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  • San Francisco, California, Bay AreaOctober 19451. “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” William Shakespeare – Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Doctor James T. Palmer It is amazing how clear in my mind are the events that transpired on themorning that I was kidnapped. Crystal clear. My short term memory, I admit, is not as precise as it once was; seems like Iforget a lot these days, but all of the events of the morning I was kidnapped arestamped into my brain as if chiseled.The morning, like all my mornings, was dripping in routine.

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  • Set against the backdrop of the deadly 2007 wildfires that forced the evacuation of half a million San Diego residents, Debra Ginsberg’s new novel, The Neighbors Are Watching, examines the dark side of suburbia—a place where…

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  • Hailed as The Awl’s 2012’s novel to anticipate, this glorious debut stars hippie detectives, a singular city, and an MFA student on the run.On a residential Bay Area block struggling with the collision of gentrifier…

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  • A superbly crafted, highly suspenseful, and deeply affecting debut novel about one man’s loyalty to his country, his family and his heritagePercival Chen is the headmaster of the most respected English academy in 1960s Saigon,…

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