Technology and science education

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  • This study is based on the low attention of teachers on students’ potential compared to academic ability. Teachers’ focus on academic ability as the sole determinant of successful learning causes learning to be incapable of developing the students’ potential called Multiple Intelligences (MI), whereas they can be applied to make students enjoy learning as well as develop the potential and thinking skills of students. To overcome this problem, a teaching strategy based on Multiple Intelligences was developed in science lesson.

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  • This article is based on education for power and citizenship and related educational and social problems, where the axis of the issue is the environmental resources applied to learning geometry. These have a great impact on the teaching process, as it is currently considered that education should be interactive with respect to the environment.

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  • The inclusion and the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) configure a field of great scientific interest in the current society. In this context, the attitudes of the teachers towards the ICT play an important role. The present article gathers the results of a study whose purpose was to determine how a teacher will use and integrate the ‘Information and Communication Technologies’ (ICT) in inclusive classrooms. This will also identify the factors that promote good educational practices supported by ICT. Towards this we prepared a case study of multiple cases.

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  • Students have access to the Internet at their fngertps via e-tablets and smart phones. However, the STEM felds are struggling to remain relevant in students’ lives outside the classroom. In an efort to improve high school science curricula and to keep students engaged in the classroom, we developed a technology-rich bioengineering summer program for high school students in grades 9-12. The program utlized touch screen technology in conjuncton with hands-on experiments and traditonal lecturing to create an entertaining, relevant, and efectve classroom experience.

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  • The research results indicated a positve efect of the pre-academic science center actvites on scientfc thinking skills. A signifcant improvement in the students' inquiry and graphing skills was found, yet non signifcant diferences were found in argumentaton skill. The students signifcantly improved their ability to ask research questons based on reading a scientfc text, and to describe and analyze research results that were presented graphically.

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  • The results, the use of these methodologies not only had a significant promotion in the positive emotions and self-efficacy beliefs, but also better learning outcomes were achieved by the students following this methodology. The results obtained in this research demonstrate that following an appropriate learning methodology in a distance program could contribute to reduce the main handicaps of these programs.

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  • This paper aims to analyze the differences between internet facilities, internet usage purposes, internet selfefficacy (ISE), and internet perceptions in learning physics, regarding students’ gender and grade. A total of 798 senior high school students were surveyed randomly from 10 schools in the urban area of Lampung Province, Indonesia.

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  • The present study aims to identify standards of interactive digital concepts maps design and their measurement indicators as a tool to develop, organize and administer e-learning content in the light of Meaningful Learning Theory and Constructivist Learning Theory. To achieve the objective of the research, the author prepared a list of E-learning content design standards based on interactive digital concepts maps. It involved (11) general standards and (40) performance indicators.

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  • This paper describes their solution, including the overall design, the technology involved and the benefits it can bring to the current market. The team was able to design and render the Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings of the prototype, assemble all components, successfully test the electronics and comply with the budget. Furthermore, the designed solution was supported by a product sustainability study and included a specific marketing plan.

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  • This paper examines the relatonship between teacher-related factors and student’s attudes towards Chemistry subject in secondary schools in Kenya. The paper is based on a study conducted in Buret District in Kericho County, Kenya.

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  • Three sets of research instruments, the NASA Long-Term Experience –Educator End of Event Survey, the Teacher End of Project Survey, and the pre-and-post-Investgatng Climate Change and Remote Sensing (ICCARS) project student exams, are adapted to study the pedagogical impacts of the NASA AEROKATS remote sensing system.

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  • This paper is aimed at engineering instructors considering graphics tablet technology for their teaching set up. The objective is to provide useful information and guidance by sharing experiences made using a graphics tablet for lecturing an undergraduate course on Thermal Engineering.

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  • The results revolve around several axes, such as student satisfaction, the training they received, the perceived usefulness of the training received, the evaluation of the entire training process as it was carried out, and the performance achieved. This model ensures that the student is satisfied with and finds the usefulness of the training received, attains better academic performance and fosters very positive attitudes among the students as a whole.

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  • This research introduces a new pedagogical approach, the Virtual Flipped Classroom (VFC). The VFC is an integration of two concepts: the Flipped Classroom and Virtual Classroom. It enables teachers to teach and guide students in applying the activities needed to achieve the best learning levels. To investigate the effect of VFC, the researchers applied it to students on a computer programming course in the Instructional and Learning Technology (ILT) department at the College of Education, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU).

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  • Results of the study revealed that the students of applied sciences courses preferred visual, group and kinesthetic as major learning styles while they manifest a moderate level of study habits. They also have a good level of academic achievement. Test of difference revealed that academic performance, father's occupation and type of high school graduated from spelled significant differences in their perceptual learning styles.

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  • This innovation was also supported by theories and empirical study. This study serves as preliminary study in the process of SCT learning model development to improve the critical thinking skills and self-efficacy of pre-service chemistry teachers. This study covers need analysis, literature review, and field survey. Result shows that the innovation can stand as the basis of hypothetic SCT learning model development. SCT learning model syntax covers: student orientation, scientific activity, presentation of scientific activity result, critical thinking task completion; and evaluation.

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  • This paper studies the use and integration of ICT through students’ perceptions from the educational centers of the municipality of San Juan Girón (Santander, Colombia). The population is composed of 208 participants with ages ranging between 12 and 18, 59% female and 41% male. Statistically significant results were obtained concerning the use of school-owned resources and teaching methodologies.

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  • This paper investigates factors that influence Zambian higher education lecturer’s attitude towards integrating ICTs in research and teaching. To determine these factors, we used online administered survey with a total of 163 respondents from public and private higher education institutions in Zambia. Quantitative data analysis based on descriptive and inferential statistics was used in this study. Inferential analysis was employed to investigate the relationships among variables using Pearson correlation analysis and completely randomized design.

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  • The question of where students sit in a classroom has been widely studied under different approaches since the beginning of the 20th century. In this study, the data related to the seating location of the students in the computer-aided design practice lecture at the university were recorded and arranged, to analyse their seating preferences, their consistency throughout the course and their relationship with several factors related to academic performance, class attendance, and punctuality.

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  • This study examined the effects of using Microsoft Mathematics on students’ attitude, conceptual understanding, and procedural skills in Differential Calculus. A quasi-experimental research design was used in which two different learning environments were compared. The participants of the study were two classes of Electrical Engineering students enrolled in Differential Calculus course, assigned randomly as control and experimental groups with 30 students in each group.

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