Telling the numbers

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  • Lecture Electronic materials - Chapter 4: Density of states and fermi energy concepts provide students with knowledge about quantum Mechanics tells us that the number of available states in a cubic cm per unit of energy, again, Quantum Mechanics tells us that the electrons follow the “Fermi-distribution function”.

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  • Current volumes of sequence data can lead to large numbers of hits identified on a search, typically in the range of 10s to 100s of thousands. It is often quite difficult to tell from these raw results whether the search has been a success or has picked-up sequences with little or no relationship to the query.

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  • Audiovisual recordings of lectures are available to many students in all disciplines. The use of lecture recordings has been studied extensively, but it is still not clear how, or how much, they are actually used. Previous analysis of their use has been based on either survey data or computer logs of access. In the latter case, measurements of actual use have usually been based on counts of the number of times recordings have been accessed. This does not distinguish those that happen accidentally (‘hits’), from those that might permit learning (‘views’).

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  • Functions are "the central objects of investigation" in most fields of modern mathematics. There are many ways to describe or represent a function. Some functions may be defined by a formula or algorithm that tells how to compute the output for a given input. Others are given by a picture, called the graph of the function.

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  • The far-famed Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, was the most beautiful woman in the world. And from her beauty and faithlessness came the most celebrated of ancient wars, with death and disaster to numbers of famous heroes and the final ruin of the ancient city of Troy. The story of these striking events has been told only in poetry. We propose to tell it again in sober prose.

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  • The heroic deeds of Highlanders, both in these islands and elsewhere, have been told in verse and prose, and not more often, nor more loudly, than they deserve. But we must remember, now and then, that there have been heroes likewise in the lowland and in the fen. Why, however, poets have so seldom sung of them; why no historian, save Mr. Motley in his "Rise of the Dutch Republic," has condescended to tell the tale of their doughty deeds, is a question not difficult to answer. In the first place, they have been fewer in number. The lowlands of the world, being the richest...

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  • Measurement and evaluation are vital components of social media but they are in many ways problem- atic and can appear confusing. At the simplest level, it is common to monitor traditional quantitative variables such as number of followers (Twitter) or ‘likes’ (Facebook) but these only tell a limited part of the story.

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  • You need some set-up for his trick. At the start, the deck of cards is secretly separated into two groups - one set of cards with values that are prime numbers and one set of non-prime values. By doing this, you will easily be able to tell exactly what cards were swapped but your spectators won’t notice. So start by dividing up the deck with all the prime numbers in one stack (2, 3, , 7, J, K) and the non-prime in the other (A, 4, , 8, 9, 10, Q). Keep the suits of the cards in a nice...

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  • You will use the numbers in the table to work out how to get the card into your volunteer’s favourite number position. Suppose their favourite number is 17. First of all, take away 1 to work out how many cards you will need on top by the end of the trick – here it will be 1. Now you need to work out how to make 1 using the numbers in the table. You will need the 1, the  and the 9 (1 +  + 9 = 1). The table tells that in the first recombination, you must...

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  • “The Wilderness.” That is how author and Cubs fan David Claerbaut described Chicago Cub history between 1946 and 1966 in his book, Durocher’s Cubs: The Greatest Team That Didn’t Win.1 Claerbaut’s imagery of a team wandering in an expansive, unknown land is perfect. In that forgettable two-decade period, the Cubs had only three seasons with a .500 or better record. Their best year followed the 1945 World Series when they registered an 82–71 mark. In 1952, the Cubs finished even at 77–77, and in 1963 the team crept over the .500 mark at 82–80.

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  • Figures from the KIEA, combined and put another way, tell us this: While women make up more than 50 percent of the U.S. adult population, and about 46 percent of the civilian workforce, they account for only about 35 percent of the people who get involved in starting businesses. (This number agrees fairly closely with other figures, not shown in the table above, which find that of all privately held firms in the U.S, about 29 percent are ―women-owned‖ and another 12 percent are ―equally owned‖ by women and men.) So women lag at the...

