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  • Module 23 - Windows NT. The Windows NT operating system is designed to take advantage of the many advances in processor technology. Although primarily run on the Intel architecture, NT was designed to be portable in order to take advantage of whatever promising technologies happened to come along. Key goals for the system included portability, security, POSIX compliance, multiprocessor support, extensibility, international support, and compatibility with MS-DOS and MS-Windows applications.

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  •  Now in its fifth edition, this useful guide shows readers how to portray professionalism and confidence and take control of the interview process. Breaking the process down into accessible steps, Rebecca Corfield identifies the way to prepare for an interview, providing example questions and advice on how to answer them. There are also tips on what employers are looking for, how to make a presentation during an interview, and how to create a good and lasting impression.

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  • Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Fifth Edition shows you how to take advantage of Lucid Lynx. Based on the best-selling previous edition, Emilio Raggi maintains a fine balance between teaching Ubuntu and introducing new features. Whether you aim to use it in the home or in the office, you'll be introduced to the world of Ubuntu Linux, from simple word processing to using cloud services.

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  • An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java takes a full-immersion approach to object-oriented programming. Proper object-oriented design practices are emphasized throughout the book. Students learn how to use the standard classes first, then learn to design their own classes. Wu uses a gentler approach to teaching students how to design their own classes, separating the coverage into two chapters. GUI coverage is also located independently in the back of the book and can be covered if desired....

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  • This fifth edition ofMalcolm Shaw’s bestselling textbook on international law provides a clear, authoritative and comprehensive introduction to the subject. This leading text has been fully revised and updated to Spring 2003 to take account of new developments in the field. Basically preserving the structure which made the previous edition so successful, a new chapter on Inter-state Courts and Tribunals pays special attention to the role of the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea, and there is a new chapter on International Humanitarian Law.

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  • Business and commercial enterprise takes place within a legal context and, in the final analysis, is governed and regulated by law. One of the problems facing the person studying business activity, and the one that is specifically addressed in this book, is the fact that business enterprise takes place within a general and wide-ranging legal environment, but the student is required to have more than a passing knowledge of the legal rules and procedures which impact on business activity.

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  • 1. Which of the following best completes the passage below? In a survey of job applicants, two-fifths admitted to being at least a little dishonest. However, the survey may underestimate the proportion of job applicants who are dishonest, because____. A. some dishonest people taking the survey might have claimed on the survey to be honest B. some generally honest people taking the survey might have claimed on the survey to be dishonest C. some people who claimed on the survey to be at least a little dishonest may be very dishonest D.

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  • This heavily illustrated lesson is ideal for beginners who feel ready to take on more intricate and timeconsuming projects. In the first four sections, squirkles are used to draw the form, texture, and striped pattern of a realistic fish with combination of hatching and squirkling shading only – no outlining. The fifth section, offers an optional challenge to integrate more details into the completed drawing.

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  • Left: A view of the Pacific from Annette and Stan Cook’s Malibu house, which was designed by Vicente Wolf. On the cover: George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth’s living room in Washington, D.C. “Capital Idea,” page 106. Photography by Simon Upton; styled by Anita Sarsidi. Departments MAY 2009 VOLUME 20 NUMBER 4 30 Editor’s Page By Margaret Russell 32 Our Crowd This issue’s contributors. By Kamala Nair 34 Mailbox Our readers write 37 What’s Hot! Dispatches from the world of design 42 Giorgio Armani takes Fifth Avenue.

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