Symptomatic presentation

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  • Much theory and research on emotion are based on the facial expressions of amateurs asked to pose for still photographs. The theory of facial affect programs (FAPs; P. Ekman, 1972) was proposed to account for the resulting expressions, most of which are patterns consisting of distinguishable parts. In the present study, 4 Hollywood films noted for fine acting and realism were examined for the facial expressions that accompany a basic emotion. In keeping with the theory of FAPs, profes- sional actors judged as happy were found smiling in 97% (Duchenne smiling in 74%) of cases.

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  • Theviewsexpressedtherein,thedesignationsemployedaswellasthepresentationof materialinthispaperdonotimplytheexpressionsofanyopinionwhatsoeveronthepartof theSecretariatoftheUnitedNationsIndustrialDevelopmentOrganizationconcerningthe legalstatusofanycountry,territory,cityorareaorofitsauthorities,orconcerningthe delimitationofitsfrontiersorboundaries.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Dermatomyositis presenting with symptomatic dermographism and raised troponin T: a case report

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  • This table presents the calculation of Net Total Ecosystem Capital Potential (NTECP) and Net Change and Territorial Ecosystem Capital Degradation (TECD). The starting point is given by table [B]. The balancing item 'Net Ecosystem Accessible Carbon Surplus' (NEACS) is taken as a surrogate measure of the gross ecosystem capital potential of inland, sea and atmosphere ecosystems. In simplified accounts it covers the accessible carbon of terrestrial ecosystems, sea (fisheries) and the atmosphere's capacity to assimilate carbon.

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  • Even before the 1890s depression, some dairymen who had prospered in the southern part of the (then) colony of NSW, had begun to move to the wilderness area between the Richmond River (which ran through Lismore) and the Tweed River (which ran through Murwillumbah). In the 1890s both the government of George Dibbs (which held office until 1894) and the government of George Reid (which followed) saw an emphasis on dairying as a partial remedy for the 1890s depression.

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  • It is our pleasure to present the Proceedings of the 16th International Congress on Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Related Disorders (16th ICPD) which took place in Berlin from June 5–9, 2005. This congress was the most successful congress ever with more than 3500 participants in the roaring German capital, consisting of an innovative program and with emphasis on bringing basic and clinical scientists together. Special attention has was paid in inviting young scientists.

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  • A substantially greater proportion of women with breast cancer are receiv- ing chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy than before 1988. Earlier symptomatic presentation and greater use of adjuvant therapy since 1988 has had a marked impact, reducing mortality rates from breast cancer, in addition to the specific contribution from the NHSBSP. Although some have questioned the value of screening for breast cancer, the scientific evidence demonstrates clearly that regular mammographic screening between the ages of 50 and 70 years reduces mortality from the malignancy.

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  • Based on the results of ESPON 2006 Program, we propose to examine in a systematic way how to combine datasets at world/neighborhood levels (where basic territorial units are the states) and datasets at European/Regional levels (where basic territorial units are NUTS2 or NUTS3 units).

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  • In 1999 it was estimated that renal cell carcinoma (RCC) would account for 29,990 new cancer cases diagnosed in the United States (61% in men and 39% in women), and lead to 11,600 deaths. RCC accounts for 2–3% of all malignancies in adults and causes 2.3% of all cancer deaths in the United States annually (1). Approx 4% of all RCC cases are bilateral at some point in the life of the patient. Data from over 10,000 cases of renal cancer entered in the Connecticut Tumor Registry suggests an increase in the incidence of renal cancer from 1935–1989; in women the incidence increased from 0.

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  • ECG with no association between the QRS complex and the P wave. The child is often symptomatic, presenting with acute collapse. Ventricular tachyarrhythmias are often associated with underlying heart disease such as cardiomyopathy. Torsades de Pointes is a particular form of sinusoidal ventricular arrhythmia that occurs in the rare congenital long QT syndrome.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "The 4 stages of heart failure" presents the following contents: Assessment of stage C patients with HF-pEF, Stage C - Improving outcomes in symptomatic heart failure, stage C - Therapies for acute decompensated heart failure, stage C - Cardiorenal syndrome, stage D heart failure - options and opportunities,...

