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  • This paper addresses the utilisation of reflective practice to foster teacher professional learning by critically reviewing recent research and other relevant literature. The paper concludes that reflection and reflective practice are vital to teacher professional learning owing to the theorypractice gap, the research-practice gap, limitations of the managerialist approach to professional development, and the unstable nature of the teaching career.

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  • This article presents the concept of professional learning in a broad sense which includes three of components through the task of organizing activities in the Latin American Literature class. On that base, a number of ideas for training and improving teacher are presented and discussed.

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  • Research objectives: Identify the rationale and practical basis of E-learning materials to meet the needs and professional characteristics of the primary teachers; design E-learning materials and e-learning system to support the primary teachers’ professional development based on network communication technology.

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  • Educational reform and change relating to curriculum, pedagogy, standards, evaluation and professional learning have an important role to play in educational improvement initiatives. In this paper, I explore insights from policy, research and practice initiatives across key aspects of the New Zealand education landscape, relate those to improvement efforts internationally, and highlight implications and possibilities for teacher education.

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  • This monograph is part of the Teacher Education in South Africa series. The series documents a wide-ranging set of research projects on teacher education conducted by the Education, Science and Skills Development research programme within the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), as part of a consortium of research partners. A comprehensive investigation of the dynamics shaping the professional development of educators, the series provides important reading for educationists, academics and policy-makers....

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  • Invites teachers and students with reference lecture "Lesson English 5: Unit 2 - Let’s Learn Some More " below for additional material to serve the needs of learning and teaching, lectures are designed by professional Powerpoint help improve skills skills and knowledge in the development of electronic lectures teaching and learning.

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  • This investigation focuses on the self-directed proficiency development strategies of EFL high school teachers in the Mekong Delta for achieving the standards-based proficiency level required by the National Foreign Language Project 2020. The results indicated that the teachers were rarely engaged in activities to develop their English proficiency and finding learning materials via the Internet was the most popular strategy.

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  • This paper aims to depict the valuable tools for pedagogical professional development through an action research on students’ significant learning in a context of higher education. This three-year educational action research was conducted with the participation of 108 pedagogy students to collect data through documenting evidence relevant to the research issues using the student’s feedback and the teacher’s self-reflective journal entry.

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  • practice one exercise at a time. first play the audio and listen with the book open. play the audio again. this time pause the audio after every word or phrase and practice pronouncing the word or phrase. now practice pronouncing all the words or phrases in the exercise without playing the tape. finally pronounce one word or phrase in the exercise at a time and listen to the audio for verification. after completing all the exercises in a unit, revise the whole unit once. use the words, phrases and other expressions that you have learnt in a particular unit in...

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  • This book is about how learning makes a difference to people’s lives, as indi- viduals and as members of their community. It is more than likely that anyone picking up the book – you, the reader – will be broadly predisposed to believe that learning does indeed bring benefits; we do not on the whole devote time to reading about things in which we have no belief.

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  • Writing development, then, is not complete at the end of university or even post- graduate work. An individual who writes on the job as a professional, even if it is but a part of his or her work, is preoccupied with what the text says in relation to what the writer already knows. Scientific writers, for example, must know “what problems the discipline has addressed, what the discipline has learned, where it is going, who the major actors are, and how all these things contribute” to the writer’s own project (Bazerman, 1988).

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  • Children with disabilities are at risk for experiencing problems in many aspects of their lives, including becoming independent in daily living skills, meeting academic expectations, learning to communicate, maintaining emotional and behavioral regulation, adapting to the social demands of society, and developing motor proficiency.

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  • At the beginning of every semester in one of my undergraduate health classes at Texas State University, I ask my students, “How many of you feel you received quality sexuality education from either your parents or school?” Typically, I see two or three hands out of 50 students. When I ask these 18- and 19-year-old students, the vast majority of whom are products of Texas public schools, why they didn’t learn this important information, their explanations have become a familiar litany: “We skipped the sex ed chapter in high school.” “Our teacher just told us ‘don’t do it.

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  • School setting: Skills-based health education and life skills can and have been incorporated in many settings and for a wide range of target groups. In this document, we focus on school-based programmes. Education reform ensures a place for skills-based health education in the curriculum and in various extra-curricular efforts. Special programmes for students and parents, peer education and counselling programmes, and school/community programmes offer ways for students to apply and practise what they learn.

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  • The French for Specific Purposes is aimed at specific public learners who are employed or who are vocational trainees wishing to use French in the current or future professional field. Understanding the teaching principles of the French for Specialized Purposes that focus on developing curriculum plays a very important role for programmers or teachers to set up an effective teaching for students learning French in universities in Vietnam

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  • The number of different applications for RFID systems is increasing each year and various research directions have been developed to improve the performance of these systems. With this book InTech continues a series of publications dedicated to the latest research results in the RFID field, supporting the further development of RFID. One of the best ways of documenting within the domain of RFID technology is to analyze and learn from those who have trodden the RFID path.

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  • Invites teachers and students with reference content lectures "Unit 11: National - Parks" below, lectures are designed by professional PowerPoint to enhance skills and knowledge in the development of electronic lectures teaching and learning notebook.

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  • In India, there is a clear distinction between the terms «media education», «edu- cational technology» and «professional education in media». The term «educational technology» includes all teaching techniques as wells as the use of media in school lessons; the term «professional education in media» refers to a mixture between schools of journalism and film. «Media education» considers learning about media while educational technology is learning by using media.

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  • Journal writing is a technique that has been promoted by educators in many fields, including nursing, counseling and management, as a means of facilitating reflective practice and stimulating critical thinking (for a review see Bain et al., 1999). In the field of teacher education reflection is widely acknowledged and promoted as a criti- cal element in the professional development of teachers (Zeichner, 1992; Calderhead & Gates, 1993).

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  • Invite you to refer game magic hat for the teaching of teachers. The game was designed by a professional PowerPoint to enhance skills and knowledge in teaching and learning.

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