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  • In a classic paper by the late Yale historian of science, Derek De Solla Price (1965), based mainly on the study of citations in a single scientific research field, it was shown how citations in a developing research area have a strong 'immediacy effect'.1 Citation was found to be at a maximum for papers about two-and-a-half years old, and the 'major work of a paper ... [is] finished after 10 years', as judged by citations.

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  • THE CAMBRIAN RADIATION, which commenced around 550 million years ago, arguably ranks as the single most important episode in the development of Earth’s marine biota. Diverse benthic communities with complex tiering, trophic webs, and niche partitioning, together with an elaborate pelagic realm, were established soon after the beginning of the Cambrian period. This key event in the history of life changed the marine biosphere and its associated sediments forever.

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  • Based on the above observations, let us assume as a working hypothesis that the Earth can be modelled as a rotating body where the centre of mass is offset from the principal axis of rotation. For the purposes of this paper the author will consider the two principal approaches to determine the circumferential forces associated with an unbalanced rotating body...

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  • Almost a decade has passed since the last textbook on the science of cryobiology and the most common methods of cryopreservation was published [Fuller et al, 2007], to which we will refer as “the previous book” here and below. When it was published, it became a useful guide for both “seasoned” cryobiologists and those who had just started their journey to this fascinating science.

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