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  • Tapestries are heavy cloth woven with rich, often varicolored designs and scenes. Tapestries mainly include tapestry wall hanging, tapestry cushions, bell pulls, tapestry throws, tapestry runners and also tapestries are used to cover furniture. They provide a rich look to your furniture and also make for a smooth and comfortable living. Tapestries exude your taste and penchant for a classy lifestyle. The designs you choose for your tapestry work shows your tastes and preference in art and culture. They tacitly convey your inclination towards the finest things in the world.

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  • The creator of Tapestry details how to use this new framework's components to create rich web-based GUIs using links, images, and HTML forms. The challenges of web application development are discussed, such as managing server-side state properly, application localization, and maintaining synchronization between the client web browser and the application server. At the same time, the benefits of a clean separation between presentation logic and business logic and how well

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  • Beginning POJOs introduces you to open source lightweight web development using Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) and the tools and frameworks that enable this. Tier by tier, this book guides you through the construction of complex but lightweight enterprise Java-based web applications. Such applications are centered around several major open source lightweight frameworks, including Spring, Hibernate, Tapestry, and JBoss. Additional support comes from the most successful and prevalent open-source tools: Eclipse and Ant, and the increasingly popular TestNG.

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  • RECOMMENDATIONS Suitable for beginner/intermediate knitters SIZE Can be resized by working in a different gauge and changing yarn weight and needles. MATERIALS Yarn and yardage Lace / 2 ply yarn Needles circular needles US 6 (4 mm) 40” (100 cm) or longer Notions crochet hook 4 mm scrap yarn tapestry needle

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  • I always wanted to design a spring shawl, so here is what finally emerged: Some sunrays at the centre top; below, birds high up in the sky flying north after a long winter, and on the bottom the first blossoms appear, lots of them. To finish, I added a nice and easy-to-knit lacy edging. Size: 190 x 90 cm Materials: 100 grams of lace wool, 600 metres (660 yds), 5 mm (US8) needles,tapestry needle, markers if you prefer to use them; you should mark the centre stitch Gauge: 10 x 10 cm (4” x 4”) Stockinette, after blocking: 16 stitches x...

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  • Worn as a shoulderwarmer or a cowl, this floral crochet neckpiece is simultaneously warm and delicate. PDF Pattern Instructions (If you can’t open this PDF file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get it here.) One size FINISHED MEASUREMENTS Approximately 26” around top edge x 39” around lower edge x 17” high MATERIALS 3 Hanks BERROCO FLICKER (50 grs), #3305 Siegfried Crochet hooks, sizes 3.75 mm (F-5) and 4.00 mm (G-6) OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE Tapestry needle GAUGE Square Motif (top row) = 3½” across after steaming TO SAVE TIME, TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE NOTE...

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  • Nếu như bạn đã dần quá quen mắt với những hoạ tiết floral hay baroque, thì có lẽ hoạ tiết tapestry mới mẻ sẽ giúp góp phần thổi một luồng gió mới vào tủ đồ những ngày đầu xuân của bạn. Tapestry là những hoạ tiết lấy cảm hứng từ các hoa văn từ thế kỉ 17, là sự kết hợp hoàn hảo giữa floral, paisley và baroque. Vẻ đẹp của hoạ tiết tapestry toát lên từ nét đẹp tinh tế, đậm chất vintage....

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  • An empty desert creek overflows in an instant from distant, sudden summer rains. .Materials Madelinetosh Vintage 100% Superwash Merino Wool 200 yards/182 meters per 100g skein 420 yards total Shown in Baltic Gauge: 20 stitches over 20 rows in garter equals 4x4” unblocked. 1 US 8/5mm circular needle 42” or longer Tapestry needle T-pins Stitch markers

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  • The topics of control engineering and signal processing continue to flourish and develop. In common with general scientific investigation, new ideas, concepts and interpretations emerge quite spontaneously and these are then discussed, used, discarded or subsumed into the prevailing subject paradigm. Sometimes these innovative concepts coalesce into a new sub-discipline within the broad subject tapestry of control and signal processing. This preliminary battle be- tween old and new usually takes place at conferences, through the Internet and in the journals of the discipline.

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  • Classic Elite Yarns is proud to participate in Stitch Red, a fastgrowing campaign to “stick it to heart disease” started by Jimmy Beans Wool and supported by many in the needlearts industry. When you buy our designated Stitch Red yarns, CEY will donate 5% of proceeds to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) in support of The Heart Truth®. Joining thousands of knitters and crocheters by supporting Stitch Red, and help raise awareness and prevent heart disease in women. To learn more about Stitch Red, visit www.stitchred.com and see how you can get involved!...

