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  • Tài liệu Tổng hợp các bài mẫu writing task 2 band 9.0 viết bởi thầy Simon bao gồm 25 bài sample esseys được viết dưới dạng câu hỏi discussion + opinion; opinion; two-part question; problems & solutions. Mời các bạn tham khảo tài liệu để nâng cao kỹ năng viết tiếng Anh của mình.


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  • IELTS Writing Task 2: Using the ebook. Some ideas from the ebook about the benefits of mobile phones: The mobile phone is the most popular gadget in today’s world; We can stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues wherever we are;...; Mobile phones have revolutionised the way we communicate.

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  • The Subcommittee on Body Composition, Nutrition, and Health of Military Women (BCNH subcommittee) was established in 1995 through a grant administered by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command as part of the Defense Women's Health Research Program.

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  • This paper discusses a decision-tree approach to the problem of assigning probabilities to words following a given text. In contrast with previous decision-tree language model attempts, an algorithm for selecting nearly optimal questions is considered. The model is to be tested on a standard task, The Wall Street Journal, allowing a fair comparison with the well-known trigram model.

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  • We study the impact of syntactic and shallow semantic information in automatic classification of questions and answers and answer re-ranking. We define (a) new tree structures based on shallow semantics encoded in Predicate Argument Structures (PASs) and (b) new kernel functions to exploit the representational power of such structures with Support Vector Machines. Our experiments suggest that syntactic information helps tasks such as question/answer classification and that shallow semantics gives remarkable contribution when a reliable set of PASs can be extracted, e.g. from answers. ...

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  • In this work we address the task of computerassisted assessment of short student answers. We combine several graph alignment features with lexical semantic similarity measures using machine learning techniques and show that the student answers can be more accurately graded than if the semantic measures were used in isolation. We also present a first attempt to align the dependency graphs of the student and the instructor answers in order to make use of a structural component in the automatic grading of student answers. ...

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  • We present a graph-based semi-supervised learning for the question-answering (QA) task for ranking candidate sentences. Using textual entailment analysis, we obtain entailment scores between a natural language question posed by the user and the candidate sentences returned from search engine. The textual entailment between two sentences is assessed via features representing high-level attributes of the entailment problem such as sentence structure matching, question-type named-entity matching based on a question-classifier, etc.

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  • In this paper, we analyze the impact of different automatic annotation methods on the performance of supervised approaches to the complex question answering problem (defined in the DUC-2007 main task). Huge amount of annotated or labeled data is a prerequisite for supervised training. The task of labeling can be accomplished either by humans or by computer programs. When humans are employed, the whole process becomes time consuming and expensive.

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  • however these are often based on a specific text type or genre, e.g. financial newspaper text (the Penn-II Treebank (Marcus et al., 1993)). This can limit the applicability of grammatical resources induced from treebanks in that such resources underperform when used on a different type of text or for a specific task. In this paper we present work on creating QuestionBank, a treebank of parse-annotated questions, which can be used as a supplementary training resource to allow parsers to accurately parse questions (as well as other text). ...

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  • The main aim of this paper is to analyse the e ects of applying pronominal anaphora resolution to Question Answering QA systems. For this task a complete QA system has been implemented. System evaluation measures performance improvements obtained when information that is referenced anaphorically in documents is not ignored.

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  • This text offers 25 topic-based units, each covering a key area of IT. There is a variety of texts and visual material, taken from textbooks, newspapers, computing magazines, web pages, manuals, and advertisements. The course revises and practises grammar and functions appropriate to the needs of IT specialists at intermediate level, developing all four skills, with the main emphasis on reading. Most units end with longer specialist reading texts. These are intentionally challenging, and can be used either for homework or self-study.

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  • Details of the Writing Test Procedure of the test The writing test is the third test you do on the test day. You have 60 minutes for this test. There are two tasks or parts to do. You will be given a card with the two tasks – one task on each side of the card. You can make notes or write your plans on the card but it will not be seen by the examiner. You will also be given an answer booklet. You have to write your essays in the answer booklet. Notes are not acceptable and essays under...

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  • Paper format The Speaking test contains four parts. 15 minutes. 4. Two candidates and two examiners. One examiner acts as both interlocutor and assessor and manages the interaction either by asking questions or by providing cues for candidates. The other acts as assessor and does not join in the conversation. Short exchanges with the interlocutor and with the other candidate; a one-minute ‘long turn’; a collaborative task involving the two candidates; a three-way discussion. Exchanging personal and factual information, expressing and finding out about attitudes and opinions.

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  • The aims outlined here are completely interdependent. Students cannot be taught concepts, skills and processes unless they find their encounters with language meaningful. Students will not respect language and their use of it unless they feel it contributes to their sense of understanding of the world. In trying to achieve these objectives it is vital that teachers introduce students to texts which create a meaningful context and invite dialogue and interaction.

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  • This report provides a long-term assessment of and outlook for nuclear physics. The first phase of the report articulates the scientific rationale and objectives of the field, while the second phase provides a global context for the field and its long-term priorities and proposes a framework for progress through 2020 and beyond. The full statement of task for the committee is in Appendix A.

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  • Learning how to compose an effective extended text, therefore, should be conceived as a task similar to acquiring expertise in related culturally acquired domains. It is not merely an extension of our apparent biological predisposition to acquire spoken language. Rather, it is more similar to learning how to type - which is in fact one aspect of composition, as a common means of motor output. Or, it is similar to learning how to play chess - which is another planning intensive task similar to composition in its demands on thinking and memory. Or, it is similar to learning...

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  • 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS 6 COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WRITING TEST "What happens if I don't finish the writing tasks in the given time?" You will be penalised because you will not have fulfilled the requirements of each task. It is, therefore, most important to practise writing for speed a long time before the day of the test, so that you can be sure of finishing in the required time. It is wise to spend only the advised amount of time suggested for each task (20 minutes on Writing Task 1 and 40 minutes on Writing Task 2). "If I complete...

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  • – QUESTIONS – Set 32 (Answers begin on page 136.) Each of the questions in this set contains a short paragraph, and each paragraph presents an argument. Your task is to read the paragraph carefully and determine the main point the author is trying to make. What conclusion can be drawn from the argument? Each paragraph is followed by five statements. One statement supports the author’s argument better than the others do. The best way to approach these questions is to first read the paragraph and then restate the author’s main argument, or conclusion, in your own words. 455.

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  • The process of counting correct answers began by assigning a value to the responses to each question (Table 6). Where countries have substituted questions, or reworded them, we have also given a value of 1 to a correct response and 0 in all other cases. In the case of a country with fewer than 8 financial knowledge questions we have rescaled each score as necessary (typically multiplying by a factor of 8/7).

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  • The development of the catalytic converter was society's response to smog problems. The installation of this clever device in the exhaust system has been mandatory on all new cars sold in the United States since 1975. It accomplishes three tasks, with varying degree of effectiveness: it converts any CO in the combustion products to CO2. It also facilitates the combustion of any unburned hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water. Finally, it also helps to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides by transforming them into the harmless nitrogen (N2).

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