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  • About a year ago, I gathered my nerve and began calling friends who write books about the Macintosh. "I have an idea ...," I'd say, and then I'd describe how we could work together to address so many of the problems that plague today's publishing world. At the end of the call, as each friend enthusiasti- cally signed on, I'd breathe a sigh of relief and dial the next number. I kept having flashbacks to those scenes in 7he Blues Brothers where Jake and Ellwood collect their musician friends with the deadpan line, "We're putting the band back together." And...

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  • Patterns of particle emission are different from those of the other pollutants included in the first phase of the EU Framework Directive because of their extreme diversity of origin and source, both primary and secondary, natural and anthropogenic, and there are significant differences in levels between Member States and regions within states. The limited amount of reliable PM10 data makes it difficult to establish a comprehensive overview of PM10 concentrations and trends in Member States.

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  • The requirements are also needed for clearly distinguishing car-sharing from "fictive car- sharing" such as might be established for the sole purpose of taking advantage of special benefits that genuine car-sharing schemes should be eligible for. The requirement of the administrator of a car-sharing scheme being a legal entity (requirement 1) and of each vehicle being registered in the name of a legal entity (requirement 4) reduces the risk of misuse.

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  • Radiation therapy is rarely used in the initial treatment of ovarian cancer, but it may be used to relieve pain and other problems caused by the disease. The treatment is given at a hospital or clinic. Each treatment takes only a few minutes. Side effects depend mainly on the amount of radiation given and the part of your body that is treated. Radiation therapy to your abdomen and pelvis may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or bloody stools. Also, your skin in the treated area may become red, dry, and tender.

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  • Specific consumption: This is the most useful criterion for determining how much fuel a stove is likely to consume. Specific consumption is defined as the amount of fuel it takes to perform a specific task, for example, the amount of fuel consumed per litre of water boiled or food cooked. Turn down ratio: This is also known as control efficiency, determined by the difference in fuel consumption per minute between high power (bringing water to a boil) and low power (simmering).

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  • Road accident related fatal risk differs from air pollution related risk. The latter is to a large extent involuntary and beyond the responsibility and control of those exposed to it. In addition, while taking the risk of a traffic accident, driving itself offers a direct personal benefit. On the other hand, air pollution related risk is less often connected to a direct personal benefit, although it is to some extent transport induced. Because of this different risk context, air pollution related risk aversion is likely to be higher than for fatal road accidents.

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