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Talk time 1

Xem 1-20 trên 31 kết quả Talk time 1
  • Talk Time is a three-level conversation course that provides speaking and listening practice based on everyday situations. Gentle progression of communicative activities in each lesson makes it ideal for less confident students.

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  •  (bq)  this book includes units: first day; all about you; at the internet cafe; let's go; what time is it; describing yourself; how will i know you; what's on tv; planning your day; free time; let's eat; at home; sunny or sloudy; on the block; downtown; let's celebrate.

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  • Grammar: Chapter 5: The present continuous. Activities in progress: A. Use the present continuous for activities that are in progress (or happening) at the exact moment the speaker is talking. You can use time expressions such as now or right now to emphasize that an action is happening currently (and may end soon). For example: 1. Look! It is snowing. 2. She’s making dinner now. 3. Steve can’t come to the phone right now. He’s taking a bath.

    doc8p nguyencongvan91 24-10-2010 203 63   Download

  • Lan’s Talk My best friend is Ha. We’ve been friends for a long time. We used to live in Nguyen Cong Tru Residential in Hanoi. Her family moved to Haiphong in 1985. It is said that Haiphong people are cold, but Ha is really, really friendly. I started to get to know her when I was going on a two-day trip to Do Son last year and I didn’t know anybody there. I gave Ha a ring and she was so friendly, she said, “Oh, I’ll come to visit you.” So she rode on her motorbike to Do Son...

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  • By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: - Introduce friends and suggest an activity through the song. II. Teaching aids: - Teacher cards ( 17 – 32, commands ), wall chart, tape recorder. III. Procedures: Time 5’ Stages and Contents I.

    pdf6p phalinh13 06-08-2011 200 48   Download

  • restrictions. AR also doesn't consume as much time and effort in many applications because it's not required to construct the entire virtual scene, which can be tedious and time-consuming. In this book, several new and emerging application areas of AR are presented. It is divided into three sections. The first section contains applications in outdoor and mobile AR, such as construction, restoration, security, and surveillance. The second section deals with AR in medical, biological, and human bodies.

    pdf280p lulanphuong 17-03-2012 80 32   Download

  • AIM : S. Present tense with I vs he / she OBJECTIVES : By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to talk about sb’s daily routines. VISUAL AIDS : Handouts or poster for Survey. 1.Guessing game for Warmer: It’s Ss choose a time and complete the sentence: It’s (nine five) (nine five) Exchange: Is it (8:00) ? Yes, it is / No, it isn’t. 2.Pre-teach: (to) do homework, (to) play games. S+B: go to school, play games, have breakfast, get dressed, do homework. 3.Presenttation: Presentation text (A1 P.52) T. reads the text with “I”, then with...

    pdf5p mobell1209 20-10-2010 147 20   Download

  • Aim: Practising comparaties with “ fewer/more ” to talk about a student’s work.. Objective: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to tell about the student’s work time as well as the comparative adjectives. Aids : wordcards 1. Presentation : a. Pre_teach : an hour (to) hard early___ earlier *R.O.&R b. Set the scene & pre_question predict : Hoa & her uncle are talking about Hoa’s work time & her summer vacation plan. (to) last late ___ later few ___ fewer many___ more

    pdf4p mobell1209 20-10-2010 108 20   Download

  • I . OBJECTIVES : Help the students to talk about their routine time. II . LANGUAGE CONTENTS : : - Grammar: Simple present tense : - Vocabulary: get up, get dressed, brush, wash, have , go. III. Techniques: group work, pair work, ask and answer.

    pdf4p mobell1209 19-10-2010 227 15   Download

  • We met with representatives from the other company for over 4 hours yesterday. Jerry didn't waste any time. He took the bull by the horns and gave them our list of concerns right away. Then he asked for a list of their concerns and put both lists on the white board, so he could be sure we were all on the same page. He told the group that we were going to have to think out of the box and suggest creative solutions. We talked for over an hour. Jerry likes to shoot from the hip, which makes some people...

