Survival craft

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Seamanship techniques" has contents: The ship, anchor work (fundamentals), ropework, wirework and rigging, cargo and hatchwork, lifting gear, boatwork and life saving appliances, survival craft and practice, communications, watchkeeping duties.

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  • This training manual is suitable for use on board vessels of various types engaged on internationl voyages and on vessels that operate their own domestic but which carry lifeboats.The document fully complies with regulation 35 of the 1996 amendments to the international convention for the safety of life a sea 1974

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  • QUY CHUẨN KỸ THUẬT QUỐC GIA QCVN 26:2011/BTTTT VỀ THIẾT BỊ ĐIỆN THOẠI VHF HAI CHIỀU LẮP ĐẶT CỐ ĐỊNH TRÊN TÀU CỨU NẠN National technical regulation on two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus for fixed installation in survival craft

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  • QUY CHUẨN KỸ THUẬT QUỐC GIA QCVN 50:2011/BTTTT VỀ THIẾT BỊ ĐIỆN THOẠI VHF SỬ DỤNG TRÊN TÀU CỨU NẠN National technical regulation on VHF radiotelephone used on the survival craft QCVN 50 : 2011/BTTTT được xây dựng trên cơ sở soát xét, chuyển đổi Tiêu chuẩn Ngành TCN 68-239: 2006 “Thiết bị điện thoại VHF dùng trên tàu cứu nạn – Yêu cầu kỹ thuật” ban hành theo Quyết định số 27/2006/QĐ-BBCVT ngày 25/7/2006 của Bộ trưởng Bộ Bưu chính, Viễn thông (nay là Bộ Thông tin và Truyền thông). ...

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  • In issuing these volumes of a series of Handbooks on the Artistic Crafts, it will be well to state what are our general aims. In the first place, we wish to provide trustworthy text-books of workshop practise, from the points of view of experts who have critically examined the methods current in the shops, and putting aside vain survivals, are prepared to say what is good workmanship, and to set up a standard of quality in the crafts which are more especially associated with design. Secondly, in doing this, we hope to treat design itself as an essential part...

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