Surface waves

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  • This text/reference is the only one of its kind to offer the basics on surface wave mechanics and coastal processes along with the fundamentals of coastal engineering analysis and design. It also provides the necessary background from which the reader can pursue a more advanced study of the various theoretical and applied aspects of coastal hydromechanics and coastal engineering design.

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  • Low-frequency acoustic energy released within the Earth's crust and mantle mostly propagates - depending on the density and elasticity of the medium - through several types of seismic waves categorized as body waves (longitudinal P and transverse S) or surface waves (long L and ground roll R). The importance of seismic wave research lies not only in our ability to understand and predict earthquakes and tsunamis, it also reveals information on the Earth's composition and features in much the same way as it led to the discovery of Mohorovicic's discontinuity....

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  • In this paper, the secular equation of Rayleigh surface waves propagating in an orthotropic layered half-space is derived by the matrix method. All the layers and the halfspace are assumed to have identical principle axes. The explicit form of the matrizant for each layer is obtained by the Sylvester’s theorem. The derived secular equation takes only real values and depends only on the dimensionless variables and dimensionless material parameters. Hence, it is convenient in numerical calculation.

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  • Shock wave–boundary-layer interactions(SBLIs) occur when a shock wave and a boundary layer converge and, since both can be found in almost every supersonic flow, these interactions are commonplace. The most obvious way for them to arise is for an externally generated shock wave to impinge onto a surface on which there is a boundary layer.

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  • Rising from the depths of the North Pacific lies a fabled island, now submerged just 15 feet below the surface of the ocean. Rumors and warnings about Cortes Bank abound, but among big wave surfers, this…

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  • The propagation of the electromagnetic wave in multilayers structures composed from cholesteric liquid crystals under the influence of the external electric field. The tensor solution for the electromagnetic wave being in quadrature with the surface of the cholesteric liquid crystal under the influence of the external electric field along axis of swing of crystal, has been found.

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  • The explicit secular equations and the approximate formulas for the velocity derived in this paper are useful for analyzing the effect of the material properties and the orientation of the fiber direction on the Rayleigh wave velocity, especially they are powerful tools for solving the inverse problem: determining the material parameters from the measured values of the velocity.

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  • In recent years, surface acoustic wave devices used in bio-sensing applications have demonstrated high sensitivity in the detection of fluid properties such as density, viscosity, stream velocity. In this paper, a more effective measurement of the SAW sensor structure is presented.

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  • The aim of this paper is to investigate the capability of the 2D and 3D numerical models to simulate sudden dam break flows in the presence of an obstacle. The 2D-FV model is proposed based on Finite Volume method (FVM) to solve shallow water equations. The commercially available CFD software package Flow-3D solved Navier-Stock equations along the volume of fluid (VOF) method to track the location of the free surface at the air water interface.

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  • Global warming is the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuation. Since the early 20th century, Earth's average surface temperature has increased by about 0.8 °C, with about two thirds of the increase occurring since 1980. Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and scientists are more than 90% certain that most of it is caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels.

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  • TRUYỀN SÓNG MẶT - Khi các anten định xứ gần hoặc trên mặt đất, sóng không gian (Space wave) biến mất do trường phản xạ triệt tiêu tia trực tiếp trường sóng mặt (Surface wave) - Truyền sóng theo sóng mặt là mode truyền chủ yếu ở dải tần từ vài kHz đến vài chục MHz. - Suy hao công suất tín hiệu gần như tỷ lệ nghịch với R4.

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  • The Architecture of Electronic Data Carriers Before we describe the functionality of the data carriers used in RFID systems we must first differentiate between two fundamental operating principles: there are electronic data carriers based upon integrated circuits (microchips) and data carriers that exploit physical effects for data storage. Both 1-bit transponders and surface wave components belong to the latter category.

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  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices are widely used in multitude of device concepts mainly in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and communication electronics. As such, SAW based micro-sensors, actuators and communication electronic devices are well known applications of SAW technology. Due to their solid state design and fabrication compatible with other modern technologies such as Microwave Integrated Circuits (MIC), MEMS, (Charge Coupled Devices) CCD and integrated optic devices, SAW based sensors are considered to be extremely reliable....

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  • The concept of acoustic wave is a pervasive one, which emerges in any type of medium, from solids to plasmas, at length and time scales ranging from sub-micrometric layers in microdevices to seismic waves in the Sun's interior. This book presents several aspects of the active research ongoing in this field. Theoretical efforts are leading to a deeper understanding of phenomena, also in complicated environments like the solar surface boundary.

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  • Textbooks on radio antennas and propagation have changed little over the last 50 years. Invariably they base themselves on the famous electromagnetic equations described by James Clerk Max- well, a great nineteenth-century genius of theoretical physics (Torrance, 1982). Maxwell's equations brilliantly encompassed all the electromagnetic phenomena known by his time (except photo- electric long-wave cut-off, which remained ...

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  • Satellite altimetry was developed in the 1960s soon after the flight of artificial satellites became a reality. From the vantage point in space, a radar altimeter is able to measure the shape of the sea surface globally and frequently. Such measurements have a wide range of applications to oceanography, geodesy, and geophysics. The results are often revolutionary. For example, in oceanography; it takes a ship weeks or months to cross the ocean making measurements while the ocean is constantly changing its circulation, temperature, and salinity.

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  • The book generously covers a wide range of aspects and issues related to RFID systems, namely the design of RFID antennas, RFID readers and the variety of tags (e.g. UHF tags for sensing applications, surface acoustic wave RFID tags, smart RFID tags), complex RFID systems, security and privacy issues in RFID applications, as well as the selection of encryption algorithms.

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  • Transmission Line and and Waveguide presents general solutions for TEM, TE, and TM waves; parallel plate waveguide; rectangular waveguide; circular waveguide; coaxial line; surface waves on a grounded dielectric sheet; stripline; microstrip line; the transverse resonant technique; wave velocities and dispersio.

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  • “Earth is a unique planet, possibly one of the few in the galaxy that has water. Nearly 71% of it’s surface is ocean. From space, Earth is brilliantly blue, white in places with clouds and ice, sometimes swirling with storms. At it’s surface the ocean is in constant motion with powerful currents that stretch for thousands of miles and towering waves. Beneath the ocean’s surface lie hidden mountain ranges, vast trenches tens of thousands of feet deep, immense hot springs, and huge volcanoes spewing molten rock in massive eruptions.”...

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  • Embankment crest and the toe: that is limited to the scope of protection of the embankment on the shore. Roof slope: expressed as the ratio, for example 1:3. Roof more comfortable (less steep), the embankment as a protective effect, but the price will be more expensive (for large embankment surface). Structure and size of the overlay: Overlay roof design must be capable of against the effects of currents, waves, etc. Conventional coatings include removable components assembled together. Gap between them so that water inside to escape, to avoid the effects of water pressure in the soil....

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