    pdf23p vuthanhhong7621 04-04-2013 76 13   Download

  • Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: - Greet and introduce themselves. I. Teaching aids: - Name tags, puppets, wall charts. II. Procedures: Time 3’ Stages and Contents I. WARM UP: - Greeting. - Call the roll. II. PRESENTATION: 1. Introduce the greeting:  Hello, I am Ms Oanh. Teacher’s activities Student’s activities 5’  Hello, (Phong).  Hi, (Nga) Hello/Hi: Xin chaøo. 5’ 2. Present the first part of the dialogue: -  : Hello, I am Andy. -  : Hi, My name is Kate. 3. Pratice:  Chain Drill - T : Hello, I am Ms Oanh. Introducing...

    pdf5p nkt_bibo52 08-03-2012 70 12   Download

  • A / Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know more about Ba,s friend B / Teaching aids : Textbooks , cassette , chalks , board.. C / Procedure : I / Warm up : Chatting Ask Ss to look at four pictures on page 10 and talk about the activities they want to do after school or in their free time and ask some questions : 1.What are these students doing ? ( play soccer / play chess / read books / play volleyball ) 2. What time of the...

    pdf5p mobell1209 20-10-2010 330 9   Download

  • Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: - Greetings. I. Teaching aids: - Name tags, tape recorder, wall chart, puppets. II. Procedures: Time 5’ Stages and Contents I. WARM UP: * Name tags My name is (------ ) Teacher’s activities Student’s activities 2’ 3’ Giving - Hang their instruction. name tags, go around * Please the class and Point to the ( book ). Calling greeting. some sts to go Give in front of the classroom II. PRESENTATION: and commands 1. Present the first part class of the dialogue: control. (Unit1) and practise. Puppet A: Hi, (Mary). How...

    pdf4p nkt_bibo52 08-03-2012 73 9   Download

  • The software engineer’s job is to solve problems economically by developing high-quality software. In this first chapter we will present important issues that all software engineers should understand to do their jobs well. In this chapter you will learn about the following: How does software differ from other products? How does software change over time? What do we mean when we talk about high-quality software? What types of software are there and what are their main differences? How are software projects organized? How successful are typical projects?...

    ppt25p tangtuy06 01-04-2016 18 1   Download

  • What are the reasons for giving name? How do you remember a person’s name? Talk about your favourite singer or band? What’s can music help you in your life? Is money important in your life? Why? What’s is the best/ the worst job in the world? Why? The last time you went shopping to buy a present for someone? Solution 1. The reasons for giving name: - Differentiate a person from others - Names can say the wishes of the parents to their children - Name is a person’s personal beauty The name is very important. I think there’re three main reasons...

    pdf6p ductrong90ictu 17-01-2010 1282 145   Download

  • Câu 1. Mary haven't talked ___________ Jones because the quarreled with each other some time ago. A. on B. with C. about D. to Câu 2. What a lovely boy! He certainly takes __________ his father. A. off B. with C. after D. on Câu 3. " Who does

    doc3p dinhluyen2704 20-10-2010 289 130   Download

  • These are some topics for speaking please read and find out error in the pasage. 1. Talk about dificulties in leaving and taking a telephone message. - Good everning everyone, today I’m very happy to be here to talk with you about some way of dificulities leaving and taking a telephone message. If it is the first time you talk with foreigner by telephone, please keep in mind some way as below. - Vietnamese always fills very dificult when they are speaking by telephone with foreigner. Because of some our listening skill and voice are not good, we are loss calm...

    pdf2p nkt_bibo44 11-02-2012 175 65   Download

  • READING 1. Work in groups. Share information on how you use computers in your free time. Compare answers with other groups and make a list of uses for your class. PRE-READING 2. You are going to hear four people talk about how they use computers. Before you listen, try to predict the uses they describe.

    doc66p lamphong_424 02-07-2013 168 49   Download

  • Experiment No 1 Communication without feedback The sender look at the screen all the time The receiver look at his paper all the time The sender talk The receive do with information receive from the sender without asking The time keeper stark the clock when the sender start to talk.

    ppt44p dungdiem 21-02-2013 90 33   Download

  • Three minutes is enough time to talk to someone,1 says Adele Testani, who runs a speed dating company, 'because you can get an idea of what a person is like in that time and you can eliminate them if you see immediately that they're not your type

    pdf10p kathy204 25-07-2010 71 23   Download


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