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  • We study the problem of conformally deforming a metric to a prescribed symmetric function of the eigenvalues of the Ricci tensor. We prove an existence theorem for a wide class of symmetric functions on manifolds with positive Ricci curvature, provided the conformal class admits an admissible metric. 1. Introduction Let (M n , g) be a smooth, closed Riemannian manifold of dimension n.

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  • We define and study sl2 -categorifications on abelian categories. We show in particular that there is a self-derived (even homotopy) equivalence categorifying the adjoint action of the simple reflection. We construct categorifications for blocks of symmetric groups and deduce that two blocks are splendidly Rickard equivalent whenever they have isomorphic defect groups and we show that this implies Brou´’s abelian defect group conjecture for symmetric groups. e We give similar results for general linear groups over finite fields. ...

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  • Steiner symmetrization is known not to increase perimeter of sets in Rn . The sets whose perimeter is preserved under this symmetrization are characterized in the present paper. 1. Introduction and main results Steiner symmetrization, one of the simplest and most powerful symmetrization processes ever introduced in analysis, is a classical and very well-known device, which has seen a number of remarkable applications to problems of geometric and functional nature.

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  • Let X = G/H be a reductive symmetric space and K a maximal compact subgroup of G. The image under the Fourier transform of the space of K-finite compactly supported smooth functions on X is characterized. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Notation 3. The Paley-Wiener space. Main theorem 4. Pseudo wave packets 5. Generalized Eisenstein integrals 6. Induction of Arthur-Campoli relations 7. A property of the Arthur-Campoli relations 8. Proof of Theorem 4.4 9.

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  • Objectives of Chapter 3: To define the terms and the concepts of symmetric key ciphers; to emphasize the two categories of traditional ciphers: substitution and transposition ciphers; to describe the categories of cryptanalysis used to break the symmetric ciphers.

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  • We present a novel approach for discovering word categories, sets of words sharing a significant aspect of their meaning. We utilize meta-patterns of highfrequency words and content words in order to discover pattern candidates. Symmetric patterns are then identified using graph-based measures, and word categories are created based on graph clique sets. Our method is the first pattern-based method that requires no corpus annotation or manually provided seed patterns or words.

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  • In this paper, we introduce a new two-mode (de)multiplexer based on the silicon-oninsulator (SOI) platform. The device is built on a symmetric Y-junction, a 2×2 multimode interference (MMI) waveguide and a phaseshifter in the form of a ridge waveguide which is designed using 3D scalar beam propagation method (BPM). The phase evolution in the structure is discussed in details.

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  • We shortly review the metric formalism for the f(R) gravity. Based on the metric formalism, we study the spherically symmetric static empty space solutions with the gravity Lagrangian L = R+λR 2 . We found the general metric that described the static empty space with the spherically symmetry. Our result is more general than Schwarzschild solution, specially the predicted metric is perturbed Schwarzschild metric of the Einstein theory.

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  • Thus the aim is to determine the solution of a known PDE defined throughout the domain, which satisfies the superabundant data and then identifies the missing ones. For linear symmetric operators, we propose a general method to solve the data completion problem as a Cauchy problem. Various applications are described for stationary conduction and elastostatic problems.

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  • The elastoplastic problem of the half-space with a hole subjected to axially symmetric loading considered in this paper is based on the elastoplastic deformation process theory. Solution of t his problem is carried out by using the modified elastic solution method and the finite element method. Some results of numerical calculation are presented here to give the picture of plastic domains enlarging in the body and t he obtained displacements on the free boundary of the half-space.

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  • In the present paper, we introduce a pair of second order fractional symmetric variational programs over cone constraints and derive weak, strong, and converse duality theorems under second order F-convexity assumptions. Moreover, self duality theorem is also discussed. Our results give natural unification and extension of some previously known results in the literature.

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  • In this paper, we present a predictor-corrector path-following interior-point algorithm for symmetric cone optimization based on Darvay's technique. Each iteration of the algorithm contains a predictor step and a corrector step based on a modification of the Nesterov and Todd directions.

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  • In this paper, a pair of mixed type symmetric dual multiobjective variational problems containing support functions is formulated. This mixed formulation unifies two existing pairs Wolfe and Mond-Weir type symmetric dual multiobjective variational problems containing support functions.

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  • In this work we deal with the symmetric algebra of monomial ideals that arise from graphs, the edge ideals. The notion of s-sequence is explored for such ideals in order to compute standard algebraic invariants of their symmetric algebra in terms of the corresponding invariants of special quotients of the polynomial ring related to the graphs.

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  • In this paper it is shown that the differences found between fruits are the result of genetic variations mosaic; that is, they are different ecotypes of Norway maple, since bilaterally symmetrical fruits do not have significantly different left and right sides, which shows the developmental stability of Norway maple.

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  • In this paper, we first give some characterizations of e-symmetric rings. We prove that R is an e-symmetric ring if and only if a1a2a3 = 0 implies that aσ(1)aσ(2)aσ(3)e = 0, where σ is any transformation of {1, 2, 3}. With the help of the Bott–Duffin inverse.

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  • Locally symmetric spaces play an important part in differential geometry and arise from many different areas such as topology, number theory, representation theory, algebraic geometry,...The typical important class consists of quotients of symmetric spaces by arithmetic groups, for example, the moduli space of elliptic curves is the quotient of the upper half plane H2 by SL(2, Z).

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  • One of the main reasons is that when we share the information (in the form of images or documents) with our known contacts then actually we are also sharing the information with the telecommunication companies and the company that provide the software. In this paper we present a symmetric key encryption based solution for information privacy and security. Our approach is based on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) to ensure confidentiality and integrity of the encrypted information.

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  • In this paper, a new realization of the fractional capacitor (FC) using passive symmetric networks is proposed. A general analysis of the symmetric network that is independent of the internal impedance composition is introduced. Three different internal impedances are utilized in the network to realize the required response of the FC. These three cases are based on either a series RC circuit, integer Coleimpedance circuit, or both. The network size and the values of the passive elements are optimized using the minimax and least mth optimization techniques.

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  • Circularly symmetric two-dimensional (2D) finite impulse response (FIR) filters find extensive use in image and medical applications, especially for isotropic filtering. Moreover, the design and implementation of 2D digital filters with variable fractional delay and variable magnitude responses without redesigning the filter has become a crucial topic of interest due to its significance in low-cost applications. Recently the design using fixed word length coefficients has gained importance due to the replacement of multipliers by shifters and adders, which reduces the hardware complexity.

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