Taxonomy of theory

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  • We wrote this book to share with other ecologists what we have learned about the structure and use of theory and its relationship to the myriad activities that constitute modern science. Our own quest was motivated by the sometimes unclear way in which the term “theory” is used in both scientifi c publications and informal discussions. We needed to fi nd out what theory was and how it was built. We also wanted to evaluate the varied and often contradictory claims made about what constitutes proper scientifi c practice.

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  • Chapter 13 - Market structure and competition. This chapter presents the following content: Introduction - cola wars, a taxonomy of market structures, monopolistic competition, oligopoly – interdependence of strategic decisions, the effect of a change in the strategic variable, the effect of a change in timing.

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  • “Cohen has produced a broad, engaging, and admirably clear discussion of intangible assets and their valuation. There is useful background here for thinking about diverse areas of the law—in addition to obvious applications in intellectual property, corporate, and securities law, one thinks of, for example, administrative law, where debates about cost-benefit analysis ranging over intangible (and often ephemeral) assets are both ubiquitous and contentious.

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  • 4 Systematics and Taxonomy 1. Introduction Systematics may be defined as the study of the kinds and diversity of organisms and the relationships among them. Taxonomy, the theory and practice of identifying, describing, naming, and classifying organisms, is an integral part of systematics.

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  • Three unforgettable mentors shoved me off into a vocation of natural history. Dr. Neil Douglas, Dr. R. Dale Thomas, and the late Dr. Tom Kee, biology professors at what was then known as Northeast Louisiana University, first had to teach me how much I didn’t know before they could inject me with an education proper. Their pedagogy emphasized taxonomy, be it of freshwater darters, adder’s tongue ferns, or flycatchers, and the “survival of the fittest” theory applied as well to their students. I can’t thank them enough....

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