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  • Coxe describes the spectacular rise and fall of technology and telecom stocks as a "Triple Waterfall," a technical analyst's term for a classic boom-and-bust event. In events like these, vast amounts of wealth change hands from investors to those who profit from the bubble, in this case the upper management of dot-coms and the like who cashed in big at the top by selling stock and exercising stock options. According to Coxe, "Triple Waterfalls aren't mere bubbles, they are financial pandemics that take not months, not years, but decades to run their course.

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  • This Article offers an assessment of the preliminary evidence that the market for corporate control functions as a disciplinary mechanism for poor corporate governance in Korea. It analyzes SK Corporation’s fight against Sovereign Asset Management, contest for control over the Hyundai Group, KT&G’s fight against Carl Icahn, and LG Group and Carlyle’s proxy contest against Hanaro Telecom, together with relevant laws and regulations.

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  • POPgate™ is an enhanced Internet network access switch for rapidly growing ISPs and telecom operators. Combining a cost-effective hardware platform with innovative value-added applications, POPgate empowers service providers to easily offer differentiated services to their dial-up subscribers. POPgate is a highly flexible solution that is easy to install, operate and maintain. Thanks to POPgate, service providers can increase their revenues, build market share, and maximize network utilization....

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