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  • Back or flank pain is a critical symptom that indicates a retrograde infection to kidneys, risk factor for which is graft versus host disease. Furthermore, adenovirus-induced nephritis is a high risk factor for disseminated adenovirus infection including symptomatic adenoviremia (Bruno et al., 2004). Clinical presentation of adenoviremia is low to high grade fever refractory to antibiotic or antifungal agents followed by multiple organ failure including acute renal failure which presents oliguria, elevation of serum creatinine and enlarged kidneys with hypo-density in CT scan.

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  • The specialty of urology has evolved into a less surgical and more cognitive discipline. Indeed, most of what we do in our daily clinical practice involves nonoperative patient care. However many of our patients present with, what are perceived as, emergencies. Such ‘emergencies’ encompass a broad spectrum of diagnoses, ranging from the often mundane hematuria and orchalgia to the more striking renal colic, symptomatic urinary retention, Fournier’s gangrene and testicular torsion, to name but a few.

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  • Bronchial Adenomas Bronchial adenomas (80% are central) are slow-growing endobronchial lesions; they represent 50% of all benign pulmonary neoplasms. About 80–90% are carcinoids, 10–15% are adenocystic tumors (or cylindromas), and 2–3% are mucoepidermoid tumors. Adenomas present in patients 15–60 years old (average age 45) as endobronchial lesions and are often symptomatic for several years. Patients may have a chronic cough, recurrent hemoptysis, or obstruction with atelectasis, lobar collapse, or pneumonitis and abscess formation.

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  • Freedman et al. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2010, 5:14 CASE REPORT Open Access Diagnostic challenge: bilateral infected lumbar facet cysts - a rare cause of acute lumbar spinal stenosis and back pain Brett A Freedman, Tuan L Bui, S Timothy Yoon* Abstract Symptomatic synovial lumbar facet cysts are a relatively rare cause of radiculopathy and spinal stenosis. This case and brief review of the literature, details a patient who presented with acutely symptomatic bilateral spontaneously infected synovial facet (L4/5) cysts.

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  • Agarwal et al. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2010, 5:24 CASE REPORT Case report Open Access Large aneurysmal bone cyst of iliac bone in a female child: a case report Anil Agarwal*, Praveen Goel, Shariq A Khan, Pawan Kumar and Nadeem A Qureshi Abstract Background: Symptomatic aneurysmal bone cysts in pediatric age group with an expansile lesion in ilium is a rare occurrence. Case: An 11-year-old female presented with a swelling over her right iliac region and numbness along the medial aspect of thigh.

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  • It is important that cord blood transplantation is one of the risk factors of symptomatic adenoviremia (Robin et al., 2007), which develops to acute renal failure in the terminal stage (Abe T et al., 2009). At present, there is no established consensus about the treatment for acute renal failure induced by adenovirus after stem cell transplantation. This chapter focuses on the recent advances in diagnosis, mostly due to the development of molecular methods, and therapeutic interventions.

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  • This study examined the clinical findings of visual display terminal (VDT) users who presented with monocular symptoms. The sample consisted of 35 people performing sustained work at VDTs. Each subject un- derwent an evaluation that included: visual acuities, determination of refractive status, ocular motor testing, the stability of fixa- tion, degree of suppressions of simulta- neous binocular perception, and ocular health status. These findings were com- pared to a control group of 100 subjects who did not habitually use a VDT.

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  • Presently, there is no specific effective antiviral drugs and vaccine available for the treatment of HFMD. Symptomatic treatment is given to provide relief from fever, aches, or pain from the mouth ulcers. Dehydration is a concern because the mouth sores may make it difficult and painful for children to eat and drink. Should their affected children be having fever, the parents are advised to dress their children in light, thin clothing, to do tepid sponging with water (room temperature) as often as necessary, and to expose them under the fan.

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  • The quantitative distribution of As, Cu, Pb, Zn elements in water and soils around Giáp Lai and Minh Quang sulfur deposits is presented in this work. The preliminary results delineate the following: i) The content of As in water is quite low and is below the polluted limit. The soils was symptomatic of pollution by As at low level. ii) The contents of Cu and Zn are higher than that of Pb, especially in some localities, Cu and Zn contents are over the permissible threshold of the surface water quality and form high anomalies....

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