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  • The processes of manufacture and assembly are based on the communication of engineering information via drawing. These drawings follow rules laid down in national and international standards. The organisation responsible for the international rules is the International Standards Organisation (ISO). There are hundreds of ISO standards on engineering drawing because drawing is very complicated and accurate transfer of information must be guaranteed. The information contained in an engineering drawing is a legal specification, which contractor and sub-contractor agree to in a binding contract.

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  • Every human being on this planet must deal, in one way or another, with unexpected events that disrupt their lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of us come to learn this fact after our lives have been disrupted many times! From the guy that doesn’t own one worldly possession to the most wealthy of individuals, the possibility of loss always exists. The health and life of people is the most basic asset, an asset which millions of people across the world try to protect. Either by trying to stay healthy and out of harms way through being fit, working out...

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  • Any book that covers a broad range of topics will likely harbor some problems with notation and symbology. This results from having the same symbol used in different areas to represent different quantities, and also from having too many quantities to represent. Rather than invent new symbols, we choose to stay close to the standards and warn the reader about any symbol used to represent more than one distinct quantity.

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