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  • Chn phương án A, B, C hoac D ñe hoàn thành các câu sau: 1. I coundn’t tell what time it was because workmen had removed the …… of the clock A. hands B. pointer C. arms D. fingers 2. Most developing contries are in …..of capital and technical assistance A. lack B. shortage C. need D. deficiency 3. Tropical regions receive …..rain and this condition helps to make it ideal for growing rice A. many B. much C. some D. a large number of 4. Life without…… would be dull A. a laughter B. the laughter C. laugh D. laughter 5. What the speaker said was…..meaningless. A. entire B. total...

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  • There is a major problem in writing this book. To tell the story fairly, a very large number of complexities must be explained. For example, Chapter 2 discusses Enron’s Year 2000 Annual Report. It is difficult to study that report and conclude that the firm is heading toward collapse. On the other hand, it is not difficult to identify footnotes that are vague and incomplete (of course, the author also has the benefit of hindsight). Why write a casebook describing and evaluating events about which there have been criminal trials and extensive hearings?...

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  • We know that sales results are activity driven. In an inside sales or prospecting initiative the focus is often on the number of dials, number of connects, number of proposals, etc. Although this strategy allows us to keep salespeople busy, it does not always put qualified prospects into the pipeline. Genuine prospecting requires that salespeople do more than just talk to a decision-maker. They have to make some headway into the relationship. They need to do some telling and some listening. They need to advance the sales process or determine that no advancement is reasonable right now.

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  • They say what doesn’t break you makes you stronger. For hedge funds, 2012 was a backbreaking year to put it mildly. Heightened market volatility, stressed global macroeconomic conditions, and underperformance relative to traditional investing vehicles were just a few of the factors that challenged hedge funds in 2012. Add the extra weight of an increasing regulatory burden, and many fund leaders might have been forgiven for packing it in.

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  • People write books for many reasons. Some write for money, while others have stories to tell. Some write to fill personal or social needs. I wrote as a result of a number of factors that seemed to coalesce at one time. The first factor was a client who didn't pay me. I thought at the time that the advice I had given was good. Since I had done the research for the opinion, why not put the information I had gleaned from various sources to good use?

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  • IT is late, so this can be only a note--to tell you that we arrived here safely, and will take the stage for Fort Lyon to-morrow morning at six o'clock. I am thankful enough that our stay is short at this terrible place, where one feels there is danger of being murdered any minute. Not one woman have I seen here, but there are men--any number of dreadful-looking men--each one armed with big pistols, and leather belts full of cartridges. But the houses we saw as we came from the station were worse even than the men. They looked, in the moonlight, like huge cakes...

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  • This book tells what we know of man, how he first lived, how he worked with other men, what kinds of houses he built, what tools he made, and how he formed a government under which to live. So we learn of the activities of men in the past and what they have passed on to us. In this way we may become acquainted with the different stages in the process which we call civilization. The present trend of specialization in study and research has brought about widely differentiated courses of study in schools and a large number of...

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  • .PUBLISHED BY Microsoft Press A Division of Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington 98052-6399 Copyright © 2012 Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher. Library of Congress Control Number (PCN): 2012950240 ISBN: 978-0-7356-7050-1 Microsoft Press books are available through booksellers and distributors worldwide. If you need support related to this book, email Microsoft Press Book Support at

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  • The statistics are well known and staggering. And yet, in many countries the figures continue to worsen. Each year 500,000–600,000 women die in pregnancy and childbirth. In some parts of Sub–Saharan Africa, 1 in 6 women die in child birth, while in United States the lifetime risk is as low as 1 in 84001. HIV/AIDS statistics tell an equally disturbing story of dis- parity. In parts of Africa, over 35% of the adult population — 1 in 3 adults — is infected with HIV 2. The number of women contracting the disease is also on the rise.

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