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  • Recently, reflecting the growing needs of young people who intend to become more competent in the English language and plan to go abroad for study and work, not only universities but also more high schools in Japan have started to conduct preparation courses for English proficiency tests such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), in addition to ordinary English classes.

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  • Spectral extrema for graphs: the Zarankiewicz problem L´szl´ Babai∗ a o Barry Guiduli†Submitted: Jul 12, 2007; Accepted: Sep 21, 2009; Published: Sep 25, 2009 Abstract Let G be a graph on n vertices with spectral radius λ (this is the largest eigenvalue of the adjacency matrix of G). We show that if G does not contain the complete bipartite graph Kt,s as a subgraph, where 2 t s, then λ (s − 1)1/t + o(1) n1−1/t for fixed t and s while n → ∞. Asymptotically, this bound matches the K˝v´rio a Tur´n-S´s upper bound on the average degree of G...

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  • Clinical Manifestations Lung cancer gives rise to signs and symptoms caused by local tumor growth, invasion or obstruction of adjacent structures, growth in regional nodes through lymphatic spread, growth in distant metastatic sites after hematogenous dissemination, and remote effects of tumor products (paraneoplastic syndromes) (Chaps. 96 and 97). Although 5–15% of patients with lung cancer are identified while they are asymptomatic, usually as a result of a routine chest radiograph or through the use of screening CT scans, most patients present with some sign or symptom.

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  • 10 Foraging with Others: Games Social Foragers Play On a bone-chilling winter night in the far north, a lone wolf travels through the boreal forest looking for his next meal. The half-dozen pack members in the adjacent home range howl periodically throughout the night.

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  • Sediment Transport Processes and their Modelling Applications is a book which covers a wide range of topics. The effective management of many aquatic environments, requires a detailed understanding of sediment dynamics. This has both environmental and economic implications, especially where there is any anthropogenic involvement. Numerical models are often the tool used for predicting the transport and fate of sediment movement in these situations, as they can estimate the various spatial and temporal fluxes.

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  • An arc-representation of a graph is a function mapping each vertex in the graph to an arc on the unit circle in such a way that adjacent vertices are mapped to intersecting arcs. The width of such a representation is the maximum number of arcs passing through a single point. The arc-width of a graph is defined to be the minimum width over all of its arc-representations. We extend the work of Bar´at and Hajnal on this subject and develop a generalization we call restricted arcwidth.

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  • In the bosom of one of those spacious coves which indent the eastern shore of the Hudson, at that broad expansion of the river denominated by the ancient Dutch navigators the Tappan Zee, and where they always prudently shortened sail and implored the protection of St. Nicholas when they crossed, there lies a small market town or rural port, which by some is called Greensburgh, but which is more generally and properly known by the name of Tarry Town. This name was given, we are told, in former days, by the good housewives of the adjacent country, from the...

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  • The synthesis of the modified tetrapyrrole known asd1haem requires sev-eral dedicated proteins which are coded for by a set of genes that are often found adjacent to the structural gene, nirS, for cytochrome cd1 nitrite reductase. NirE, the product of the first gene in the nirbiogenesis operon, was anticipated to catalyse the conversion of uroporphyrinogen III into precorrin-2

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  • We tackle the previously unaddressed problem of unsupervised determination of the optimal morphological segmentation for statistical machine translation (SMT) and propose a segmentation metric that takes into account both sides of the SMT training corpus. We formulate the objective function as the posterior probability of the training corpus according to a generative segmentation-translation model. We describe how the IBM Model-1 translation likelihood can be computed incrementally between adjacent segmentation states for efficient computation. ...

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  • This paper describes a heuristic-based approach t o word-sense disambiguation. The heuristics that are applied to disambiguate a word depend on its part of speech, and on its relationship to neighboring salient words in the text. Parts of speech are found through a tagger, and related neighboring words are identified by a phrase extractor operating on the tagged text. To suggest possible senses, each heuristic draws on semantic relations extracted from a Webster's dictionary and the semantic thesaurus WordNet.

