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  • The paper provided some implications for facilitating the effectiveness of ESP reading comprehension as well as the integration of two subject areas (English for History and Geography) by altering the levels of expertise.

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  • The study of Manzano’s life highlighting his proximity to Spanishness and distancing from Blackness is encapsulated within Negriceness; the analysis of rendition of the autobiographical text emphasizes similarities between the source and target versions of the narrative endorsed by Paralatio.

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  • In this work we delve, through a case study, into the significance of the teacher’s aids provided on-line and off-line. The participant’s work is recorded with the traces she leaves in the documents she develops; their analysis and interpretation permitted a better understanding of the processes followed in teaching History of Spain and identify other learning taking place at the same time as the academic. The analysis of the latter, specified in the emotions and in the planning of a talk on a topic in the curriculum, it has revealed another world of learning that cango unnoticed.

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  • This study applies the text-mining methodology, aims to explore how urban image formed with which destination brand personalities. Based on online reviews retrieved from TripAdvisor, 12 traits related to four dimensions of Danang brand personalities is explored. These dimensions are sincerity, excitement, competence, and sophistication. The results show that excitement and competence are dominant personalities of Danang urban heritage image with the coverages are 6.31% and 2.86%, respectively. Some implications for city image promotion and further research also are suggested.

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  • This study examines the semantic contribution of English suffixes and prefixes in the translation process by categorizing and analyzing various English affixes in the source texts and proposing their Vietnamese equivalent for the target texts. The results reveal that implementing an affixal analysis in the translation process (1) enhances the translation quality, (2) accelerates the translation process, and (3) conveys patterns of meaning associated with affixal stress and intonation.

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  • The present study evaluates the effect of test format on the performance of reading comprehension, which is the integrated format. Unlike the separation of text and test questions into two sections in the split format, the main modification of the integrated format is that the relevant text is integrated with test questions in each reading task. Through the comparison between learners’ performance in the two test formats, this study tests the hypothesis that the overall test performance and task performance in the integrated format are higher than performance in the split format.

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  • This research aims at investigating the realization of thematic progression (TP) patterns, which is defined as “the way in which the theme of a clause may pick up, or repeat a meaning from a preceding theme or rheme” (Paltrigde, 2006, p. 148), and their effects on text quality of online IELTS Writing Task 2 samples.

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  • This paper investigates the influence of cultural background knowledge on EFL reading comprehension. To explore the general assumption that cultural background knowledge helps students to better comprehend a text, a reading comprehension test including two passages describing a Vietnamese and a Chilean national holiday was developed.

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  • This paper introduces the first semi-automated pipeline, to our knowledge, that converts morphological descriptions into taxon-character matrices to support systematics and evolutionary biology research.

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  • It has obtained great results in theory as well as practical applications. However, the accuracy of identification is still limited, especially in the case of low-quality input images. In this article, we propose an efficient method to recognize information fields for identification in ID card using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Long Short-Term Memory networks (LSTM).

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  • (BQ) As was the case with the first four editions, we wrote Global Marketing, Fifth Edition, with today’s students and instructors in mind. Guided by our experience using the text in undergraduate and graduate classrooms and in corporate training seminars, we have revised, updated, and expanded Global Marketing, Fifth Edition.

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  • (BQ) Literary art in digital performance: Case studies in new media art and criticism – Part 1, the following will be discussed in this part: Juncture and form in new media criticism, what is and toward what end do we read digital literature? strickland and Lawson Jaramillo’s slippingglimpse: distributed cognition at/in work, reading the discursive spaces of text rain, geopoetics: aesthetic experience in the works of stefan schemat and teri rueb.

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  • In the early days, outliers were considered anomalous, possibly erroneous observations, which should be identified and removed from the analysis, when building the model. However, analyzing such outliers might be useful in some case.

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  • The study aims to assess the Vietnamese translation of English person reference forms, particularly “I - you” dyads in a literary text. To fulfill the purpose, House’s functional-pragmatic model (House, 2015), extended with Attitudinal resources of Appraisal theory (Martin & White, 2005), is adopted as the analytical framework for assessment. The data include 75 “I - you” dyads collected from “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (2014) and its Vietnamese translation “Harry Potter và Hòn đá phù thuỷ” (2016).

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  • The present panorama of communication features the co-employment of language and other semiotic resources. This paper addresses this fledging field, multimodal discourse analysis, by investigating a genre targeted at children. Specifically, it studies how meanings in comics for children are constructed both verbally and visually. The data for the study is one comic - Little Red Riding Hood, which is presented via colored images and verbal texts in English.

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  • There is a large number of studies on how to promote students’ cognitive processes and learning achievements through various learning activities supported by advanced learning technologies. However, not many of them focus on applying the knowledge that students learn in school to solve authentic daily life problems. This study aims to propose a cognitive diffusion model called User-oriented Context-to-Text Recognition for Learning (UCTRL) to facilitate and improve students’ learning and cognitive processes from lower levels (i.e., Remember and Understand) to higher levels (i.e.

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  • The essay evaluates English - Vietnamese translation elements that bring cultural characteristics in literature. To realize the purpose of the research, the functional model of House, combined with the source of attitude according to Martin and White's assessment of language theory, was selected as a classification framework for the evaluation process.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of The essentials text & summarized cases in business law today (11th edition) has contents: Agency relationships in business, employment law, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy, negotiable instruments, banking in the digital age, the entrepreneur’s options, personal property, bailments, and insurance,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • (BQ) The document The essentials text & summarized cases in business law today (11th edition): Part 1 has contents: Legal and constitutional foundations of business; tort law and product liability; intellectual property rights; criminal law and cyber crime, business ethics,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • A case-based manual of radiology on call has an easy-to-navigate, streamlined style that features annotated images and minimal text. The author provides only those facts and brief descriptions that are needed to become familiar with each entity.

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