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  • This textbook provides an accessible yet rigorous treatment of environmental and natural resource economics, as well as the emerging subject of sustainability and sustainable development. This third edition is built on the foundation of more than ten years of classroom experience working with and learning from thousands of students at Humboldt State University and other institutions.

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  • In the writing of this English translation of Professor Bergson's most important work, I was helped by the friendly interest of Professor William James, to whom I owe the illumination of much that was dark to me as well as the happy rendering of certain words and phrases for which an English equivalent was difficult to find. His sympathetic appreciation of Professor Bergson's thought is well known, and he has expressed his admiration for it in one of the chapters of A Pluralistic Universe.

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  • Về dạng chuẩn Boyce-Cold của sơ đồ quan hệ. Vào khoảng những năm 1940, điều khiển học hiện đại bắt đầu với vai trò một ngành nghiên cứu kết hợp giữa các lĩnh vực hệ thống điều khiển, thần kinh học, lý thuyết mạng điện, và mô hình logic.

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  • For many years now scholars have consistently mapped virtually all ideas about justice onto one of two continents. According to this cartography, the utilitarian territory is populated by views that stipulate a goal and derive a conception of justice from that goal or objective, usually by specifying a set of principles, rules, and institutions that are expected to be instrumental to its achievement. The most talked about goal in modern times has been the maximization of happiness.

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  • There are many ways that scholars and theologians have argued for the existence of God, but when we examine the world around us, perhaps the most conclusive argument grows from the reality of the intricacy of our universe. The argument we are about to study should give you sure footing in your faith. It should remind you that your faith is not built on emotion or blind commitment, but on the sure footing of reason and evidence. When we love God with all our minds, we honor and worship Him. Our faith is not an empty hope. It is...

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