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  • This paper discusses how academic virtual counseling might be a tool to help students in math class. The methodological approach is based in the non-experimental, longitudinal model evolution and in the designs of evolutionary group analysis, we stated the possibility to generalize the results of the use of technological resources in the teaching of mathematics in order to find out if it is possible to improve the levels of students at a school in upper level education.

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  • This is an intermediate level post-calculus text on mathematical and statistical methods, directed toward the needs of chemists. It has developed out of a course that I teach at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for thirdyear undergraduate chemistry majors and, with additional assignments, for chemistry graduate students.

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  • This book is not simply a collection of teaching ideas and activities. It describes an approach to teaching and learning mathematics. This book can be best used as part of an approach to teaching using a plan or scheme of work to guide your teaching. This book is only one resource out of several that can be used to help you with ideas for activities and teaching methods to meet the needs of all pupils and to raise standards of achievement.

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  • Prepare the resources to meet the need for education reform in teacher training is an important task of the Teacher Training College. Mathematics theory and methodology play a major part in preparing students in primary education for knowledge and skills in the field of mathematics. This paper proposes some methods to apply in teaching the mathematics theory and method in elementary schools at the Pedagogic College, and help students adapt and meet the current requirement of mathematics education reform in primary schools today.

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  • We have designed this book to be a supplement to Robert J. Barro’sMacroeconomics, which is the textbook that is used in introductory macroeconomics courses at the University of Chicago. In teaching these courses, we have found that Barro’s treatment of the subject does not make use of the mathematical skills of our students. In particular, Barro relies almost exclusively on economic intuition and graphs to elucidate his subject. Since our students are familiar with calculus, we are able to work out formal models. This almost always allows greater concreteness and concision....

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  • Over the past decade there have been numerous printed editions of graphic design history. Indeed, the industry is becoming saturated with new printed editions each year. Preparing content to teach history of graphic design courses at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, and Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, resulted in an extensive list of different texts as resources, including the texts by Meggs, Hollis, and Eskilson.

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  • Improving your own teaching One way to improve your own teaching is to try new methods and activities in the classroom and then think about how well the activity improved students’ learning. Through trying out new activities and working in different ways, and then reflecting on the lesson and analysing how well students have learned, you can develop the best methods for your students. You can decide to concentrate on one aspect of teaching maths: language, culture, teaching methods, resources or planning. Find the relevant chapter and use it....

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  • The most obvious reason why school mathematics education should matter to university professors is that a continuing influx of mathematically in- competent students would decimate the university mathematics curriculum. One can look no further than the United Kingdom to have one’s worst fears confirmed. If the report [TM] released by the Council of the London Math- ematical Society in October, 1995, is to be trusted, then the UK is some five years ahead of us in a mathematics education reform remarkably similar to our own in its rhetoric. ...

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  • Collaborative knowledge sharing requires that dialogues successfully cross organizational barriers and information silos. Successful communication in person or in a virtual community involves a willingness to share ideas and consider diverse viewpoints. This research examines a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content management system called NASATalk, which offers public and private blog posts, file sharing, asynchronous discussion, and live chat services.

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