a level playing field, and enforce regulation and contracts properly.

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