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  • In this review, will be summarize the principle of these new methodologies and the impact of omics-techniques, mainly genomic-transcriptomics (analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms or gene-expression) and proteomic (identification and quantification of proteins), in the knowledge of different aspects of allergy diseases (diagnosis, screening, monitoring of treatment, protective or risk biomarkers and drug development) and the advance to define the personalized and molecular medicine in this complex kind of diseases....

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  • Most crop insurance policies are either production-based or revenue- based. For production-based policies, a farmer can receive a payment if there is a production loss relative to the farmer’s historical production per acre. Revenue-based policies protect against crop revenue loss resulting from declines in production, price, or both.

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  • I highly recommend this chapter to all radiologists involved in the management of abdominal trauma patients and to trauma surgeons and intensive care physicians. Anesthesia is a medical treatment which leads human body to abnormal condition. This means that anesthetic management is always accompanied by risks of accidental events, and "vigilance" is considered as the most important duty of anesthesiologists.

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  • Creating markets for SME business development services does not mean relying exclusively on ‘for profit’ support. Rather, it means recognising that intervention may be justified when it helps to articulate SME needs more clearly, so that a clear demand for certain services is created which markets can provide. It also requires ensuring that commercial suppliers of support are equipped to deal with that demand.

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  • The Reschovsky and Staiti study [28] interviewed both patients and physicians, and provides considerable insight regarding differences in physical accessibility across the urban-rural continuum. The nationally representative survey was fielded in urban, suburban, and remote rural regions. Persons in remote rural regions had significantly longer travel times to see physicians and specialists than persons in metropolitan areas (2 minutes longer to see a physician and 34 minutes longer to see a specialist).

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  • Remote Control Transmitter: (refer to the schematics and block diagram on p.31 as needed) When the levers in the Remote Control Unit are pushed electrical contacts are made connecting the 9V battery power to the transmitter and indicating which commands the user wants sent to the car. Forwards/Backwards and Left/Right commands are controlled by different levers and use different sets of electrical contacts that are used to encode a sequence of electrical pulses; the number of pulses depends on which command is being sent.

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  • The most significant audience for which Hollywood failed to cater in the immediate post-war decades, and which created the basis for some of the most important strains of independent production, was the youth audience. Hollywood was very slow to respond to demographic and other social changes during the 1950s and 1960s that created a large audience receptive to material targeted at teenage viewers.

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  • The second section of the book collects studies on pathophysiology of ischemic damage. This is an area where our knowledge has greatly advanced in the past decade, mainly due to the study of novel pathways of damage and of novel techniques to investigate them. Better knowledge of how brain tissue becomes damaged in stroke will hopefully lay the foundation for better therapies, be them recanalization (like thrombolysis) or neuroprotection (like hypothermia).

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  • Physical and health risks are very high among the aged. The precise implications of population aging for future levels of health and health care utilisation depend on whether the increases in life expectancy experienced in general are accompanied by an increase or decrease in health problems in later life (Gruenberg, 1977; Kramer, 1980; Manton, 1982). Studies in the West show that fast decline in the mortality in the old population is creating a nightmare with high incidence of morbidity (Hainess, 1995).

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  • Carbon monoxide is a clear, odourless gas produced by the incomplete combustion of organic compounds. It reduces the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen. CO combines selectively with haemoglobin (the oxygen transport protein in red blood cells) to form carboxyhaemoglobin. CO impairs perception and judgment at low levels. Effects worsen as CO levels rise, leading ultimately to convulsions and coma at high concentrations. The CO provisions of the ambient air NEPM are based on evidence that a carboxyhaemoglobin threshold of 2.

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  • As with the national association segment, seasonality is another positive feature of the international association segment. These congresses tend to avoid the summer months when leisure tourism is at its peak, looking instead to the Spring and Autumn periods. There are a large group of conferences that need to be run during the academic vacation period but organisers of these events will look for destinations that have a lower hotel occupancy in the July/August period and, indeed, from mid-June to the end of September.

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  • Another service is the grading of products by recognized standards of quality. Grading helps farmers get fair prices for their products. It also permits commercial buyers to make purchases of such products as milk, butter, eggs, and meat on a basis of quality and price. Wholesaling and retailing, two essential services, are performed on the widest scale possible. They reach every community.

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  • The major symptom of the acute form of the disease is severe anaemia. However, in camels the disease due to T. evansi is usually chronic. This is typically shown in slow weight loss, intermittent high fever, general muscular weakness, especially in hind quarters, pale mucous membranes and collection of fluid, especially in the abdominal region. Packed cell volumes of blood plasma are usually 18-20% in infected animals compared to an average of 30% (range 24-42%) in healthy ones.

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  • By far the most important for the present publication, in terms of the quantity mined and potential impact on the environment, are phosphate and potash. The production of phosphorous and potassium min- eral fertilizers relies essentially on the mining of mineral concentrations, in the form of ore deposits from the earth's crust. Nitrogen mineral fertilizers, on the other hand, are almost entirely based on ammonia manufactured from the abundant source of atmos- pheric nitrogen, water and energy.

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  • The speculum should be carefully positioned so the entire cervix is seen. If excess mucus or other secretions obscure the cervix, they should be gently removed using a proctoswab without disturbing the epithelium. Small amounts of blood will not interfere with cytologic evaluation, but large amounts, as occurs during menses, preclude cytologic interpretation by conventional Pap smear. This is considerably less of a problem when liquid based cytology is used.

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  • And although the marketing function masquerades under many names within nonprofit organizations— Communications, Advancement, External Affairs, Public Relations, or Brand Management — the primary objectives are pretty much the same: to define and then defend an organization’s position, and move it closer to success in its mission.

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  • In May 2002 the Swedish National Road Administration published the report ”Bilpooler – nyckeln till flexibelt resande” ("Car-sharing - the key to combined mobility"). Much has happened since then, the development of car-sharing in Sweden having accelerated. Yet lack of knowledge regarding car-sharing is still a major factor hindering its establishment and expansion. The present report can be seen as complementing this earlier publication through presenting new documents and describing recent developments.

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  • A common approach to estimating node positions is direct mea- surement or triangulation against landmarks in the immediate one- hop vicinity. Active Badge [24] relies on the closest infrared re- ceiver to locate specialized beacons carried by tracked assets. RADAR [19] relies on a centralized database of signal fingerprints from land- marks obtained at all locations and orientations to localize a node. Lorincz andWelsh [14] propose a similar RF fingerprint-based node localization technique that relies on strength signatures and a dis- tributed database.

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  • The ongoing post-financial crisis correction continues to weigh heavily on economic activity and employment in the EU. In the first half of 2012, domestic demand has continued to contract while the global economy has also slowed down, and consumers as well as firms have become more pessimistic about the near-term perspectives. The EU economy has dipped back into contraction in the second quarter with further weakness expected in the second half of the year. Unemployment has risen and cross-country divergences have widened. Yet, compared with the...

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  • As distiller grains undergo heating to produce the dried product, concern exists over amino acid digestibility especially for heating of lysine in the presence of sugars. Indeed the limited literature citations indicate poorer availability of lysine. Combs and Bossard (1969) found lysine availability to range from 71-93% by chick growth assay. Parsons et al (1983) found slightly lower availability of 66% by chick growth assay. Lysine digestibility with roosters was found to be 82%. Other sources also assign a low digestibility to DDGS.

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