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  • This paper addresses a data-driven surface realisation model based on a large-scale reversible grammar of German. We investigate the relationship between the surface realisation performance and the character of the input to generation, i.e. its degree of underspecification. We extend a syntactic surface realisation system, which can be trained to choose among word order variants, such that the candidate set includes active and passive variants.

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  • In this paper we present a human-based evaluation of surface realisation alternatives. We examine the relative rankings of naturally occurring corpus sentences and automatically generated strings chosen by statistical models (language model, loglinear model), as well as the naturalness of the strings chosen by the log-linear model. We also investigate to what extent preceding context has an effect on choice. We show that native speakers do accept quite some variation in word order, but there are also clearly factors that make certain realisation alternatives more natural. ...

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  • We investigate the influence of information status (IS) on constituent order in German, and integrate our findings into a loglinear surface realisation ranking model. We show that the distribution of pairs of IS categories is strongly asymmetric. Moreover, each category is correlated with morphosyntactic features, which can be automatically detected. We build a loglinear model that incorporates these asymmetries for ranking German string realisations from input LFG F-structures.

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  • We compare the impact of sentenceinternal vs. sentence-external features on word order prediction in two generation settings: starting out from a discriminative surface realisation ranking model for an LFG grammar of German, we enrich the feature set with lexical chain features from the discourse context which can be robustly detected and reflect rough grammatical correlates of notions from theoretical approaches to discourse coherence. In a more controlled setting, we develop a constituent ordering classifier that is trained on a German treebank with gold coreference annotation. ...

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  • We examine correlations between native speaker judgements on automatically generated German text against automatic evaluation metrics. We look at a number of metrics from the MT and Summarisation communities and find that for a relative ranking task, most automatic metrics perform equally well and have fairly strong correlations to the human judgements. In contrast, on a naturalness judgement task, the General Text Matcher (GTM) tool correlates best overall, although in general, correlation between the human judgements and the automatic metrics was quite weak.

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