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  • Met53 in barleya-amylase 1 (AMY1) is situated at the high-affinity subsite)2. While Met53 is unique to planta-amy-lases,the adjacent Tyr52 stacks onto substrate at subsite)1 and is essentially invariant in glycoside hydrolase family 13. These residues belong toa short sequencemotif inbfialoop 2 of the catalytic (b/a)8-barrel and site-directedmutagenesis was used to introduce a representative variety of structural changes,Met53Glu/Ala/Ser/Gly/Asp/Tyr/Trp,to investi-gate the role of Met53.

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  • The Cakchiquels, whose traditions and early history are given in the present work from the pen of one of their own authors, were a nation of somewhat advanced culture, who occupied a portion of the area of the present State of Guatemala. Their territory is a table land about six thousand feet above the sea, seamed with numerous deep ravines, and supporting lofty mountains and active volcanoes. Though but fifteen degrees from the equator, its elevation assures it a temperate climate, while its soil is usually fertile and well watered.

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  • We specify an algorithm that builds up a hierarchy of referential discourse segments from local centering data. The spatial extension and nesting of these discourse segments constrain the reachability of potential antecedents of an anaphoric expression beyond the local level of adjacent center pairs. Thus, the centering model is scaled up to the level of the global referential structure of discourse. An empirical evaluation of the algorithm is supplied.

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  • A primer, we are told by the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (Onions, 1980:1,670), is “a small introductory book on any subject.” Some ten years ago, amidst a mixture of encouragement and pestering by colleagues, I set about writing a primer in conversation analysis. I had been teaching a two-term course called “Conversational Structures” to classes of both undergraduate and graduate students for over twenty years by then, and more abbreviated courses to one or the other of these cohorts for several years before that.

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  • Research objectives: Collect and process the magnetic data from CHAMP satellite and from the magnetic observatories within 6 years (from 2002-2007); study the method to separate magnetic field caused by EEJ from the observed data; identify some parameters of EEJ in all over meridians and study the variation of EEJ in space and time. The variation of EEJ in longitude, latitude and local time.

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  • Depth-First Search From the given vertex, visit one of its adjacent vertices and leave others; Then visit one of the adjacent vertices of the previous vertex; Continue the process, visit the graph as deep as possible until.

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  • The transportation system is a network of highways, trails, railroads, airports, transmission lines, pipelines, canals, and waterways set in the landscape. The goal of the transportation designer is to fit the highway or other facility into the adjacent landscape in a way that is complementary to, and enhances, the existing landscape. Achieving this goal requires consideration of natural, ecological, aesthetic, economic, and social influences related to that landscape.

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  • QUESTION 1: If one of the links to a computer on a physical star topology is served, what will be the result? A. The entire network will stop working. B. The affected link and the adjacent network links will stop working. C. Only the affected link will stop working. D. Only the adjacent links will stop working. Answer: C In the star topology each computer is connected to a central point by a separate cable or wireless connection. Thus each computer has a dedicated link to the network central device and a break in the link between a particular computer...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Harrison's principles of internal medicine" presents the following contents: Terrorism and clinical medicine, disorders of the cardiovascular system, critical care medicine, disorders of the kidney and urinary tract, disorders of the gastrointestinal system, disorders of the joints and adjacent tissues,... and other contents.

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  • Arterial CO2 tension is a powerful modulator of cerebral vascular calibre, CBF and ICP (12-15.) While the mechanisms are incompletely understood, CO2 relaxes pial arterioles by interactions between the endothelium, vascular smooth muscle, pericytes, adjacent neurons and glial cells. Studies supported that cerebral vessels are sensitive to changes in extracellular pH, rather than a direct response to CO2 or bicarbonate. In the limits of physiological PaCO2, 20-60 mmHg, the relationship between PaCO2 and CBF is linear.

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