Sustainable versus

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  • Abstract Here I tackle three major issues, climate change, financial crisis and national security, to disclose the weak points of current remedies and propose sustainable solutions. Global warming and the unexpected 2008 financial crisis will undoubtedly impact all nations. Treating those two critical issues solely by painkiller solutions will fail because only adverse consequences are healed, not their causes. Therefore, all sources of issues must be treated at the same time by enhancing collaboration between politicians and scientists....

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  • Even though twenty years have passed since Gibson’s Neuromancer was published in 1984 [4], by looking at the reported figures it is possible to acknowledge the power of the previsions envisioned in that famous novel, which introduced the term “cyberspace” into our current ways of speaking and thinking.

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  • Since a falling apple around 1665 worked its magic in the imaginative mind of a youthful farmer at Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire, the meaning of the word action and of the equal and opposite reaction, has been investigated in science and technology. More than 300 years ago this irreversible process had consequences that led to the development of a theory of gravitation still used by space agencies even today.

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