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  • The present study examined the alignment of university, supervisor and student expectations regarding responsibilities in the undergraduate engineering thesis. University expectations, having undergone rigorous review, outline the sound pedagogical practice that should be applied to undergraduate supervision.

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  • This paper described and assessed the status of STI activities in those universities to understand the present capacity and the role of universities in aligning their research - training - production functions in the STI system.

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  • The aim of the study was to review and evaluate the current use of videoconference education for nurses in KwaZulu-Natal. Methodology: A review the literature on VC education in nursing using bibliometric review strategies was conducted and two nurses’ education courses conducted via videoconferencing was evaluated against a set of criteria developed and validated by the Department of TeleHealth at the University. Results: 81 publications addressing videoconference nurse education were found, most being published after 2000.

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  • David Dinesh Arthur Andersen, Auckland, New Zealand Elaine Palmer MSIS Department, School of Business and Economics, University of Auckland, New Zealand Drucker introduced management by objectives (MBO) in the late 1950s. Kaplan and Norton introduced the Balanced Scorecard in the early 1990s. MBO and the Balanced Scorecard are management systems that align tangible objectives with an organisation’s vision. This article compares and contrasts the two management systems.

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  • This guidance applies to all companies to which the Code applies – i.e. UK listed companies. For groups, it will usually be necessary for the audit committee of the parent company to review issues that relate to particular subsidiaries or activities carried on by the group. Consequently, the board of a UK-listed parent company should ensure that there is adequate cooperation within the group (and with internal and external auditors of individual companies within the group) to enable the parent company audit committee to discharge its responsibilities effectively....

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  • A recent OECD report on infrastructure (see OECD 2011b) notes that in order to promote infrastructure investment by pension funds, a better alignment of interests between pension funds and the infrastructure industry is required in terms of: fees (which are too high); the structure of funds (which are too concentrated); and the investment horizon (which is too short). Improvements on these fronts would also help improve the deal flow into green projects.

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  • Three decades of societal and cultural alignment of new media have yielded a host of innovations, trials, and problems, accompanied by versatile popular and academic discourse. New Media Studies crystallized internationally into an established academic discipline, and this begs the question: where do we stand now?

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  • This article reports the initial findings on the implementation of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages at tertiarylevel educationin Vietnam. It explores the impacts of CEFR-aligned learning outcome implementation on assessment practice for non-English major students at a university in Central Vietnam.

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  • The aim of this study was to determine the phylogenetic relationships of Trichoderma isolates obtained from NLS Tobacco region. Utilizing the sequence analysis of internal transcribed spacer-1 (ITS-1) region of the ribosomal DNA the rDNA of Five Trichoderma isolates was amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using universal primers (ITS-1 and ITS-4). PCR products were purified and these purified products were used to amplify the ITS-4 region of the five Trichoderma isolates.

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  • The fungus Venturia carpophila causes scab in almond. In order to gain insight, an in vitro culture of the fungus has been established and its identity confirmed by its nr DNA. Internal transcribed spacer-ribosomal DNA (ITS-rDNA); the fungal molecular marker was used for molecular analysis. The target region of rDNA (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2) of this species was amplified using universal fungal primers (ITS1 and ITS4).

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  • Present study was conducted with the objectives to identify single nucleotide polymorphism in sperm associated antigen 11 B(SPAG11B) gene and to analyze association between identified polymorphism with conception rate in Murrah bulls in ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) herd, Karnal. A 373 base pair region covering partial intron 2, exon 3 and partial intron3 of bovine SPAG11 gene was amplified using genomic DNA extracted from eighty six Murrah bulls and genotyped using sequencing and polymerase chain reaction- restriction fragment length polymorphisms (PCR-RFLP) methods.

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  • Nowadays universities in Vietnam have begun to update their curricula by adopting a backward design with a focus on students’ learning outcomes to replace the old-fashioned forward model. However, to have a constructive alignment is a problem they have to face. This situation has prompted this case study research in May 2020, intending to examine a curriculum to find out whether it is coherent in terms of its main components – objectives, syllabus, methodology, and evaluation.

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  • Now is the time to align CHWs with broader health system strengthening efforts at the primary care level, improve CHW financing, and broadly disseminate recent advances in technology, diagnostics and treatment to support community-based health workers. The MDGs have provided the impetus for a new generation of investments accompanied by international progress monitoring of progress through the Countdown to 2015 initiative and the UN Commission on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health.

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  • A further concern is the wide level of variation in the number of students being commissioned across the UK. For example, in midwifery, some institutions are facing a 50% cut and yet others are being asked to substantially increase the number of new midwives they are preparing. In the UK, health professional education for individual non-medical courses is funded through a benchmark price, which is determined at the national level.

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  • The description of globular protein structures as an ensem-ble of contiguousclosed loops ortightened end fragments reveals fold elements crucial for the formation of stable structures and for navigating the very process of protein folding. These are the ends of the loops, which are spatially close to each other but are situated apart in the polypeptide chain by 25–30 residues. They also correlate with the loca-tions of highly conserved hydrophobic residues (referred to as topohydrophobic), in a structural alignment of the members of a protein family....

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  • The advantages included appropriate teacher training, modern facilities and resources, teacher sound understanding of the policy, and positive changes in teaching methodology. The challenges were more related to the imbalance among students’ proficiency, assigned textbooks, teacher-led hours and required learning outcome and assessment practices.

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  • This paper introduces primitive Optimality Theory (OTP), a linguistically motivated formalization of OT. OTP specifies the class of autosegmental representations, the universal generator Gen, and the two simple families of permissible constraints. In contrast to less restricted theories using Generalized Alignment, OTP's optimal surface forms can be generated with finite-state methods adapted from (Ellison, 1994). Unfortunately these methods take time exponential on the size of the grammar. Indeed the generation problem is shown NP-complete in this sense. ...

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  • REVIEW ARTICLE Hanna Willander1,2, EriThe BRICHOS domain was initially defined from sequence alignments of the Bri protein associated with familial dementia, chondromodulin associ-ated with chondrosarcoma and surfactant protein C precursor (proSP-C) associated with respiratory distress syndrome and interstitial lung disease (ILD). Today BRICHOS has been found in 12 protein families.

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  • The universities must develop new fields of multi-discipline research in building design, engineering, energy and carbon efficiency, directed towards providing the industry with feedback on the success or otherwise of current initiatives. This will create numerous opportunities for industrial and international partnerships, supported by a wide range of new funding and revenue streams, not traditionally available to academic researchers.

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