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  • The years 1945–55 saw the emergence of a radically new kind of device: the high-speed stored-program digital computer. Secret wartime projects in areas such as code-breaking, radar and ballistics had produced a wealth of ideas and technologies that kick-started this first decade of the Information Age. The brilliant mathematician and code-breaker Alan Turing was just one of several British pioneers whose prototype machines led the way. Turning theory into practice proved tricky, but by 1948 five UK research groups had begun to build practical stored-program computers.

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  • Soft Linen Minnie’s Cover Up Soft Linen 35% linen, 35% wool, 30% baby alpaca Soft Linen is composed of an interesting blend of fibers: Cool, crisp linen, soft, warm alpaca, and elastic wool. Together they make a soft yarn that’s comfortable to wear all year round. Garments knitted in Soft Linen have a nice drape while providing just the right amount of warmth. When knit in an airy lace pattern Soft Linen is great for transitional garments like Grace’s top. Wear it over a tank in warm weather or over long sleeves when the weather gets cooler....

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  • Note: Chart includes garter edge stitches. Directions Cast on 97 sts using Shimmer and size 4 needles. Work in garter stitch (knit every row) for 18 rows. Next row (RS): K8, work row 1 of Candle Flame Pattern, K8. Continue following Candle Flame Pattern while knitting the first and last 8 sts of each row to create the border. It may be helpful to place stitch markers between pattern repeats. Pattern repeats occur between *s in written directions and are outlined in the chart. Repeat rows 1-36 of Candle Flame Pattern for 70”. Finishing Work next 18 rows in garter...

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  • Chloris was a Nymph associated with spring, flowers and new growth. Her Roman equivalent was the goddess Flora. She was abducted by (and later married) Zephyr, the god of the west wind. Yarn: Malabrigo Lace 1 skein Water Green Needles: US 3 - 3.25 mm, DPNs for the start and a longer needle for the rest of the shawl. Other Notions: stitch markers A crochet hook slightly larger than your needle.

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  • Inspired by the coming of spring and the going of the crow, this shawl is a quick knit in fingering weight yarn. The main pattern is the Haapsalu "Crow's Foot," letting the memory of a few of winter's crows leave their mark in knitting before spring entirely takes over. The crow foot itself is enjoyable and easily memorized. Size is adjustable, with a border that can be started after any full pattern repeat. .A knowledge of how to yarn over, knit, purl, knit two together, and slip knit pass slipped stitch is necessary for this piece. Familiarity with central double decreasing is...

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  • Design by Eunny Jang A lace stole, worked in two variants of the ancient “Print O’ The Wave” Shetland lace pattern. Light enough to shiver and float in a draft, this stole can be worn as a sheer, delicate wrap (pictured), or doubled as a short scarf. Knit in cobweb weight yarn and US00 needles for the light wrap shown, or in lace weight and US4 needles for a slightly sturdier, larger shawl.

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  • Cotton Bam Boo 52% Cotton, 48% Bamboo Cotton Bam Boo is a smooth, lustrous sportweight yarn with great stitch definition. The cotton component allows the blend to knit up into a fabric that is soft and breathable. Bamboo viscose adds a soft sheen, and it is naturally antibacterial. The cotton/bamboo viscose blend gives this yarn a wonderful drape – perfect for summer shawls and wraps.

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  • All Tangled Up knitting from across the pond Kiri Kiri is a triangular shawl, with fern motif, garter stitch border and scalloped edging. Knit in Rowan Kid Silk haze, it has a gossamer effect which belies its warmth. The pattern uses 3 balls of KSH, at 75 grams, it's the perfect shawl to wear throughout the year The Fern motif is a classic Shetland motif that works well either on its own or as a panel within a larger design. I have adapted the original design used by Sharon Miller in her Birch shawl for Rowan, to make the pattern easier for new...

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  • C H A P T E R T W E N T Y - S I X A History of Postwar Monetary Economics and Macroeconomics Despite a degree of arbitrariness, World War II provides a natural division in the history of macroeconomics. The macroeconomics of the interwar period was a rich tapestry of competing models and methodologies

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  • Đây là một hình ảnh rất đơn giản của gãy xương: cho một điều, nó khẳng định rằng một liên kết luôn luôn phải phá vỡ tại mỗi điểm dọc theo crack với từng stepbut thời gian trong thực tế không có lý do tại sao điều này đã được như vậy nếu căng thẳng là không lớnđủ.

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