Symmetry analysis

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  • We propose a hybrid approach to coordinate structure analysis that combines a simple grammar to ensure consistent global structure of coordinations in a sentence, and features based on sequence alignment to capture local symmetry of conjuncts. The weight of the alignmentbased features, which in turn determines the score of coordinate structures, is optimized by perceptron training on a given corpus. A bottom-up chart parsing algorithm efficiently finds the best scoring structure, taking both nested or nonoverlapping flat coordinations into account. ...

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  • Many classical integrable systems (like the Euler, Lagrange and Kowalewski tops or the Neumann system) as well as finite dimensional reductions of many integrable PDEs share the property of being algebraically completely integrable systems4. This means that they are completely integrable Hamiltonian systems in the usual sense and, moreover, their complexified invariant tori are open subsets of complex Abelian tori on which the complexified flow is linear. To such systems the powerful algebro-geometrical techniques may be applied...

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  • The twonucleotide-bindingdomains (NBDs)of anumberof ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters have been shown to be functionally dissimilar, playing different roles in the transport process. A high degree of co-operativity has been determined for the NBDs of the human multidrug trans-porter, P-glycoprotein. However, the issue of functional symmetry in P-glycoprotein remains contentious.

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  • The first of these stages is perceptual analysis, which is con- cerned with organization, grouping, symmetry analysis, complex- ity and other perceptual features that are known to influence aesthetic appreciation. In the second stage, the analysis of familiar- ity, prototypicality and meaning is performed, together with the implicit and automatic integration of information with pre-exist- ing memory structures. Processes involved in explicit classification are performed in the third phase, including those related with the style and the content of the stimulus.

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  • Even if there is symmetry ex ante between borrower and lender (i.e. the bank knows the credit quality of the borrower), the collateral helps to alleviate moral hazard problems once the loan has been granted. In this sense, the collateral pledged helps align the interests of both lenders and borrowers, avoiding a situation in which the borrower makes less effort to ensure the success of the project for which finance was given. Thus, collateral makes it possible to limit the problem of the moral hazard faced by all banks when they lend money. Collateral can therefore be seen as...

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  • Over the years, the probabilistic method has allowed for the original proof of Johnson and Lindenstrauss to be greatly simplified and sharpened, while at the same time giving conceptually simple randomized algorithms for constructing the embedding [5,6,8]. Roughly speaking, all such algorithms project the input points onto a spherically random hyperplane through the origin. While this is conceptually simple, in practical terms it amounts to multiplying the input matrix A with a dense matrix of real numbers. This can be a non-trivial task in many practical computational environments.

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  • Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (2011) 1:5 DOI 10.1186/2190-8567-1-5 RESEARCH Open Access Signal processing in the cochlea: the structure equations Hans Martin Reimann Received: 15 November 2010 / Accepted: 6 June 2011 / Published online: 6 June 2011 © 2011 Reimann; licensee Springer. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License Abstract Background: Physical and physiological invariance laws, in particular time invariance and local symmetry, are at the outset of an abstract model.

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  • A specific example in which the theory developed here is quite crucial is the analysis of locomotion for the snakeboard, which we study in some detail in Section 8.4. The snakeboard is a modified version of a skateboard in which locomotion is achieved by using a coupling of the nonholonomic constraints with the symmetry properties of the system. For that system, traditional analysis of the complete dynamics of the system does not readily explain the mechanism of locomotion.

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