The basic market equation

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  • Competition in the banking sector has been analysed by, amongst other methods, measuring market power (i.e. a reduction in competitive pressure) and efficiency. A well-known approach to measuring market power is suggested by Bresnahan (1982) and Lau (1982), recently used by Bikker (2003) and Uchida and Tsutsui (2005). They analyse bank behaviour on an aggregate level and estimate the average conjectural variation of banks.

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  • Basic principles underlying the transactions of financial markets are tied to probability and statistics. Accordingly it is natural that books devoted to mathematical finance are dominated by stochastic methods. Only in recent years, spurred by the enormous economical success of financial derivatives, a need for sophisticated computational technology has developed. For example, to price an American put, quantitative analysts have asked for the numerical solution of a free-boundary partial differential equation.

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  • Before you start working your way through this book, you may ask yourself— Why analyze data? This is an important, basic question, and it has several compelling answers. The simplest need for data analysis arises most naturally in disciplines addressing phenomena that are, in all likelihood, inherently nondeterministic (e.g., feelings and psychology or stock market behavior). Since such fields of knowledge are not governed by known fundamental equations, the only way to generalize disparate observations into expanded knowledge is to analyze those observations.

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